26.09.09 Everything we wished for and more

So finally it's time for me to write my wedding report. I've loved everything about this forum and wanted to share pictures from our wedding. I never really found my home on here - not really an older or a younger bride, not really that alternative or unconventional, but certainly going about things a little differently, and someone who when I started this didn't have a 'wedding' bone in my body, But through this forum I found some enthusiasm and inspiration - so for that I thank you all. Hopefully you'll enjoy my report and see that we designed our own perfect day.

Friday 25th September 2009

We started the morning before our wedding packing the car up for our week in Devon. We were having quite a -DIY' wedding down in a holiday cottage in Devon. The cottage sleeps 10 so it's plenty big enough for a wedding with 40 guests.

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    Luckily we'd taken wine and beer to nearby friends for them to drive down for us. I went to the spa for my facial and manicure while my H2B went to pick up the cupcakes from a local company. Pampering complete we set off for hopefully a stress-free two and a half hour journey down the M4/M5. Ha! Of course we got horribly stuck and didn't make it in time for the delivery of 37 chairs to the holiday cottage where we were getting married. I rang the company from the motorway saying that we were probably going to be about 20 minutes late (not that bad really). She was a little flummoxed and asked if we wanted the driver to wait! I said yes please and she said she'd see what she could do!!! Thankfully when we arrived the gardener had kindly taken delivery of the chairs and stored them in the garage. Drama over.

    We raced around the house for the next hour getting unpacked and settled before our first guests arrived. As our guests and family arrived I finally started to get excited. Everyone's delight in the cottage started to rub off on me and now that I was in Devon I finally started to get excited about the whole thing. The house was perfect and Saturday was going to be a great day. That evening friends who were down for the weekend came over for a fish and chips supper, before we all headed for bed.

    As there were so many people in the house I suggested to my H2B that we give each other our presents before we went to bed, as I wasn't sure we'd have the privacy in the morning. My two nieces aged 2 and 5 were staying in the house and I was sure they'd be up early and coming into bed with us! I gave L his Christopher Ward engraved watch and he gave me two beautiful pearl necklaces and a Cherish the Love sculpture. I was really pleased because one of the necklaces would be perfect for with my dress. And with that we went to sleep.

    Saturday 26th September 2009

    I woke about 7am after getting about 7 hours sleep. This was the most sleep I'd had in the last few weeks so I was pretty chuffed. When I first joined the forum I contributed to one of the threads that asked what our timetables were for the morning before, and I wrote a very charming timetable that involved croissants and long baths and lots of relaxing. HA! What was I thinking? Anyway the florist arrived and decorated the house - it looked beautiful.

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    Just one tip and a small moan from me. When we ordered the flowers I ordered all my bouquets as hot pink roses tied with a black ribbon. But they came tied with a dark gray plastic material that you normally tie parcels with. They looked cheap and I was not happy - but I didn't want to be Bridezilla about it so I just got on with it. Then my friend Emma had a brainwave. The day before we'd had great fun unpacking all the Jo Malone goodies that I'd bought about three months before. I hadn't touched them since bringing them home from the shop (I couldn't trust myself) so we still had all the packaging. And what is the main component of Jo Malone packaging - black ribbons! Emma covered the cheap material with proper black ribbon and my flowers looked perfect. I can't believe how lucky I was to have that black ribbon there on the day. And this was honestly the only thing that went -wrong' on the day.

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  • More please!!!
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    Next we moved all the furniture out of the living room and into the garage and laid out the chairs.

    Then we decorated the rest of the room with bright pink sparkly lights and pink organza.

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    I hung the wedding sign that I ordered from Cox and Cox (thank you fellow brides for all your lovely ideas). The drive to the house was quite long and it was nice to have a few quiet minutes.

    Is someone having a wedding here today???

    I think we did all our pre-wedding decorating and sorting in nighties and dressing gowns!!!

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    Then after sending my brother-in-law to the shop for a few emergency extra (including more beer to replace what we drank the night before) and I finally went up to shower.

    I was a bit behind schedule at this stage and went into a bit of a panic as I heard that Estelle, my hair and make up lady had arrived. I read recently on this site that everything seems to take longer on the morning of the wedding and that was certainly my experience. I hadn't even brushed my teeth, and the Jo Malone body cream just wouldn't sink in. Must have been because I was panicking! Estelle was great though and told me to take my time as she was early.

    Once settled in her capable hands I finally started to relax. My sister opened a bottle of bubbly (which we were very careful to alternate with glasses of fizzy water) and my nieces were in and out of the room at their leisure. I'd left my Mum with a list and bless her she even came in to check a couple of times so I knew everything was on track.

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    Soon it was time to get the girls ready in their lovely dresses, but we still let them wander as we didn't want them to get grumpy being shut upstairs with is.

