Piccies of men and bridesmaids please

Hi how closely did you match up your bridemaids and your mens outfits. Thought we had ours sussed until went bridesmaids shopping today and the pale pink that we had chosen for cravats and waistcoats did not suit the bridemaids so their pink is quite a bit darker. Now worried that it will all look horrible!!!!




  • tash86uktash86uk Posts: 247
    That will look fantastic! We chose ivory for the men, light gold for the groom and the bridesmaids were a dark. I think it looks relly good to have a contrast like that, especially if you can't match the colours! x
  • Hey there...don't worry...I've got lemon & Ivory Bridesmaids and my other half wanted Brown Suits with a Coffee Colour Cravat! Hoping it will all look ok...can't change it now as wedding is on Saturday!
  • It won't matter - my theme was hot pink, baby pink and silver.

    My CBM had a fuschia dress, the other 3 BM's had rose quartz dresses with baby pink ribbons around the middle, and the men had the closest baby pink cravats - they didn't match exactly, but the photos look fine, and everything matched up on the day!!

  • Hi Catherine, I agree with the ladies above, I spent so much time worrying about matching the bridesmaids dress colour with everything and was so happy afterwards that I had contrasting colours - all the one colour would have looked boring! Have attached a pic of my bridesmaids, the groomsmen just had charcoal coloured ties, the bridesmaids had purple dresses and the roses were a pinky colour so the groomsmen and bridesmaids matched only through the flowers. It all worked! Same with the reception, I had purples and pinks and reds and it all looked nicer than one colour would have. Contrast is good! It will look better than all the same colour I think! Best of luck! xx

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