Anyone had a wedding cheese?

I really want to have a wedding cheese instead of the traditional cake. I've been on a few websites and seen some great pictures and it seems cheese is cheaper than cake! Just got a few questions..

Do you have the cheese stacked up and on display during your meal?

Does it not need to be in the fridge?

Did your venue charge you for serving the cheese?

Did you also supply your own crackers & grapes etc..

Did you decorate it yourself? If so when and where did you keep it?

Where did you get yours from?


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    Hi purple tulip, we had a wedding cheese as nibbles for guests on arrival, so although it wasn't our wedding cake we did still cut it traditionally and have it all stacked up.

    A lot will depend on your venue, ours allowed us both the cheese tower and our wedding cake, plus we supplied our own crackers.

    You will need to keep it in the fridge overnight, and probably get a member of staff to set it up before you arrive at the recption (although it can be all ready decorated and stakec before going in the fridge - assuming your venue has a catering size fridge!) I'm sure it's fine to be out for the reception.

    Ours was bespoke made to go well with the mulled wine we served guests on arrival, and it was pre-stacked and decorated by The Liverpool Cheese Company. They were great and i would recommend them.

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    hey we are going with the cheese there prices are great an u can email them with what cheeses u want. he told me in the email order a month before an when its delivered it can be put out in the day an be left out as cheese is mostly best when served at room temp. my venue are ok with a cheese tower as they wouldnt charge for wedding cake, i am using tomatoes,grapes lots of greenery, figs and serving it with crackers &chutneys xxx

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    I also used The Cheese shed for mine wedding last weekend, Ian is simply amazing, so helpful. He put together a special cheese stack according to my requirements. My collegaue from work used them as well for her wedding last summer - I can't recommned them higly enough - I ended up ordering christmas gift hampers there for all my family as well - they do some georgous stuff.

    To answer your questions:

    Yes, we had the cheese stack displayed from the start.

    It was delivered on Thursday before by a courier and stored in cold place (not fridge though)

    Our venue did not charge anything, but guest served themselves anyhow as a part of buffet - we had about 8 different cheeses so they picked and cut a piece of ones they liked (eg. not everybody is into blue cheese)

    we supplied crackers & chutneys & butter, the venue baked some fresh bread selection (but they have been happy to provide all, we just already had the crackers & chutneys purchased with cheese)

    Yes, we decorated it ourselelves, with tassels, feathers, etc.

    Hope this helps.

    Enjoy the cheese!

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    I think these sound fantastic! Have seen them at one reception and everyone *loved* the idea. Especially if you decorate with all the tasty things you can eat with cheese - I saw halved figs (it was September), grapes, celery and apples. It looked so delicious and was demolished within about a half-hour ...
  • I really fancy this but was worried about the smell.

    We have a cheesemonger near where we live and I love their cheese and often serve it at christmas, new year etc. But my family always comment on the smell!

    Maybe I will just have a wedding cake and then have a piece of stilton with my husband the next day lol!
  • Lol at Laura's comment re the smell!!

    We had a "cheese" wedding cake for our wedding last year and it was lovely! Our main reason for this was our wedding breakfast didn't start until 7pm (we had a late wedding), so we had starter, main and dessert (which was a very rich chocolate pudding) then used the "cake" for cheese and biscuits at 10.30! After the dessert, nobody would want more cake....

    We went to a local cheesemonger near to where we were getting married, instead of using someone online....this was hubby's choice, due to him being able to "sample" the cheeses!! They quoted us straight away after our tasting session and we also paid a minimal amount for them to deliver to our Venue the day before. They also gave us silver boards and pillars for free.

    Once the Venue received the cheeses, they refrigerated them overnight until the wedding breakfast was served the following day, so it was on display as everyone walked in and would be at room temperature to serve. We were very lucky as our Venue supplied the decoration for the cake and also didn't charge us for the crackers, grapes, apples, chutneys, etc.

    Once we cut the cake, they took it away and cut the cheeses for guests to help themselves!

    Here are a couple of photo's... Soz, now deleted!! If you would like to see them, please send me an email and I'll send some to you xx

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    We had one of these and it went down a treat. As my husband is Welsh we had all Welsh cheeses. We got it from Truffles Delicatessant in Ross-on-Wye (where we got married) and they set it up on the morning of the wedding.

    It was fine during the day as the room was quite cool - I suppose if you're getting married on a really hot day with no air conditioning this may be an issue - but let's be honest, in the UK it's unlikely!

    Cheese is fine out of the fridge for a few hours anyway - plus for the soft cheeses it's better really.

    Our venue were lovely and didn't charge anything extra for serving the cheese - they basically cut it up into pieces (as they would a cake anyway) after we'd done the cake cutting bit and then put it out as a buffet with the crackers etc (supplied by the shop which did our cake). Truffles did the decoration too and I've added a picture at the end of the post so you can see it!

    the whole thing came to £250 (including crackers, chutney and fruit) and basically served as not only a cake substitute but also an evening snack for guests (though we had a late wedding so it was only a few hours after the main meal and people didn't need too much).

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