Our Perfect Day 19.12.09

I'm sure I will get round to writing a report at some point but just put up some unofficial pics at the moment. I have to say after lashing rain I was worried we wouldn't get outside for pictures but luckily the Scottish weather was onside and we got these stunning pictures just as the sun was going down.

Just the most fantasitc day we could have imagined!! I hope all December brides had such a fab dayimage

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  • wow , love your outfit !

    glad you had a lovely day , mine was the same day and was lovely

    going to try post a couple of pics if i can work out how

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    congrats, the pics i see look lovely! look forward to seeing the rest image xxx
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    lovely, congratulations!
  • more bigger pics please!
  • Okay a wee report.

    We turned up at our wedding venue :The Four Seasons Hotel St Fillans on the 18th of December. My OH and I had picked up my bridesmaid on the way and were all feeling in the party mood.

    There were only a few things to do on the Friday night:

    1. Meet with the registrar

    2. Decorate the room we would get married in.

    3. Make the bridal bouquet

    4. Get some sleep.

    At first we started on the wedding room as although the views were gorgeous the wooden panelling made it look more like a sauna than romanticplace to get married. We set up fairy lights and silver reindeer along the window ledges and it looked beautiful.

    We met with the registrar and she was lovely we had a laugh and I knew it would be the fun ceremony we wanted.

    Jenna (my bridesmaid and I) opened a bottle of champagne and made our bouquets with help from YouTube

    Here is the finished article:

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    Looks lovely but why are the pictures so small? Are they thumbnails from the official photographer's website? This would explain it! Why not give us the link and then we can look at the pictures in their full-sized glory!

    Bamba xx

    PS - forgot to say - CONGRATULATIONS!!
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    Sorry, forgot to say that your bouquet looks marvellous, well done!!

    Bamba xx
  • I also had to see our cake as we ordered it from a bakers website and my mum and dad had picked it up. We chose a quirky design as it very much represented us. I was really pleased as it amazing!!!

  • I got a good nights sleep and decided to take a before make up photo:

    Warning it is not pretty.

    I did my own make up & Hair I used:

    Laura Mercier hydrating Primer

    Ruby and Millie Foundation

    Collection 2000 Blush

    Collection 2000 bronzer

    Poundland eye liner

    Lashes from Superdrug

    Bourjois lip stick

    Hair was curled using Babyliss Curl Press

    My Bridesmaid Jen (the platinum blond) and me posing

    We both enjoyed doing our own hair and make up and were ready really early.

    Bamba will get that sorted I just made them too small on photo bucket

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    Lovely pics hun ...congrats xx

  • Courtesy of our photographer John he only sent me this one more to come in January
  • Will get the other ones resized tomorrow. Thanks for the congratulations everyone image xx
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