Anybody selling their wedding dress?

Got married in November and am really thinking about selling my dress....not sure which is best site to use to advertise though...anybody had same thoughts or know of decent sites to go for?


  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    Well you're not supposed to advertise on here BUT, if you say what size it is and how much you're hoping to get for it and where you live plus include a picture etc... (in other words give an "implied" sales pitch) then I'm pretty sure you'll get a buyer on here!

    Bamba xx
  • Thanks Bamba, really unsure what to do, mine was from the new Martina Liana Essence collection, the dress took 7 months to come in, I was so worried I've now become attached, even leaving at the cleaners was terrible but it seems crazy to hold on to it...
  • lots of ladies hold onto them to show their daughters in the future, I wont be selling mine because I want to be ale to put it on again.

    A girl from work got married at a same time to one of her friends and they got dressed up together. Im having a CP so am looking forward to prancing in my dress with W2B and having fun.

    We are also going to do a cherish the dress shot - make the most of the dress as its one expensive dress to wear only once!

    I think I'd regret selling it
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