Pink wedding dress

Hello girls,

Im really in need of your help.Ive lost all confidence in my choices.

I decided i wanted a pink dress and a colour theme of navy blue and pink with hints of silver.

I just connot picture it looking good in my head.

Did any of you get married in a pink wedding dress if so can you please post some picture on here for me.

My H2B doesnt want to wear pink so ive got to have another colour but i dont want him in silver becuse it doesnt suit him.

Please help!

Thank you in advance.



  • Hello! I'm also having a navy and hot pink theme - my two favourite colours. Don't lose confidence, your pink dress will look amazing - people will remember your wedding more than any other for that reason. Put H2B in navy and sneak in the hints of pink & silver in his buttonhole. To be honest, having him in a dark tone will make a lovely contrast to your dress.

    Have you found your dream dress yet?

  • Yes i already have my dress. Its a really soft oyster pink. I love hot pink with navy blue so i might put some hot pink in there too but i just cant picture it.

    This is my dress; (hope it works)

    Ive searched the net for people in pink dresses stood next to their bridesmaids for inspiration but i cant find any.

    Mrs Coops2br, What colour waistcoat and cravat is your H2B wearing?

  • Wow!! Your dress is beautiful!!! I love the detail on the bodice - you will look stunning! My H2B is probably going to have an ivory waistcoat as he is also stubborn about wearing pink (he looked good in a pink shirt & tie at our friend's wedding but he refused for ours!). We're not getting married until next year (oh the wait is just agony...) so I still have time to wear him down, hee hee! I shall look out for some inspiration pics for you.

  • Were not getting married until June 2011 either but i want to start buying things now. Were getting married in Northumberland so we have arranged with the venue that anything that we buy we can take up when we visit so that we dont have to cram everything in the car days before the wedding. So it helps if i can start buying now cos i dont think well be able to get up ther much between now and the wedding.

    Even down to flowers, were making all our own so weve got all that to cart up.

    I just want to get to a point where i can be happy about the colour scheme and can continue to buy things.

    Im booking H2B in at suit shop one weekend soon so i can see what he look good in. That might help with the situation of him wearing pink lol
  • We're marrying on 4th June! That's really good of your venue (my wardrobe is getting taken over with little bits and pieces that I have bought so far!). Ok, I have been doing some research & I found the fantastic site of a photographer called Laura Novak. There are some truly fantastic (and expensive looking) weddings on there, but the actual photographer herself got married in a pale pink dress. Have a look at the two links for inspiration:

    If you're like me, you'll be snooping at all the fab photos on there! xx

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