Hi, Did anyone have any entertainment at their wedding? I am looking at booking a caracaturist (sp?) but I dont know if poeple would enjoy it?

I have a 2hour gap between arriving at venue and sitting down for wedding breakfast. Does anyone have any ideas?


  • Hi,

    I didn't book anything and worried about it at the last minute but we were lucky.....we had a city centre wedding and a caracaturist was at the hotel at the time doing caracatures in return for a donation for charity. Our guests loved it and money was made for charity. If it is within your budget, a caracaturist is a great idea nad makes a lovely momento for your guests. As I said, we were just lucky but I would recomend it to anyone.


  • We had a harpist which was lovely but ive heard of all sorts of things and guests always love it!

    I would go for it!
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