now mrs campbell! now with propper photos!

Hi all,

just back from honeymoon and sister in laws wedding and just thought i'd give you a run down on my big day.

which was really fab.... its funny bt all of the cliches are true, it really was the best day of our lives.

we got married in hampshire and had a country garden theme, my parent have spent the last 6 months giving up their vegetable patch and growing all of the flowers.

So the day before , my best girls and the best man and mother and sister in law came over to my parents and we arranged all of the flowers to go on the tables and in the reception and it was just so much fun. we used my dads glass collection so had them in jugs and vases and on cake stands and in small liquer glasses, i dont think that i have ever seen so many flowers, it was great. they looked so vibrant and lovely.

anyway, in the evening we went to the reception to deliver all of the plants and flowers for the caterers th next day and drop off the wine as we were providing it ourselves.

then we had supper, just my immediate family and my best girls and godmother which was lovely, and by the end of it i actually felt really tired, but when i got to bed i managed only about 1 hours sleep all night. but honestly, if this happens to you, dont worry as you will be so awake , running on adrenaline that you will hardly notice.

so in the morning we got up and had a lovely breakfast and then went to the hairdressers, who were great until they tried to charge me 3 times the amount that we ha agreed!! cheeky buggers , i was having none of it!

then my best girls went to the venue to help the caterers set up and i went back to carry on getting ready with my little bridesmaids. The photographer was there and staretd taking snaps, which was fun, me doing my make up in the garden as it was the only place in my parents 13th century cottage with any light at all!

any way, we all got ready on time, the venue was all sorted, and despite my last minute eating fest at my parents, i managed to squeeze into my dress!

anyway, we were just about to leave, i was walking up the road when one of the ushers came down to tell me that the organist adnt shown up and we were to wait for a bit. i was remarkably calm but my dad started to get really panicky , luckily she did turn up , but almost half an hour late. and the music was consequently very funny as she kept hitting duff notes!

also , on the way up the aisle one of my bridesmaids trod on my veil and nearly sent me flying!

but what was lovely was that this all added to the very relaxed feel that we were tring to achieve..

The service itself was really lovely and when we finished we headed to have a few photos just the two of us before facing the crown, and when we got onto the village green, they had created a big row of people to walk between and they showered us with the confetti my mum had been making for the last six months!

anyway, we then got driven to the venue by our only friend with a smart car ( a lovely merc) that they had put champage in the back of and had cheezy bee gees music play for us which was absolutely great!

Will finished recepetion on the next visit.....

ask any questions..

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  • Congratulations Mrs Campbell !

    One question - what were your nerves like on the day? I am soo nervous ( getting married on 2nd September )

    Piglet xx
  • bride1bride1 Posts: 1,664
    welcome back Mrs Campbell!!!

    hi ruth

    it sounds like you had a wonderful day, i love the relaxed feel that you say you had, were you really nervous? i was shaking like a leaf, but i love being married. Where did you go on your honeymoon? cant wait to hear about your reception. we will have to swap some photos it was good having you to share the angst and build up to the wedding with.

    hurry with your next installment


  • ruthdillonruthdillon Posts: 150
    Hi again, decided it would be much better to show you some snaps than bore you with all of the details.

    check out:

    as for nerves, i was wierdly relaxed in the week building up to wedding, all nerves seemed to disapear. maybe just because we have been together for so long, but there was no nerves about getting married, only about the actual party, which by that point i had adopted the policy of its not done by now, then it never will be. I did blb all the way through the rehearsal though which was sorrying as i really thought i might do it on the day, but luckily i managed to get through with only a tiny wobble!
  • LisaMukLisaMuk Posts: 358
    Hia Mrs Campbell

    If my wedding looks as lovely as yours I will be very happy.

    You and your husband look fab together.

    LisaM x
  • ruthdillonruthdillon Posts: 150
    thanks lisa,

    we had a really lovely day.
  • shellsukshellsuk Posts: 252
    Hi Mrs Campbell!

    Your wedding pictures look beautiful and you looked stunning.

    congrats and good luck for your future together as Mr and Mrs!

    shelley x
  • hlittlehlittle Posts: 445
    Congratulations you look really lovely.

    All best wishes.

  • Hi Mrs Campbell

    Congratulations to you and your new Husband

    I was just wondering where you got married because the venue looked absolutely lovely!

    Gemma x
  • ruthdillonruthdillon Posts: 150
    Thanks all.

    Gemma, we got married in the village i grew up in which is southwick near portsmouth and the reception was in a school in the next village (wish my school had looked like that !) Luckily it was beautiful and very cheap to hire!

  • CherrymaiCherrymai Posts: 185
    Wow! it looks like you ahd a wonderful time! congratulations!
  • Finally edited our proffessional photos down to a reasonable amount - from hundreds and am so pleased with them that i thougt that i would post them to show you all. hope you enjoy...

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  • trulyuktrulyuk Posts: 106
    you're photos are beautiful and you look stunning! i love the simple dress with long veil and your colour scheme/bouquet was gorgeous!! if i had got married in the uk i would have wanted it just like that!! xx Congratulations xx
  • bride1bride1 Posts: 1,664
    hi ruth

    the photos are beautiful you look fabulous.

    mine still not on but will be this week promise!!!


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  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    The pictures are lovely xxxx
  • thanks girls, i'm thrlled with them. can't wait to see yours kel!
  • jaynekukjaynekuk Posts: 2,893
    just managed to see your photos,they are beautiful. I love the colour the bridesmaids have on.

    congratulations to you both,and all the best for the future.

    Luv jayne.x.
  • It all looks wonderful - your parents did an amazing job with the flowers (I love gardening).
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