I'm Married!! 5/12/09 xx



  • Agree with kittykins, i looked at your headband and thought 'thats what i want'

    Congratulations, your photos are fab and you look amazing.
  • Thank you everyone image it was such an amazing day. Just waiting for the official photos to come back as some of the ones my mum took arent the best lol. My head band is this one from glitzy secrets:


    but i think they have sold out at the mo.xxxx
  • Congrats!! You look amazing!!
  • Hiya congrats you looked fab. It was Rochelle that did your make-up wasnt it? May i ask where your bracelet and necklace are from? they are very pretty and delicate. xx
  • Thank you. Yes powerpuffgirl, Rochelle did my make up, the make up she does is amazing and it lasted all day, i would highly reccomend her, she is great and a really lovely person. My hair was done by her friend Mel as they work together and i would reccomend her too, they are both lovely.

    The jewellery was from http://www.silvertree-bridal.co.uk

    the lady is so nice, i had major issues with my jewellery 5 days before my wedding and i rang her up and within 3 days she had made them for me and posted it off.xx
  • Thanx hun. Was your jewellery bespoke? xx
  • Congrats, you look lovely and thats one of my fav dresses, definitely has the wow factor!!
  • Oh wow Kakey you look BEAUTIFUL!!! so so gorgeous and the dress is stunning! Congratulations xxx
  • MrsLJC2bMrsLJC2b Posts: 451
    wow beautiful! I love your dress! The dress I'm possibily having is a bit like yours and I was having a bit of a wobble because I tried on a size 16 and it felt to big, even when pinned in but seeing a similar style on you made me feel loads better because you look aboutt my size and it looked incredible on you!!!
  • MrsHyland2bMrsHyland2b Posts: 1,845
    Wowee, you look stunning my lovely - everything looks perfect! Congratualtions to you and your hubby! x
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