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Updated - REAL pictures!!



  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    have only glanced at a couple of the official pics so far, but they're great

    you're happiness just beams out of the photos
  • belindaxxxbelindaxxx Posts: 2,277
    Your pictures are wonderful.

    Love how they capture the details and loving your shoes!

  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    wow - they're great!

    Still looking stunning my dear and where's PART 2????
  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Aaah Mrs Jam they are wonderful! I love love love your shoes they're fab! And I love the circlet in your hair it's sooo pretty! And your dad looks so proud. I like your spring poem theme a lot - a lot of thought obviously went into it. The venue is gorgeous too. But most of all I love how happy you both look - it just radiates out of you both and you are a lovely couple. And all your guests look so happy for you too. I'm all emotional now! Look foward to hearing more xxx
  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381
    Thanks for sharing the photos Banana_jam - they're fab!!! I love that they are all quite relaxed, not posed or stiff at all, fantastic! Everyone looks soooo happy throughout and you must be really pleased with them.

    Can I ask a couple of nosey questions?!

    Thinking of some previous discussions I was just wondering if your mum enjoyed the day as much as you'd hoped (I remember you being a bit worried about it). Also (I've been dying to know) did anyone manage to get the word "toilet" in a speech to freak your new FIL out?!

    Finally (sorry!) did you do a speech yourself, if so how did it go?

    Congratulations again.

    Elly X
  • DeborahtDeboraht Posts: 2,882
    Ahh, They are amazing photos! You look beautiful and your husband looks lovely too! Cant wait to hear the rest!
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    Awwww Nana Jam you look wonderful good to see another tall groom h2b is a foot taller than me !!!..You both look so very happy together !!
  • They're so beautiful BJ! The ones that made me cry were of you and Alex walking down the aisle (I remember you saying that was the moment you were looking forward to most), the one of Alex looking at you when you're saying your vows, so full of love and tenderness, and the ones of you and your Dad - you look so close and happy, and so similar! EVERYONE looks happy and you especially look so radiantly beautiful. The flowers and the colours work so well together. I just wish it was possible to upload speeches as I'd love to hear them, especially yours! Good on you for making one.

    What an April day, indeed - you must have such happy, happy memories.

    Love Eden xx
  • Your photos are spectacular you both look amazingly happy. I love your shoes they are fantastic and your dress is stunning I also love your tiara. Your colour scheme is very simular to what mine will be.

    Congratulations to you both
  • Natalie77ukNatalie77uk Posts: 1,247
    They're fabulous B-J. Possibly the best wedding pics I've ever seen - everyone so relaxed, happy, radiant and full of joy. Congratulations again x
  • B2BukB2Buk Posts: 381
    Hi BananaJam

    Loving the "official" pics! Still working my way through them but i wondered if i could be a bit cheeky and ask if you've been happy with the service from your photographer and if you would recommend them. Based on the pics i'd like to have a word with them as we're trying to find someone to cover our wedding in July (were going to have a friend do them but decided against it for various reasons).

    As i say based on the fact that you have pictures and they are all wonderful i'm sure you'll probably say to give them a try.



  • brentuk1brentuk1 Posts: 3,071
    what lovely photos you have

    if mine turn out that good i will be very happy.


    Samantha xx

  • julie444ukjulie444uk Posts: 2,129
    Wow the photos are beautiful, you look stunning. Love the shoes!
  • mellenukmellenuk Posts: 576
    I've had a couple of weeks off of the forum, so only just seen you've got married BJ. Congratulations!!!

    The photos are lovely, and you really do look like a stunning, ethereal beauty.

    I love Irregular Choice shoes, and they are particularly fantastic! Where abouts did you get your accessories from?


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  • MsstressedMsstressed Posts: 714
    Lovely, lovely, lovely photos!!!! You look so happy!!! Congratulations again Mrs Banana Jam xxx
  • sallysimpson1sallysimpson1 Posts: 1,491
    Wow you look lovely, seems you had a fabulous day. Congratulations.
  • RandomBunnyukRandomBunnyuk Posts: 2,096
    wow it looks amazing - brought a tear to my eye! and made me even more excited for mine!

    Quick question -what's the dance you're doing in the last few pics?! Looks complicated!
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992

    You made me cry and everything

  • stkezstkez Posts: 2,247
    stunning !!

    you looked so happy... awwwww.

    Congratulations to you both.

  • Congratulations -- it looks like it was a lovely day and you looked amazng image

  • blondiecocoukblondiecocouk Posts: 4,619
    that link wont let me see anything, it says that you have milicously (sp) breached your contract!xox
  • banana_jambanana_jam Posts: 2,215
    I've been meaning to answer all these questions for aaaaaages...

    Jules, my hair is that long, but it's normally poker-straight (which I hate!) so it was a nightmare to curl. I bet extensions would look great though - how long is your hair?

    piggy, the bangle was my 21st birthday present from my parents so I'm afraid I've no idea where it was from...!

    elly.bee, I've just got to the speeches in my report of the day so you can find out there! image And yes, my Mum had a fabulous time - she kept saying afterwards how there wasn't a single thing she would have changed about the day. Bless her.

    EmB2B, not cheeky at all! I would definitely recommend our photographer if you are based in the same sort of area - he was great, no hassle, really helpful, and we're really pleased with the results. I don't know whether it might be rather short notice now, but as you say, I would definitely try!

    Mellen, my circlet was from HTM Tiaras and my necklace and earrings were from Silver Wire Designs (as were my bridesmaids' neckalces) - try Googling them, they should come up straight away. Both companies were excellent - really helpful, and I was delighted with the products. (I've never been called "ethereal" before!! I am chuffed with that!!)

    RandomBunny, it was a kind of foxtrot - we had dancing lessons with First Dance UK and they choreographed it specially for our song. It was pretty basic, really, and we still made a mess of it image

    And everyone else - thank you. So much. I've soooo enjoyed sharing these pictures with you and hearing what you think - it's just like reliving the day all over again!! xxx
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