Advice on timings for a 12pm ceremony

Hiya hope you enjoyed your big days newlyweds, I am seeking a bit of advice from those of you who had your ceremony at around 12pm. I'm not sure when to plan doing the photos or when to have the wedding breakfast & how much time to leave between that & the evening buffet. Also not sure how long things are likely to take? I thought the wedding breakfast, followed by speeches & cake cutting may take 2 and a half hours & the ceremony about 20-30 minutes but other than that I'm a bit lost!!!


  • We got married at 1pm but I can't think it would be TOO different as we didn't have a line up or a mega long photo sesh!

    Woke at 7am at the venue (stayed there the night before with my bridesmaids) and jumped straight in the shower so that my hair could be touch wet for 8.30am ready to be set on rollers by the hairdresser. Went for breakfast between 7 45 and 8 30. Hairdresser arrived and did hair and started on the bridesmaids. Make up friend arrived and started on us too... there were 3 bridesmaids, 1 flowergirl, my mums make up and blow of course and one family friend so a fair few to fit in. I got in my dress approx. 30 minutes before the ceremony at 1pm and photographer arrived at 12 an hour before to capture me getting in my dress etc. ceremony 1pm till 1 30pm that was a basic civil ceremony with one reading, the signing register photos take forever as the photographer takes a ton then all the family and friends. 1.30 - 3pm were photos canapes and champagne outside. speeches 3 - 3.30 and meal till 6pm (4 courses). interval of an hour with coffee and cake served in the lounge. 7pm evening reception started just saying hi to everyone and chilling out then 8pm cake cutting followed by first dance .. then our band played 8 15 till 9pm, 9 - 9.30 buffet served, 10 - 10.45 band again, 10 45 - 11.30 disco then 11.30 - 12.15 band for the finale. fab day all round fab weather etc. Good luck! x
  • We had a 12noon church service for our wedding a month ago and I thought I would be really rushed for time with the preparations but everything was fine.

    I got up at 6.30, had breakfast, then my hair appointment was at 7.30.

    I was at the hairdressers until around 10.00. The make up lady was due to arrive at home at 8.15, and she started make up at 8.30 on the people who were at home.

    Photographer arrived at 10.15, and videographer arrived at 9.30.

    I had my make up done at 10.30, and then got BM's into their dresses about 11.00.

    I started getting into my dress at 11.15, and was ready by 11.40 and left the house at 11.50.

    When I got to the church we had some photos taken, and by the time I was at the altar it was 12.10.

    The service lasted until approx 12.50 (I think!) then we went outside for more unofficial pics, confetti etc.

    We left there at 1.10 and got to our reception venue at 1.20.

    We had canapes on arrival which doubled up as our starter, as we knew many people would be getting peckish around that time.

    We had photographs taken with our photographer between 1.25 and 2.20.

    An hour wasn't really enough to get all of the shots in!

    We were then seated for our wedding breakfast at 2.30.

    The main course was served almost straight away.

    Then followed by the pudding.

    We had the speeches straight after the food, which was probably around 3.15/3.30 and they lasted for no more than 30 minutes.

    After the speeches we cut the cake, so that was around 4.00pm.

    Our guests were then invited to move from the ballroom, to either the drawing room or outside, so they could clear up the tables.

    We then had giant garden games in the grounds for the rest of the afternoon, and had tea and coffee served in the drawing room. The games kept everyone entertained, but the time between 4 and 7 just flew by!

    Our evening guests started arriving at 7.00.

    We had the first dance at 8.30, followed by chinese lanterns at 9.00. The evening buffet was served at 9.15.

    We left at 11.45, and the rest of the guests dispersed after 12.00.

    Hope this helps xxx
  • We got married at 12. I arrived at the venue at 11.45 (dont forget to allow time for your meeting with the registrar if you are having a civil ceremony). The ceremony finished about 12.30 and we then had a glass of bucks fizz. We then left the venue to have some photographs taken at some local gardens which took us to about 2 20pm. We had a few more photographs at the venue had a receiving line of just myself and hubby at 3pm. We had the speeches before the meal as hubby best man and my ucnle who gave me away were all terrified and we thought that it was better to get the speeches over and done with so they could relax and eat their meals in peace. The wedding breakfast and speeches etc took us to about 5.30. We then relaxed in the bar area until around 7 when our evening guests arrived. This gave us a chance to spend some quality time with our day guests and thank them personally for comming to our wedding. Our guests then started to leave from about 11pm although we were the last to leave at 12.45 as we didn't want it to end. Hope this helps and sorry it's a bit long winded.

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    No thats great thank you, I wanted people to go into detail as I didn't know how much time I should leave for things to get done & didn't want to be rushing around or hurrying thespeeches or meal along. Also I'm aware that the people who are coming for the ceremony will be there 12 hours & I don't want them to get bored.
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