Newlyweds that had a videographer!

hi girls, im thinking of getting a dvd made of our wedding day but im finding that its quite expensive! have any of you girls had a dvd of your wedding and would you say it was worth the money?

my h2b isnt really keen on the idea so i need to try and talk him round to the idea!

also, is your dvd copyable? i dont want to have to pay £15/20 everytime i want a copy of the dvd! was anyone able to download it off the dvd and burn it themselves?



  • not sure about the downloadable part but so many threads on here about what would you do if you could do it again or what do you regret type thread always wish they had it filmed

    I figure its one day, a very expensive day, you will want to enjoy every second but on the day it will go so fast, you will miss some parts so it will be wonderful to capture it in a film

    We were not going to have one then decided to book one after reading threads on here about people regretting not having one.

    I shopped around, emailed, asked for sample films and haggled and am spending £750 on what should be about £1100 package.
  • Hi, i would definately recommend having the wedding filmed. But thats only after having mine done. We weren't going to have one as my husband thought it would be a bit 'celebrity' having cameras follow you around at first.

    I'm fortunate enough to have work collegues who are cameramen so i just paid for cameras and their food. I had 3 camermen on the day and they captured some great moments that can be missed in a photo. As i edited it myself-all 14 tapes full!-i got to take my time and make it very personal (iv got a 6min overview cut to Elbow,then sub menus for the 1st dance, all the speeches, the ceremony, the dancers routine and an outakes reel running a a grand total of 86minutes!). So from my own experience-and researching into styles for inspiration-i would look at as many companies as you can. Some are just run by students straight out of uni and are in it for the money-trust me on that, it winds me up soooo much! It brings the whole 'wedding video' industry down with all the amatuers!grrrr....anyway! Make sure you get an idea of the style you like and get as much as you can for your budget. Its far too easy for a guy to get a camera and shoot a wedding so take your time in your decision. Sorry if i sound to doom and gloom, its just far too easy to be ripped off when planning your wedding!

    And, i find it quite easy to rip dvds at work. You can play it out of a dvd player straight to a digital recording deck and play back out to dvd thats then able to copy. You could prob hire one yourself or see if a media company could do it for you...though im guessing that will go against copyright laws!?

    Anyway, my conclusion first edit of my 6min film made my husband completely speechless, he loved it! As much as the photos, we even had a few happy tears! And a few laughs from funny comments people said to the camera! So i guess its up to you....i would always go for photography over video but its a great added bonus to the day! x
  • We booked our video girl the week before the wedding, as initally we weren't going to have one to save costs but I eventually concluded that as many others said the day goes so quickly that it is hard to take it in and remember it.

    The video also gives you the chance to see the bits you missed like your guests arriving and even your groom arriving like wise he didn't get to see me arrive nor me set him wait on the alter.

    Our video girl was great at blending into the backgroud and was hardly noticed during the day, She even had shots of us that we both thought she wasn't there at the time.

    However they aren't all like that we were at a wedding where the video guy was on the dance floor with a huge light on top of his camera and getting in between groups of guests dancing to the point the my hubby refused to dance.

    He might have got the great shots that the couple wanted but was far too intrusive for me.

    Our video cost about £600 for 4 copies + a blu-ray so far I haven't attempted to copy it or had the need to.
  • We got married in November and I had the same thoughts, is it really worth the money, if I had one suggestion now to new brides it would be to have it videoed, there is so much that I missed on the day because it really is too much to take in. My mum insisted we had a professional video and I'm so glad now that we did, I can't wait to see it! Good luck!
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    I had a bad wedding day and ended up crying in the toilets, stupid relative! Everything seemed to go wrong and I only really enjoyed the ceremony, I wanted us to go home after that!

    The video showed the best bits, the service and they knew the situation and this relative was hardly in the video!

    The video is how the wedding should have been and the best thing we did!

    We pay so much for these days and the only way to truly appreciate them is to have a video. My hubby has watched ours more than I have!

    You do not realise how much you miss on the day until you watch the video back and there will be people on the video that my children will never meet and a great way to keep there memory alive.

    My brother put the video on his computor and made copys so that is easily done.
  • Our wedding DVD is one of the best things we spent money on. Like others on here I wasn't planning on having a DVD but I'm so glad I listened to advice from YAYW brides.

    Watch lots of samples as it really will give you an idea of what you do & don't want. Our videographers spent about 80 hours editing the DVD and then sent it to us for our opinions and to make any changes we wanted. There were only a couple of little changes but I wanted to remove a couple of jokes from the speeches which didn't go down very well etc.

    We had a fantastic day & the DVD brings back so many happy memories. Also, the video messages service wasn't offered by some videographers and is one of the highlights of our DVD.

    We used pozella productions in Surrey.

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