A few wedding pics for you all before I start the report - New Jersey, USA 27th June

I just wanted to put a few pics up of our wonderful day. I'm still waiting on the pro ones back from the photographer so will put those up when I get them and can do a nice wedding report for you all to see...

Me (in the green top) with my bridesmaid Jenny as we arrive to get ready at The Barclay, the banqueting house our reception was at later on -

My dress all hung up, steamed and ready to go

My bouquet

Getting ready

Me and my beautiful bridesmaids

My gorgeous groom waiting for me at the ceremony


  • Lil_Miss_HandsLil_Miss_Hands Posts: 1,194
    My sweet little flower girls

    About to walk up the aisle (I did this all alone and Rusty met me half way)

    Saying our I Do's

    We did it!

    Having our pictures taken on the beach! It was soooo hot and the skirt of my dress was soaked through in the waves! But I didn't care, I was just so happy!

    Our delicious lemon cake

    Having our English Afternoon Tea with our friends Jenny & Nathan who travelled over to be with us

    The new Mr & Mrs

  • Lil_Miss_HandsLil_Miss_Hands Posts: 1,194

    Our first dance

    Dancing up a storm


    The best part of the night was leaving with my new husband and walking onto a secluded beach, just to lie on the sand together with the full moon and stars above us, so excited at what had just been the most amazing day of our lives!
  • Sophie2007ukSophie2007uk Posts: 1,127
    Your pictures are great, it looks like a fantastic location and you looked gorgeous! Your groom looks incredibly happy too!
  • mum2onemum2one Posts: 737
    Great pics, you look gorgeous and very happy. Congratulations!
  • xkatyannxxkatyannx Posts: 107
    aww you both look so happy, congratulations!
  • Congratulations the pics are great what a perfect day your dress is gorgeous image
  • Lil_Miss_HandsLil_Miss_Hands Posts: 1,194
    Ahh thanks ladies! So nice of you all! It was an awesome day, our gazebo overlooked the beach. We also have our first professional picture back now as a teaser... Our photographer was awesome! I can't wait to see our other pics! What do you think? We had english afternoon tea and Pimms, which went down really well with our American guests

  • decembernycdecembernyc Posts: 270
    I love that last picture! So funny and unique, congratulations image
  • pinkyperkypinkyperky Posts: 159
    beautiful wedding - you look a really gorgeous couple.
  • samisheensamisheen Posts: 349
    congrats Rustysgirl you both look so happy xx
  • michjoemichjoe Posts: 544
    Congratulations!!Your day looks wonderful x
  • Lil_Miss_HandsLil_Miss_Hands Posts: 1,194
    Awww thank you everyone. I will be sure to post our pro pics when I get them back
  • dooby29dooby29 Posts: 101

    You looked amazing and your location was beautiful!

    I get married a week today!

    I have the same hoop as you for my dress (Sottero and Midgley Jesslyn) and was wondering how it was to sit down and to do you first dance?

    I'm worried i'll be abit restricted!
  • Congratulations, looks like you had a fab day, love the last photo of you and your groom drinking tea image brilliant xx
  • MrsHarkerMrsHarker Posts: 752
    Rustys girl..You look stunning..

    Is your dress alfred angelo 1136? Looks the same as my dress xx
  • shadyshooshadyshoo Posts: 117
    What a beautiful couple you are! x
  • hello, i know that you wrote on this a while ago but wondered if you were still around!? the pics of you guys wit the tea cups are great image we are looking to get married in USA as most of my family are there, how did you find in planning a wedding in a different country? we would be doing all our selfs in a family home. do you think we are crazy?? any help would be wonderful

    Laura xXx

  • I can only see the last picture??
  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    I can only see the last pic too. What a lovely photo or you and your husband.

                             Jayne. image

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