Our amazing wedding day

Hi everyone,

Well, as promised, here is the story about our wedding day which took place last Saturday.I'm apologising in advance for the long post.

As most of you know, I went home to Cape Town on 17th March which was 3 weeks before the wedding to finalise everything.

Well, the first two weeks was very busy as I expected it would be. Hubby arrived on the 1st and I was very tired and stressed by then. The last few days leading up to the wedding was fine, except that the wind was terrible and I didn't think that we'd be able to have the wedding we so much wanted and waited for.

Hubby and his mum stayed at the Mount Nelson while I stayed with mum and dad. On the Wednesday he booked me in for a massage and body wrap at the hotel which was amazing. After 2 hours I was so relaxed and felt I could continue again. On the Thursday I had my nails done and didn't do much on the Friday. I didn't see Daniel at all on the Friday, just spent the day with mum, dad and some family.

Saturday morning arrived and at 6:30am we were up and about and getting ready to go and have our hair done. Got to the hair salon at about 8am and we were all done by 12. By that time I wasn't sure what the wind was like and whether we would have our wedding ceremony outside but I was ok with whatever would take place.

Got home and then had a lovely relaxing bath and by 1pm the make up artist arrived to do our make up. Within the next 2 hours the photographer and videographer also arrived and everyone was busy getting ready.

Well, 3:30pm came and we left for the ceremony. Ceremony was due to start at 4pm but I arrived on my dad's arm at about 4:15pm. When we arrived I had a huge smile on my face as I saw that thye had set things up outside for us to get married. It was breathtaking.

As I walked down the aisle on my dad's arm, I saw Daniel smiling and he came to meet us half way and then we walked down the aisle together. The ceremony was beautiful and throughout Daniel held my hand.

Before we knew it the ceremony was over and the minister pronounced us husband and wife. While some of our photos were being taken, the guests enjoyed a glass of wine or juice of their choice. The reception started and we had the most perfect sunset overlooking Table Mountain and Robben Island.

Everyone was happy and enjoying themselves and I didn't cry until it was time for me to make a speech as I saw mum crying from the corner of my eye and it was just as difficult for dad to hold back his tears.

Well, everything was perfect. I wouldn't change anything about our day at all. Ive posted some more pics on photobox to have a look. They can be found on http://www.photobox.co.uk/album/5319328

To all the other B2B, don't underestimate how brilliant your day will be.


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  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    hello Mrs R, welcome home!

    was thinking about you, going to have a look at the pics now. it sounds as if you both had a perfect day
  • belindaxxxbelindaxxx Posts: 2,277
    Aw congratulations.

    Looks like you had a fab day-your cake is gorgeous!

  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Aaah it looks like a fabulous day and you look lovely! Congratulations!
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