Jamaica Wedding 2nd April with pics

Thought I would post my pics here as well as in the April forum!!!

Have a look - its only a SMALL selection of the 211 we had done!!!

Back to work tomorrow - first day back since 24th March boo hiss!



  • shel_sunshineshel_sunshine Posts: 1,120
    Wow!! I love the one of you looking down at your husband and also the ones with the amazing sunset. You look very very happy.

  • CA1312CA1312 Posts: 384
    Beautiful!! lovely pictures, i love your dress!!! Many congratulations
  • belindaxxxbelindaxxx Posts: 2,277
    Love the sunset pictures.

    They are gorgeous and the 1s with your fanily!

    Boo to being back at work!

  • kazza55kazza55 Posts: 100
    Congratulations you all look so happy you must be very proud xx
  • awebsterukawebsteruk Posts: 368
    First day back at work today boo hiss.

    I have just emptied my mail box of all the work related stuff (deleted it all!!!)

    and then got down to the more important business of spamming everybody with the pictures


    Thank you for the lovely comments!
  • Joey0810Joey0810 Posts: 537
    Ciongratulations on being a MRS! Just took a peek at your photos their are reazlly good you must be really please. You all look very happy and have the privalidge of being photogenic *unlike me!) If these are only a handful of your photos you must be finding it hard to chose some for your album! I particularly love the ones of the two of you on the beach/sunset. Boo Hoo to getting back into the swing of work again, xxx
  • wow your photos are amzing, i think the sunset ones are gorgeous. congratulations xx
  • Wow those sunset photos are stunning 8\)

    You look so happy image

    Big congratulations to you
  • camillamukcamillamuk Posts: 753
    U make a lovely looking family. Love the shots of you both holding the sun! Very original photos. It looked like a fab day. Gorgeous dress too, love the fact you did it backward, you in pink bridemaids in white.

    How are you lying on the grass, did you not get grass-stains?
  • first off im gonna say sorry if i go on. Those pics are gorgeous, i am so jelious that my pics wont look as gorgeous, as my wedding is in rainy uk and in october, the pics of u and ur family r wonderful 2 u all look so happy and i bet it was a wonderful day, all the best 4 the future x
  • nicolahandnicolahand Posts: 226
    Congratulations hamster- You look beauiful and you and your family look very happy! The flowergirl dresses look exactly like the ones i bought for my fg's in debenhams-so pretty. Best wishes to you all:\)
  • XabiukXabiuk Posts: 1,686
  • KristyukKristyuk Posts: 897
    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing them, the sunset ones are really good. I love seeing abroad weddings photos as we're having a beach wedding too!
  • ZebedeeukZebedeeuk Posts: 98
    Hamster you look fantastic! What great pictures! You've really put my mind at rest and given me some great ideas! I get married in the Seychelles in 3 weeks theres just me and H2B going and I was worried about photos with just the 2 of us but yours look great!

    Congratulations all the very best for the future.

  • kate342kate342 Posts: 3,358
    Oh wow image those pictures are lvoely.

    You all look so happy:\)

    Are those your little girls? They look so pretty in their dresses.

    Was your dress pink?


  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Congratulations hamster! Your pictures are so lovely they brought a wee tear to my eye - you all look so happy and beautiful - what a lovely family!
  • awebsterukawebsteruk Posts: 368
    Aw thanks for all the kind comments girls they are really nice.

    The girls dresses are from Next we got them last year which was a bit of a bargin!!!!

    The blonde girl is my daughter and the other bridesmaid is my new husbands daughter!

    I thought it was slightly inspired me being in shell pink - he was really surprised and the first thing

    you hear on the dvd is him saying "WOW" which brought a tear to my eye.

    it was a lovely day, Zeebeedee if you time it just right you can ask your photographer to do some

    sunset shots, check the web before you go to see what time it sets in the Seychelles.

    No grass stains luckily! I didn't realise I had to do gymnastics lol!!!!

  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    you all look really happy and it's oozing from the pics!!

    I'm so pleased you had such a fab day!
  • kellychamkellycham Posts: 236
    Hi Hamster (My fellow April 2nd bride)

    Congratulations on becoming a Mrs. Glad you had such a good wedding day. I've just had a look at your photos and they're lovely. Hope you are enjoying married life so far.

    Mrs WP

  • awebsterukawebsteruk Posts: 368
    Hey Mrs WP!

    Congratulations to you and Mr WP lol!

    I did remember you on the day (though I was 5 hrs behind you!!!)

    How did it all go have you got any pics yet.

