Wedding Dress and lots of other things too!!!


I LOVE being married!!!!

Can't believe have been married for over a a fortnight! It is just the best feeling ever and as everone told me the day (7th April) went past in a flash but I remember every moment of it and I love playing it over and over in my head( is that a little wierd or does anyone else do that too!)

Another thing - does anyone else feel different - I can't explain why, it it is nothing to do with security, I have always felt secure, so I don't know what it is! All I know is that it is a fabulous feeling. I love looking down and seeing a wedding band next to my engagement ring.

I guess the funniest thing is, being a teacher, my 7 year olds can't get used to me being Mrs Walker rather than Miss Donald - although I have to say it is a little nice to hear my 'old' name every now and again!

I have a wee question - I want to get my wedding dress cleaned and wondered what other brides had done. I am in Aberdeen but am a little worried about putting it to just any old dry cleaners. I don't mind sending it off somewhere as long as I know they are going to make a good job of it and they are reliable. You see if I could I would wear my wedding dress every day I loved it that much!

Hope that someone can help.

Thank you all you fellow married ladies out there

Pauline x


  • awebsterukawebsteruk Posts: 368
    congratulations, its my 3 week anniversary today ( 2nd April!)

    I'm still well in the honeymoon period.

    I haven't even thought about having my dress cleaned - though as we got married abroad

    i only had it on for 3hrs max so its not as if its dirty if you see what I mean!

    It maybe a little sandy round the bottom from the beach but I can live with that lovely reminder!

    I may ask my mum she is a font of all knowledge lol.

    i know high street cleaners do offer the service but I suppose it is best to seek professional advice.
  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    was it in the bath - I have posted about this before but seriously it is the best (and cheapest ) way to get it clean! ask if you want to know more!
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