advice on best site for wedding photobook printing

dear all, I am looking at getting my wedding pictures printed in a nice photobook. can anyone recommend a good website:Im after high quality and leather cover.



  • TheNemoTheNemo Posts: 929
    I am looking for the same so I'd be very interested if you find somewhere good x
  • verlieukverlieuk Posts: 1,328
    I recently used Bobs Books the quality of the paper was amazing not sure if they do leather though. I know snapfish do leather but i personally do not think the quality of the prints are very good.
  • photobox might be worth checking out
  • Lily162010Lily162010 Posts: 3,064
    We used photobox, the quality of the photos is fantastic, we had the black crystal deluxe ones and they are great

    Dont think they do leather though
  • I used Jessops for the CEWE photobooks and was amazed by how good it is. It has a lot more flexibility as well then other providers (I did my research before committing)

    I used a code, so got it half price off as well so it should have been £70 but was £35 for an XXL photobook with 72 pages. (sorry it's expired now - but am sure there are other codes at out there)

    Boots use the Photobox for there photobooks and usually have examples in photography section - you can go there to check out the quality but personally I was not as impressed compared the Jessops format and settled on the them in the end.

    I'm so happy with it I want another one!
  • JAX1145JAX1145 Posts: 1,742
    we also used CEWE for our mums books and have used tem for special holiday pics and the quality is excellant but not sure if they do leather....worth checking out though....

    jax x
  • We used jessops CEWE photobooks made with photo paper rather than normal glossy paper. They open flat in the middle and look just like the pro ones I have seen at wedding fairs. They are fairly easy to create too! They have a glossy photo cover but they do look the part. They cost about £90 but you can get discounts pretty easily.
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