Our wedding 12/12/09 plus the few unofficial photos so far..

This is just a few photos of our fantastic wedding in Somerset a week and a half ago. Official photos have not been published yet but will update with some better photos!

Beautiful Dunster where we had the reception....

Us leaving the church

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  • Grrr....more coming when I can get this thing to work....
  • In the car....

    Just arrived at the reception...

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  • Our rounds during the wedding breakfast...

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  • Our fabulous cake.....

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  • The cake toppers made by my lovely husband...

    And cutting the cake...

  • lozza83lozza83 Posts: 3,777
    Many congratulations to you and your new husband. I'm glad it stayed dry for you and I bet you're glad you had that shawl! Everything looked beautiful x
  • Final one for now...sorry this is so long, hadn't realised you could only put 2 photos on each post....or I can anyway...!

    There will be some better photos a little later but we had such a fantastic day I just couldn't wait to share them...! xx

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  • Congratulations, looks like you had a beautiful day!! x
  • Congrats!! You look stunning!!
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    congrats you look beautiful, and your hubby's cake toppers are brill
  • TulipBrideTulipBride Posts: 3,966
    Congrats. You look gorgeous. Glad you had a wonderful day.
  • MrsHxMrsHx Posts: 4,037
    Beautiful pics hun, congrats.

    Love the cake x
  • Lovely photos, congratulations! You both look beautiful xx
  • SquitSquit Posts: 363
    Stunning pics! You look lovely! congrats! xx :\)
  • Congratulations - you look stunning! I'm getting married next 18.12.10 and would love to see more pics - our colour schemes look very similar. I would love to see bridesmaids too. xx
  • daisyteandaisytean Posts: 1,382
    You make a stunning couple - I love your photos, congratulations x
  • Em1980Em1980 Posts: 668
    congratulations really lovely pictures, you look beautiful xx
  • MrsLJC2bMrsLJC2b Posts: 451
    how beautiful! I love the pics because what you have is so close to whar I want! Who is the stunning dress by?

    Did you have a honeymoon?

  • Congratulations Mrsgreenpea you look stunning x
  • MrsDavouMrsDavou Posts: 1,152
    Lovely, you looked great!
  • Hi there, thank you so much for your lovely comments, we had such a great day. I will post some more photos when the official ones come out, there should be some good ones of the bridesmaids there.

    MrsCranston2b -my dress is Pronovias Halo, I really loved it, it sparkled in the candlelight that we had at the reception.

    Off on honeymoon at the beginning of January to Tanzania, cant wait!! xx
  • congratulations!
  • Congratulations - beautiful wedding pictures
  • Mrs Greenpea you look beautiful. When I get some pics off my friends I will attempt to post them on here! What a perfect day image
  • ktlou277ktlou277 Posts: 257
    Mrs Greenpea!!! I recognise that face.....wasn't expecting to see you when I clicked on this topic! lol! Congratulations (i know I already said it on fb but hey!) - you looked absolutely gorgeous!!!! Really stunning dress and it suits you so perfectly!! and your hubby looks so happy!! Well done fellow ex-GIA'er!! xxxx

  • Ha ha!! Hello Shiny Elephant, you have changed your name!! Thank you very much for the lovely comments, you must be approaching yours in the next 6 months...is that right? How exciting! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat...minus the cost!! xxx
  • ktlou277ktlou277 Posts: 257
    haha I have indeed changed my name.....other people were potentially going to be using this site that I didn't want knowing my identity!! So I'm now Shiny Elephant!! Just over 6 months to go now so I'm getting very very excited!! All the planning is gonna kick off again in January so I'm taking this time as a bit of a breather!

    Seriously it looks like you had a fantastic day - can't wait to see some of your official pics!! Did I read that you're going to Tanzania on honeymoon - that'll be amazing!! xx
  • Beautiful! Love the dress

  • HuniibumpHuniibump Posts: 3,913
    gorgeous, congrats hun! Love the cake toppers image xx
  • daisylozdaisyloz Posts: 3,109
    Fabulous hun ...congrats xx
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