Overnight Bags...

Possibly a stupid questionn ladies!

I'll be staying at my mums the night before the wedding. So i'll need an over night bag with things for the morning on the wedding, i'll take this to mums the day before.

But what about the overnight bag you need for the night of the wedding in the hotel? How do you get it to the hotel? I couldnt pack a seperate bag and drop it off the day before the wedding as wont you need some of the stuff in it?

Am i being a bit daft...? Can some of you ladies enlighten me on how you got everything to the hotel? x


  • I put mine in the boot of the bridal car and when the ceremony was in progress (we had a civil ceremony in a hotel) the driver gave it to the concierge who then took it to the bridal suite for me. I'm sure that you could do much the same if you are getting married in a church.

  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    Yes Mrs Isabellawella has a good idea there - never thought of that. We are just buying duplicate toiletries etc and packing 2 different bags - one for overnight before the wedding and one for the wedding night!
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    Mine went with my bridesmaids or my mum cant remember becuase yes hairstuff and make up needed to go in it on the morning. Someone will pick it up for you or put in bridal car if u have room.
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    Dont forget your toothbrush!

    I did - left it at my parents house and didn't bring it to the hotel with me. Fortunately my Dad had just put a brand new one in his wash bag that he'd left with me and my Mum and the hotel so I nabbed that. Would have been very bad if the Bride couldn't brush her teeth on the morning of the wedding lol.

    We stayed at the hotel the night before the wedding so everything was there, my parents just transferred my stuff from their suite to the bridal suite between the meal and the evening do.

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