My Wedding Report with lots of pics! 10th July 2010

I woke up on the morning pf July 10th at 7am!!!! I wasn't at all nervous just very intrigued as t what the weather was like!!!! ha ha I had been so worried about rain but as I looked out of the window I saw a wispy blue sky and the sunshine!!!!! I was sooooo happy.

My bridesmaids andd hair/make up lady all turned up at the same time and together we all started to get ready for what was going to be an amazing day image

A few getting ready photos....

Just seeing if this posts if not i'll upload to photobucket first...



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    what a beautiful day...

    backcombed beautiful!

  • tennicktobetennicktobe Posts: 649
    My hair eventually looked beautiful.....

    As did my make up......

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    It was eventually time to go, my dad arrived and we went to the church in our Daimler while the bridesmaids went in style in a limo. I dont have any photos of this as only the official took them and we dont have them back yet.

    When I arrived at church my bridesmaids were all on the steps waiting to enter first. As soon as Pachelbel Canon started playing the tears started to fall for both me and my dad. The bridesmaids walked in and then it was my turn to walk into Wagner's bridal march. I loved walking down the aisle even though I was crying and when I saw my hubby crying too I just knew it was all ok and I had done the right thing! hehe

    The boys....

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  • tennicktobetennicktobe Posts: 649
    During the service we sang

    Lord of the Dance

    I the Lord of Sea and Sky

    Praise My Soul the King of Heaven

    and we had two readings

    Corinthians and On Your Wedding Day

    The vows were the traditional versions which I loved, hubby got teary again (this ended up being a theme throughout the day!) but I got through them fine image

    My dress was a copy of MS Sabelle, done for a fraction of the price and everyone commented on how beautiful they thought it was, just goes to show you dont have to spend a lot image
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    After the church service we had lots of photos in the grounds, my favourite bit was the throwing of the confetti! There was loads and it got EVERYWHERE!!!! i loved it

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    not sure what he had just said lol, something funny!

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    me and my hubby then got into our beautiful wedding car and drank champers all the way back to the hotel image we kept getting pipped, i felt like a film star!

  • aww that it just lovely sooo pleased to see a man in grey and pink thats what my h2b wanted to wear but he wasnt sure. i just showed him your thread and he loved the suits so also a big thank you lol x x
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    Our reception venue was The Charnwood Hotel in Blythe, we had welcome drinks for the guests whilst photos were taken and then everyone relaxed in the gardens until the recpetion begain at 6pm

    me and my friends form camp america

    me and my gorgeous cheif bridesmaid

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    me and my husband with my bridesmaids and their partners

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    aww so glad to have helped!!! the suits were from debenhams hired and they all looked yummy!
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    Jonathan crying during his speech, bless him. told you it was a theme!!!

    cutting our lovely cake image made by Jonathans mum and decorated by his friend

  • stephie3ukstephie3uk Posts: 288
    you look beautifull!! congrats!! xxx
  • angelcake71angelcake71 Posts: 523
    lovely hun xx
  • Lisar1980Lisar1980 Posts: 382
    Woe you looked beautiful and both so happy ! Congratulations x
  • michjoemichjoe Posts: 544
    Congratulations, you look lovely. I love your cake too x
  • congratulations!!! you look gorgeous and I love the fact that your groom was so moved!!image wishing you every happiness together xx
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Beautiful pics! And you are not far from me...our reception is in Gringley-on-the-Hill and I hope our weather is as nice as yours.x
  • MaylanMaylan Posts: 9,604
    Congratulations, hun! You looked gorgeous image And I absolutely loved the hair!

    You know what? You sang my favourite hymn image I the Lord of Sea and Sky ^_^
  • anitaxxanitaxx Posts: 975
    You both look wonderful my h2b has just ordered his suits from debenhams today i however found it strange that there were no suits to try on so he just order and there said that the suits would arrive 2 weeks before the wedding. Can you please tell me if thats normal cause i am starting to panic
  • xkatyannxxkatyannx Posts: 107
    awwww you look gorgeous, congratulations!
  • tennicktobetennicktobe Posts: 649
    hey anitaxx yes thats normal, theres swatches and things but then they come in 2 weeks before and can be changed if they arent right image xxx
  • tennicktobetennicktobe Posts: 649
    thanks for the lovely comments ladies image xxx
  • aww u looked gorgeous n the weather was perfect to my wedding was on same day n i connot believe how sunny n hot it was congrats on bein a mrs!xx
  • Mrs-L-2bMrs-L-2b Posts: 1,702
    Lovely pictures! Congrats.

    Ps. Love the BM dresses - are they Forever Yours? I have them in Navy and dusty Blue for my wedding in December! xx
  • mrs l2b yes they are forever yours!!! had some right hassle getting them but in the end they all looked stunning! xxx
  • ls2blbls2blb Posts: 1,280
    sooo beautiful, you look so happy together and so sweet your h2b having a little cry! xxxxx
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