Helen Married Gary @ Seamill Hydro 28/08/09


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  • Wow, what a fantastic dress!!!! Please could you re-post the first 2 piccies cause the adverts are being awkward?!x
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    Yeah i just noticed - damn those bloody adverts!!!! x
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    I agree gorgeous dress, I also love love those flowers, gorgeous.

    (What flowers are they? - cheeky)
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    Deleted - it looked too bad, lol!!

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    Whoops!! excuse my brother pulling the mad face in the last two photies (don't know how two were posted?) He looks cock eyed - he'll go mad if he knows these are on here, ha ha. These photies are ones some friends e-mailed me, i will put professional ones on when i get them this weekend.

    The flowers i had were orchids with roses in the top too. Everyone's been commenting on them - must say i was VERY chuffed with them. x
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  • Looks like you had a fantastic time, Congratulations Mrs.

    Dress and flowers are gorgeous x
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    You look lovely!

  • You looked amazing .... and brought the look together so well, it all looks beautifully co-ordinated image x
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    congrats, stunning dress x
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    aww congrats, the little boy in the kilt looks so cute wearing it
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    congrats you look beautiful love your dress
  • Absolutely gorgeous! youve made me very happy to see someone else wearing this dress. Its just so gorgeous, cant wait to wear mine now image

    is yours the pearl colour?

    your flowers were lovely and really tied in well. Your hair being up with that lovely tiara looks gorgeous too. xxxxx
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    Aw WynyardBride!! - You found me!!! I left a message for you on the "wedding Fashion" section!! I remember you were toying with the idea of buying this dress and i promised you i would post photos on and i did!! Don't know if you saw the post i did for you?? Yeah i had the pearl colour, everyone has been raving about the dress, dunno if you ended up picking something else tho??

    Thank you to eberyone who has had a peek at my photos and commented, i'm soooo chuffed. Thanks again x x x
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    Fabulous hun ...you look amazing ...congrats x
  • lovely!!
  • Your photos are stunning!

    Love your maggie - after some wobbles I may be a twin!

    Can you email me if you see this please?!


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  • What dress is it? Its lovely image
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