I need a Thank You poem. Any Ideas?

I am just about to get some 'thank you' cards made and i wanted to put poem on them. Nothing to serious and nothing religious. I tried writing one myself but it was rubbish!

Any ideas anyone?



  • nowvickyjnowvickyj Posts: 312
    Just some I found online googling "Thank you poem for wedding"

    Didn't know exactly what you were wanting to say so these might give you a starting point.


    Many, many thanks to you!

    You brought real delight

    And helped make our wedding day

    More happy and more bright


    Just a card to thank you

    And a line to tell you too.

    Nothing could have been more welcome

    Than that thoughtful gift from you.

    And as the years shall come and go

    Your gift will give us pleasure

    And bring you back to us again

    In memories to treasure.


    So from the tips of our boots

    To the tops of our hats

    We thank you for your present

    And your hearty "congrats"


    A loving note can barely say

    all we felt that magic day.

    A heartfelt thanks

    is sent to you

    for your thoughtful

    gift and wishes, too.

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