Suggestions for trash/cherish the dress locations?


I'd like to get the most out of my dress and would like to do a trash/cherish the dress photo shoot. I can't afford a photographer but my dad is good at photography and has offered. I'm thinking it might be nice to do it now amidst the lovely colours of autumn!

I think I'd feel a bit embarrassed about going somewhere where there are lots of people! But would like it to be somewhere where you wouldn't necessarily expect to see someone in a wedding dress!

Does anyone have any ideas for the type of location, or, more specifically, a location in or near Nottinghamshire?



  • lozzi31lozzi31 Posts: 518
    Nice idea!

    There are all sorts of locations out there for cherish/trash the dress.

    My suggestions would be a graffiti wall, car junk yard for contrast between your beautiful dress and the urban background.

    Lakes, Rivers, Woodland, Park Land all great locations. I find english heritage where there is no admission fee can be some of the best locations. They are mostly rural landmarks with an amazing landscape. What is important is that you should ask permission before taking photos on private land. Best advise I could give is just to inform the property manager of the site your wishing to shoot at. Its just better for them to be in the know. Certain places are very wary of photographers and ladies in wedding dresses they think what your doing disturbs their other guests. Understandable really so best to tell them and if they say no then fair enough,

    This place looks cool?

    Another one?

    Bolsover castle is Absolutely beautiful but very popular with visitors.

    I'm sure Sherwood forest should make for a fab location?
  • funnyfaceukfunnyfaceuk Posts: 4,251
    I like Sherwood forest! You could find a kid's den and make a camp fire!

  • froogiesfroogies Posts: 402
    Ooh, why didn't I think of Sherwood Forest! I love the idea of somewhere like Rufford or Newstead Abbey, think I'd just feel a bit silly doing it in front of people! Mattersey Priory looks nice, too. Like the idea of a car junk yard, haha! Thanks, guys!
  • aah, newstead abbey, I grew up living just across the road for the gates, and used to drink and work in the Hutt (but not at the same time!)

    You could do the major oak too! Hugging the big tree! And clumber park is lovely. And the castle....? Next to the robin hood statue just outsde it! LOL. Possibilities are endless!
  • froogiesfroogies Posts: 402
    hehe, thanks!
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