Married Life

Im not married yet, but have read so many storries on here where u r all saying how married life is different than b4 u were married, and me being nosey i was just wondering how life is different as a married couple


  • KorenaukKorenauk Posts: 627

    For me life isnt any different, i lived with my husband for 2 years before we got married so i knew all his habbits!

    I do feel happier knowing im settled and we're planning our future!

    It does sound and feel strange been called Mrs and being somebodies wife. But im getting used to it!

    Hope it all goes well!

    Korena xx
  • awebsterukawebsteruk Posts: 368

    I had lived with my husband too before we got married for 18months.

    I can't really explain how it feels different only to say it just does!!!!

    I feel really happy and we both generally have stupid grins on our face.

    We look at the dvd pretty often as well and the pc has the photos stored as a slide show when

    we aren't using it - sounds abit OTT but we only got married on 2nd April.

    We are deffo still in the honeymoon phase lol.

    I will say though that I feel slightly depressed its all over - mum reckons its just the anti-climax

    after months of planning and surfing for favours and other rubbish I have probably exhausted

    all the wedding websites!!!! I feel surfed out. I am still buying the magazines - well I limited myself

    to Y&YW this month - husband can't understand why I still feel the need to buy them, neither can I!!!!

    I'm sure its just a phase - I need something else to plan now lol - not babies we already been there

    and done that!!!!

    Enjoy your day when it comes round.....
  • lilmissranililmissrani Posts: 136
    Everyone says its takes months, maybe years to plan and its over in one day...its a shame if that one day you're a nervous wreck and you forget to enjoy yourself...i guess everyone would want to repeat the day all over again!

  • KorenaukKorenauk Posts: 627
    I got engeged in June 2006 and was married in feb 07. So i didnt have that longe to plan things. But i was able to get stuck in straight away and would reccommend that. But i know its not that simple if its a summer wedding your wanting!

    I dont feel depressed, i cnt believe it was only 2months ago as it feels such along time ago!

    Yes i would love to do it all over again coz i had a fab day!

    And like hamter we cnt stop smilling, we went to change names at bank and i just couldnt stop smilling. & dont worry i have wedding & honeymoon pics on my computer at work. I love looking at them!

    Just relax & enjoy your day!! xx
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