were you exhausted leading up to the day....?

and did you overcome it??

im getting married on saturday (and moving house tomorrow) and im exhausted, have become incapable of holding a conversation without crying and just generally over emotional!!

im worried that come the day ill be just the same and wont enjoy it.....can anyone reassure me that this is normal and that come the day ill become myself again? i wouldnt be surprised if H2B did a runner the way ive been this week - im feel like im some nut case!

i just want to relax and enjoy my day! xx


  • shel_sunshineshel_sunshine Posts: 1,120
    When is your big day? This saturady? I suggest you take some real quality time out and go pamper yourself for a day somewhere. Moving house is the most stressful thing you can do in life. So yes being stressed is very normal!! Why not ask H2b to whisk you off to a nice dinner in a hotel and stay over night in the hotel if you can afford it just to escape and clear your head. You'll come back feeling a lot more free and less stressed than you are right now.

    Also can you leave the house sorting now til after the honeymoon? Anyone near you to help you with it all? Go and have a coffee with some friends now and get it off your chest xx

    shel x
  • spaweddingspawedding Posts: 215
    Goodness, no wonder you're exhausted. I spent the days leading up to the wedding not getting to bed until 3am and then being up again at 7am, on the eve of the wedding I was at the venue until mid night felt so exhausted as still had the end of flu. But on the day it was fantastic, I just floated along in a little bubble of happiness and enjoyed every minute of the whole day from 7am til 3am!!

    I'm sure you will have the most amazing day too. Lots of luck for Saturday and come back and tell us how lovely it was x
  • CA1312CA1312 Posts: 384
    I know what you mean, i had very little sleep in th eweek leading up to the wedding (stress, nerves etc) and was in a right state, but i have to say the 2 brandy'd i had before the wedding really helped. I thought i would cry all the way through the service but I didnt, just tried to stay calm and focused on Mr C and i was fine. good luck with the move and the wedding, try to get some time to relax too. Good luck xx
  • msicemaidenmsicemaiden Posts: 357
    thank you all i feel much more reassured that i wont be some wreck on the day, im actualy feeling better in myself anyway...i think i may have got everything out of my system the other day.

    my lovely H2B has packed me off to work today and he's in control of moving house, means i get to have tomorrow off to do all the other wedding jobs that we have left to do.

    i hope my new feeling of clam remains, but im feeling more confident that i wont be sleeping in the corner on the day - phew!!! xx
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