Please share your cherish/trash the dress pics??

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Ladies, I have decided I am definitely going to do a cherish the dress shoot. i have been trawling this site for pics but can only find a couple of cherish the dress threads - one by clareybear and the lovely lady with her hubby and the horse. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong messageboards but if you've got a thread with pics please post the link here, or just post pics, or links to your photographers - anything! Just want some ideas and inspiration before I decide where to do mine!

Thanks v much, I'm excited! image xxx


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    Where are you based Claud909, I can try and help with the search to photographers who do trash the dress. X
  • Thanks love, I have a photographer lined up - i was going to use the one who did my wedding pics but have now been offered a freebie from D&M on here who's mum is starting out! I was just after some inspiration. Yours are really gorgeous!!

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    I was exactly the same and wanted some inspiration, didn't find any threads on YAYW so took direction from my photographer.

    Other that that I found google images fantastic and wikipedia good, just put trash the dress into the search box for for a bit of inspiration, let me know if you want any help.

    Please see the following links:

    Hope that helps, let me know how you get on, its good to have funky accessories and rerlaxed approach as its so much less formal.

    Glad you liked my photos, I had such great time! X
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    Look on Google images, some of the brides are sooooo brave, gettig their dresses wet and muddy, I think thats why I chose a cherish the dress or rock the frock shoot, its more of a celebration of the amazing gown!! Too chicken to get my dress completely wrecked!! Good luck with the inspiration. XXX
  • Thanks clayre, that's great. Am signing off now but will have a good look at all these sites tomorrow! Love "rock the frock" - brilliant phrase! I like the idea of different accessories. I love my headpiece so much I'd have to wear that for some pics, but also might go for a really long veil - didn't fancy one for my wedding but pics with them blowing in the wind look amazing!

    Thanks again x
  • Hi Claud909,

    here's a link to some of our post wedding shoot/trash the dress shots:

    The other snippets of shoots on our photographer's blog may give you some ideas:

    (Using the date index thing on the right should help you jump to the TTD shoots).

    Good luck! 8\)
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    Wow, beautiful photos deserts, you can tell the photographer must have been expensive, very professional finish, wonderfully framed! X
  • Clayre, thanks again, just had a look through those and some fab ones there. The stevegerrard nes I've seen before - partly what inspired me to so some to be honest, but I hadn't saved the link so thanks.

    Desserts - wow! more amazing ones! Absolutely stunning!
  • Thanks guys, I'm just trying to decide which to get blown up for the wall. image

    Enjoy it whatever you do Claud909! xx

  • Here's a couple of mine...

  • Gorgeous mrs keyte, thanks fr sharing!
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    Gorgeous photos fiona, where was the location, amazing pics with the waterfalls. XX

  • Thanks Marriedcloud and Clayrebear.

    It was at Virginia Water in Surrey - love the waterfall!!! xx
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