    Then after my official conversation with the registrar it was time to head downstairs. H2B's official chat was captured on camera...

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    My -walking in' music was the Flight of the Conchords theme music which always makes me smile. At least I thought I was smiling - as you can see from this photo I had a very peculiar nervous look on my face! I have a dad and s step-dad and didn't want to choose between the two of them when it came to walking in (which caused a lot of stress) so I walked down the stairs on my own and then walked in with L. Luckily because we were in a small house this didn't mean I had to walk on my own for very far.

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    aww lovely pics, congrats xx
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    When we'd met the registrars previously they were pretty scary but on the day they were lovely and put us at ease. There had been plenty of tears from me in the run up to the wedding, and I'd got a bit choked up when my Dad came upstairs earlier to put my gold bracelet on me (traditional in Asian weddings and his wife is Hong Kong-Chinese).

    When we got to our vows, which we had written ourselves (when I say written ourselves I mean looked at lots of others on the internet and taken the bits we liked the best to make our own!) L got choked up and started crying. And always teased him that he was going to cry (he cried when he proposed) but I didn't really expect him to. I was touched and apparently half the girls in the audience were passing tissues round at that moment.

    Our Vows:

    I call upon these persons here present to witness that I,

    Sara/Lawrence do take thee,

    Lawrence/Sara to be my lawful wedded husband/wife

    And I call upon our families and friends

    To witness that I take you to be my lawful partner and my one true love

    I promise to always cherish our friendship

    And love you today, tomorrow and always

    I will trust you and honour you

    And I will love you faithfully

    Through the best and the worst

    I will always be there

    As I give you my hand to hold

    So I give you my life to keep

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    And then we were done, husband and wife, 18 months after meeting via the Internet. Finally a proper smile on my face!

    We'd been really lucky with the weather so we went outside into the garden and had lots of photos.

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    We had a few official photos taken but the rest of the time we'd gone for reportage style.

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    As we were having a small wedding we were able to talk properly to everyone and spend proper time with each other too - just what we wanted. Then it was time for the hog roast which was yummy.

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    Me and my sister in our lovely dresses

    My sister's dress is from Monsoon and mine is a bridesmaid dress chosen in ivory and black. It's from Forever Yours. I was really worried about it before hand but absolutely loved it on the day. It was perfect for the setting and the wedding that we had chosen. The necklace is the one L bought me as a wedding gift - it's from Azendi.

    Next it was time for our first dance though (which was more nerve racking than walking in and saying the vows). We've been learning ballroom and latin since the start of the year so decided to do a rumba to Nick Cave's Lime Tree Arbor. It was a bit ropey on the day but I think it went down well.

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    We didn't really do official cake cutting but we did have lovely cup cakes.


    Soon it was time for my friends' surprise which was sky lanterns. We were so lucky with the weather that it was perfect for sky lanterns. Shoes were off by now and the grass was damp and soft.

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    looks like a wonderful day, loving the cupcakes! x
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    A perfect end to a perfect day. Everything we wished for and more.

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    Thanks Murphey - the cupcakes were fabulous. But oh the drama behind them. Our original supplier was a friend of my Mum's. 6 weeks before the wedding they had a massive falling out and we cancelled the order. All very stressful (bearing in mind I wasn't bothered about a cake in the first place!) but we found a lovely company in Reading, local to us, who came to our rescue. So we drive down to Devon with 50 cupcakes precariously balanced on top of our wedding outfits in the car. Thankfully they all made it down in one piece. Although one of my lovely flower girls took one look at them and said "Grandma I like chocolate icing" and then proceeded to peel off the icing and just eat the cake. Everyone's a critic even aged 5! image
  • Lovely pictures! Bridesmaids look soo cute in those lovely little dresses! Love the sky lanterns! x
  • Congrats - what a lovely day! I love your dress - what style was it as I'd like to find it for our BMs?

    We have pinched your vows BTW - they are PERFECT and exactly what we have been looking for! I hope you don't mind image

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    Fab pics hun....congrats xx
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    oh wow looks like you had a wonderful day. CONGRATS x
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    I really love your outfit r
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    Thank you for all your lovely comments.

    PinkLemonade the dresses are style 78111. I had a bolero jacket with it too which you can get from the same company. Definitely don't mind re. the vows - like I said in my report we got them from other versions on the web too image
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    lovely pics - congratulations. xxx
  • the whole day looks perfect image
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    What a beautiful report and lovely photographs. I love your dress and the ivory, black and hot pink look great together. The black and white shot of you and your Husband on the dancefloor is just wonderful. Congratulations!
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    Yay Apollobear - "my husband" - not getting tired of that anytime soon image

    Thanks for all your nice comments.
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