A bit of wait but finally some pics of our perfect day

I'm not much of a writer so apologies for any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and the lack of paragraphs. Will add some photos at the end of the report. Enjoy. XxX

Wow, the last 18 months had been building up to this day. There had been a lot of planning, tears, joy, stress, arguments all building up to the 8th August and it was finally here. The wedding eve (7th) had been exactly what I had wanted. I had lunch with mum and dad in the plume of feathers out the back of Panshanger, lovely jubbly. Then all of us (mum, dad, Sam, Catherine, Aleks and Danny) had dinner together and Caroline joined us later in the evening. I made everyone sit down and watch Father of the Bride, ha ha think even dad secretly enjoyed it. Caroline and I headed off to bed and left the rest of the rowdy lot to it. It took ages for me to sleep, just kept thinking about the next day and how I couldn't wait to marry my prince. I sent him a couple of texts saying how excited I was and how much I loved him. I eventually got to sleep but was unfortunately woken up by the rowdy lot going to bed at 1am, then dad started snoring and it was almost impossible to get back to sleep - I ended up heading to the living room and slept on the sofa for a couple of hours. At 7am the alarm woke me and after showers us 3 girls headed off to greys, the hairdressers, I was really calm and not very excited at this point. On the drive to the hairdressers we picked a hairstyle for the girls - yes we left it that late ha ha. The 3 of us sat together while the hairdressers worked their magic. We were in there for an hour and then Catherine drove us back to Mum and Dads. At my request dad had been cooking up a storm and we all had a lovely big fry up - yum. Following the fry up Caroline found a grey hair - OMG - that baby came out straight away. Terry and Tammy arrived with all the flowers - wow what a fabulous job Tammy had done. They really were amazing. They didn't stay long as they needed to head off for Old Albanians to set up there. Then it was time for makeup so mum drove me to Jersey Farm and agreed to pick me up an hour later. The make up lady worked her magic covering up the bags, spots and making me look bridal. It was really getting hot by this point but at least it wasn't raining. I sat in the salon for about 5 minutes but couldn't bear the assistants keep looking at me so decided to go and wait outside, I stood out there for about 5 more minutes and started to feel a bit abandoned. I went back into the salon and asked if I could borrow the phone - managed to get through to mum who said Sam was on his way, a few minutes later him and Aleks turned up to collect me. Now I was starting to feel nervous. Sam told me the photographer had arrived - arrgghhh scary. We got home and I said hello to Chris the photographer. Then headed upstairs to get dressed. The girls came in to help me. They both looked gorgeous in their dresses (the object of a lot of my stress during the planning stage), the dresses were perfect. We got me into my dress and they did the buttons up and Caroline put my veil in for me. Then they left me to it and headed downstairs. I put some blusher on - was feeling a bit pasty - and took one last look at myself, I scrubbed up ok in the end. I headed downstairs and everyone was there waiting for me. The photographer was doing his paparazzi bit and clicking away, Sam was busy filming on the camera and mum and dad just looked so happy and proud. We headed into the garden for some pics. It took a while for my smile to stop feeling staged and start to feel natural. The sun was glorious, what a perfect day. Sam and Aleks headed off for the church in preparation for my arrival and the photographer left soon after. We all stood in the hall and the cars arrived. The girls and mum left leaving dad and me behind. As we stood in the hall dad said ???????I've got a pocket full of money, it's not too late to fly off somewhere, but you'd have to leave this afternoon!??????? I thought that he was offering me and Pete a honeymoon so said something along the lines of ???????but we can't miss the reception???????, we both laughed when we realised the misunderstanding. I was like a cat on a hot tin roof by this point and just wanted to leave and get to the church. The driver found this hilarious and said I was the first bride he had ever had that was actually ready early. Eventually I persuaded him to go and we set off. I felt like a princess in the car, everyone was trying to sneak a peak at the blushing bride ...me... it was great. We pulled up outside the church and the bells were ringing, people stopped on the other side of the road to see me get out of the car. I looked out of my window and all 4 girls were stood outside the church waiting for me. Liberty came running over to the car looking so adorable in her bridesmaid dress. The others followed and I climbed out. They helped me with my train and we headed to the steps. More photos and then the vicar spoke to me. We lined up and as I watched the girls head inside my stomach did a flip and I had to hold in the tears. ???????This is it I thought to myself???????. Dad and I let the girls get to the front and then we started out slow walk to the front. I could see Pete smiling at me and couldn't wait to get to him. The service was so beautiful, I couldn't stop smiling and wasn't nervous at all. Once I was standing at the front with Pete everyone else just melted into the background. We said our vows and everyone clapped when the vicar announced us husband and wife, we had a kiss. The rest of the service went in a blur until the bells started ringing again for us to leave. We had another kiss on the way out of the church and smiled at people as we walked back up along the aisle. The rest of the day was brilliant. Lots of photos, chatting and dancing. A bit of a blip in the middle, nerves got the better of me and my stomach but luckily I came prepared and felt fine just in time for the speeches. Dad was shaking he was so nervous, something I thought I'd never see from my cocky, confident, outgoing father. It made him seem very human. The speech was brilliant and everyone enjoyed it. Then Pete did his, he told me he was going to wing it but the day before had written bullet points to help him. Wow, it was amazing, he even handled his cousin heckling him, he did an amazing job and I was such a proud wife. Lastly the boys did their best men speech. Apparently, they were both so nervous they were doing shots before their speech ha ha, Nick was too nervous and left it to Martin who did really well, the speech was funny, revealing (a few stories about Pete's naughtier days - some things mum and dad ewer probably shouldn't have heard) and flattering - to me. Our first dance was great, the song choice was really good, Baby I love you by the Ramones. We span and twirled for the length of the song which was a little bit too long. The rest of the night was so much fun, lots of dancing, chatting, talking to people. It all went too fast though and before I knew it, the time had come to head off to St Michaels Manor for our first night as husband and wife. Truly the best day of my entire life and I was so happy with the way that we started our married life.


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