wedding gift list - who did you choose?

Hello to all you lovely newly weds! Im still in the run up to been a b2b and ready to compile a gift list only me and h2b are already squabbling over who to use! we both agree we would like presents delivered at once after the wedding, were replacing old stuff for new ready for our new home.

We both live John Lewis, Debenhams, Argos and Next for choice and most have what we want.

The issue is, alle xcept John Lewis charge a delivery charge for the gift guests buy. My h2b finds this rude for us to expect a guest to pay for the delivery where as I think the free delivery at John Lewis is made up anyways as their prices seem to be higher.

Weve reached loggerheads to be honest and wondered what you experienced ladies decided on..didyour guests pat delivery? how would you feel to be charged for a wedding gift ?

Any help and advise wouldbe fab! x


  • I found John Lewis fab and the delivery was all at once 2 weeks after the wedding which was great! Plus we chose when and what date so it was convenient instead of having things trickling in at diff times.

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    Thanks for your reply Rosemary, a friend at work today said exactly the same thing and some reviews online weve looked at support JL too..looking good for them..and us! thanks again. x
  • We want to go with John Lewis although I have just read on the website that they only give you the little cards that you give to guests 10 weeks before the wedding. We're sending out invitations earlier than this and wanted to put these gift lift cards in with the invitations, does anyone know if we can get the cards earlier than 10 weeks?
  • We had our wedding end November 09 and used Debenhams, you have a choice of free delivery or a £50 gift voucher, we did free delivery for our guests. Service was excellent and everything arrived, on time, in perfect condition and all wrapped. We set our gift list up about 4 months before the wedding as our invites went out 13 weeks before and had no problems. I think others will lose out because of the time restrictions on setting up the list, House of Fraser lost ours to Debenhams for this reason!

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    We decided against going with an actual gift list in the end and asked our guests to buy us vouchers instead for argos, b & q etc so we can choose what we want after.

    Just ordered all our new stuff and cant wait for it to arrive on Monday! xx
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