    How are you feeling I feel pretty depressed now its all over, I have nothing to plan now

    and nothing to stress about.

    Best wishes


  • SharplandSharpland Posts: 94
    Congratulations. Your wedding photos are beautiful. You all look so happy.

    Whereabouts in Jamaica were you? We are honeymooning in Negril in September and I can't wait. Never been to Jamaica before. image
  • awebsterukawebsteruk Posts: 368
    Hiya Livvy,

    That is exactly where we were Negril - we were at the Beaches Sandy Bay resort.

    It's one of the best places on the Island to see the stunning sunsets as you can see by the pictures.

    Where abouts in Negril are you staying at?
  • SharplandSharpland Posts: 94
    Hi Hamster

    That's great. We are staying at Couples. It wasn't our first choice because we were advised to go to Ocho Rios as there was "nothing in Negril except lovely beaches", so we booked a hotel in Ocho Rios. However we soon cancelled because of awful comments on Trip Advisor and rebooked in Negril. I am really really looking forward to it. image
  • amamnda, they're great, i absolutely love the one of you both with the sunset in your hands lookking at it. what a great idea, i get married in cyprus, late afternoon so i may ask my photographer about one of those!!!
  • julie444ukjulie444uk Posts: 2,129
    Wow! the sunset! You look very happy together!

  • kellychamkellycham Posts: 236
    Hi Amanda

    Our official pics arrived yesterday so still trying to sort through those. Desperately need some time to sit down and do a proper post about the wedding and add some pics - hopefully that will be soon. The Wedding went fantastically, couldn't have hoped for any more. We're back to reality now after the honeymoon and back to work. Trying to think of any excuse to put my wedding dress back on again, hee hee.

    Mrs WP

  • awebsterukawebsteruk Posts: 368
    Mrs WP,

    Thanks for the post will look forward to seeing the pics!!!! Be nice to put a face to the name lol!

    I went back to work on 12th April boo hiss. My dress is hanging up in the spare bedroom in its

    plastic bag not quite decided what to do with it yet.

    Its our 3 week anniversary on Monday ha ha - we watched the wedding video AGAIN today.

    It brings it all back which is lovely.

  • awebsterukawebsteruk Posts: 368

    You won't be disappointed with Negril.

    We had a day trip to Ocho Rios its a glorified sea side resort. Not sure how familiar you are with

    Blackpool but on a scale of 1-10 in tackyness it rates up there. Sorry to offend anybody from Blackpool!

    The day trip was to Dunns Waterfall and the coach driver drove us through the main street in Ocho

    which is mainly geared for the cruise ships which dock nearby. Dunns is about 3hrs from Negril - a long drive but worth doing the waterfall walk - a tip though DON'T buy the video if you do the walk its a rip off!

    We weren't going to buy but the "salesman" said he took more footage of us than anybody else - spot the English mug! Got the bloody thing home and it looks like a pirate copy! It has scenic views of Jamaica but the quality is rough! The waterfall walk is fine but we are hardly on there, he clearly fancied the group of 8 Italian women ' enough said!!! Just take a waterproof camera and your guide will take all

    the photos you need which we did as well!

    Negril is about 1.5hrs from the airport so you get no planes coming or going - it is bleak on the drive

    up to resort and you do go through some quite poor areas as you would expect but once at resort it is

    a totally different world. Which hotel at Negril are you based at?

    Hope that helps if you need any more info give me a shout.

    Oh and a BIG tip - take US Dollars for currency not Jamaican dollars - they don't want their own currency everything is quoted in US dollars - another "mistake" we made lol!


  • SharplandSharpland Posts: 94
    Hi Hamster

    Thanks for the advice which is really helpful. We are staying at the Couples Hotel.

    I did wonder about Ocho but my hairdresser (who went to Jamaica about 3 years ago) said we should be going there and that we would be bored in Negril. I did remind her that we would be on our honeymoon!

    We did wonder whether we would be able to do the Dunns River trip as no one on trip advisor seems to have done any excursions, they all seem to stay in the resort. 3 hours is a long time but I know we will regret it if we don't go.

    What advice can you give when we get to the airport in Jamaica? I have read reports which have advised us to keep our luggage with us as you get ripped off by porters expecting huge tips for carrying luggage a short way.

    Thanks again image
  • jessbearukjessbearuk Posts: 1,137
    i couldn't help but have a nosey at all your pics, and not a newlywed (yet) but i have to say you have some beautiful pictures and your sunset pictures are absolutely stunning!! You look like a lovely couple and I would like to wish you good luck for the future. :\)
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