Can I ask all you lovely newlyweds some advice please?

I am getting married on January 16th and as the day gets ever closer, I am becoming more and more nervous about lots of little things that are probably not at all important. I am aware that fretting over whether or not the Orders of the Day are folded wonky or if the my handwriting is neat enough are rather silly, but what I would like to know is if there any things that I *should* actually worry about? I mean, did you forget anything that I might have forgotten too? Or were there any disasters that could have been averted, if only you'd had 'X'?

Aah, why was I born such a worrier?!


  • It will all go to plan on the day chick no matter how much you worry or things go wrong before the day. I had lots of hick-ups before the big day but my day was perfect x
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    Well i have to say, no matter what you do something won't go as planned! But you won't really notice on the day! The tables weren't laid out as i had planned, the men lost FIL buttonhole so he was sulking... loads of stuff. But to tell you the truth I couldn't care less !!

    I regretted not taking my time walking down the aisle, i pratically dragged my dad and bridesmaids down there!

    I also regretted not sorting out how people were going to sit down. ie we had a table plan, but too many people to get sat down and it took forever. I should have given a plan to my bridesmaids so they could help people find there table.

    Make sure you eat something before !! I didn't but regretted it, as wedding was at 3, then we had drinks before moving on to the meal and dance. So didn't get to eat a bite untill 9pm! Every time i went to the table someone side tracked me!

    If you have a big dress, make sure you keep a bridesmaid on hand to help you move around! I had a handle thingy underneath my skirt to slip over my wrist so my train wasn't in the way when walking, but getting hold of it on your own is a pain ! (also going to the loo in a wedding dress.... no one told me i'd end up with my sisters holding my dress as i went... embarrassing moment !! )

    Make sure you make a list beforehand of who you want on different photos, we didn't and forgot loads of photos we'd have liked to do!

    I think those were the main things, after we had quite a few unplanned things happening, but was soo happy and busy talking to people to notice!

    Other than that, just relax and enjoy your day!!
  • Hi.. all the little things you worry about before the day wont matter one little bit. I was worried about the time our evening food was to be served.. looking back now I couldnt tell you what time it came out I was so busy dancing and having fun. Try not to stress about little things as you want to relax and enjoy what you have planned and dreamed of for so long..
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    Definately do a photo list. I did one and still missed one off! But love my photos anyway. Also make sure u eat, i didnt and i paid for it later!

    K x
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    I agree - the photos are my main thing - if I could go back, I'd nominate my chief BM or an Usher to check off the list or at least the most important ones you want forever - there was at least 1 group for ours that I'm sure we told the photographer in advance - on the day I was way too distracted to notice a couple of groups got missed in all the coming and going.....I went ballistic when I first realised - love our pics now, but it took me a few days to calm down.
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    Even if you are running late take 5 minutes to walk about in your dress and breathe! If little things don't happen or go wrong no one will know but you.
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    99% certain that if anything goes wrong, nobody will notice as they don't know all the details of your planning.

    My tip would be to go back to basics - I forgot my toothbrush the night before the wedding as I was too concerned with anything wedding related to remember my own personal hygiene. Fortunately my mum packed a spare!

    You'll have a fantastic day x

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    Well I might worry about whether my Groom would turn up!

    Bamba xx
  • I spent about 6 months worrying about everything before our wedding!

    So this may or may not help you...but write a list of things to take with you! I thought I'd included everything in my list and then forgot my shawl and eye make-up remover! Thankfully, the venue stayed nice and toasty and a friend gave me some make-up remover so that I didn't turn up for breakfast the next day looking like a panda!

    Ooooh...and medication! I take 4 antihistamines a day (long story!) and nearly forgot them so could've been a very blotchy bride - thankfully, my husband gave a note to my bridesmaid in the morning to give to me which reminded me to take certain things!

    I spoke to all our suppliers before the day to make sure that they knew exactly what I wanted. Do this before the wedding (a week or so) so that it takes another stress off your mind. I had a meeting with the florist and photographer and then wrote them a letter to make sure I'd covered everything!

    My advice is to pack the car the night before. This way, while you're spending your last night at home relaxing before the big day (which you MUST do!), you'll remember things that you MAY have forgotten. For me it was the music! I spent my wedding morning creating CDs and printing the readings because if you don't take them with you - nobody else does! I also typed a booklet with the day to day running for me to double check on the day - it had the ceremony wording (that I'd emailed to the registrar 2 months before!), the readings, the music (including lyrics!) and make-up and hair trial photographs. It also had a list of contact numbers for EVERYONE involved in the wedding!

    On the day, the little details (like above!) won't matter. You will enjoy every second of the day and won't be thinking about table plans....once it's done and'll be too late to change anything anyway. Just enjoy getting married to your true love! The day goes too quickly to spend it worrying about family rows or table plans.

    Have a lovely wedding day - I hope this helps!
  • Thank you for replying, you have reassured me that firstly, I'm not the only worrier in the world (H2B is so laidback he's practically horizontal) and also, you are totally right - I suspect things will go wrong, but it won't matter! (Fingers crossed!)

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