Did anyone get married in Kenya?

We're getting married in Mombasa this September and I wondered if anyone had any advice or helpful hints when marrying abroad?

It feels like a bit of a leap of faith as I don't know what anything will be like until I'm there!!!!


  • Hi Helen, it sounds great to marry in Mombasa! I'm planning a wedding in uganda, its in July. H2B is from there, and i've lived there for some years, so at least i have an idea... Tell me about the plans for the wedding! Why did you choose Mombasa? Are you going with your families and friends, or just the two of you? Is the wedding in a hotel?

    I've not been to Mombasa, but think one good advice when marrying abroad is to be flexible and not too particular about how you want things to be done! That's what am doing; tying to get my way now as we are in the planning phase, but have decided when i get there i'll just relax and enjoy whatever happens!

    would love to hear more about your plansimage goodl luck!!
  • hberryukhberryuk Posts: 9
    Hi Inga

    I bet you're glad you have the inside track on Uganda! I can tell you it will be a great help.

    We decided to get married abroad because we didn't want all the fuss and bother of a big wedding in the UK.

    We've got 13 friends and family oging out there with us, so at least it will feel like a bit of a party.

    I guess the only thing I am concerned about is the standard of photography. I'm really worried that the photos included in the package will be awful and I won't have anything to remember the parts of the day that rush by in a flash.

    How are you going about organising your photography?

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