Our rainy day...10.08.10

Ive been coming on this forum for the past year and its been a huge help and inspiration. I love reading the wedding reports its so much more fun than a good book these days! So im going to attempt to write a report myself (im no writer though, I warn you now!!)

and it might be a bit pic heavy.. well here goes.

How We Met

We met 9 years ago, and worked for the same company we hardly spoke two words to each other in the year or so we worked together. We were both in relationships with other people at the time then I left to go on maternity leave with my son (now 7).

I seperated with my sons father when he was 4 and I had to go back to work full time in order to make ends meet, I started to work for a new company. I remember walking into the staffroom to see him there. It really took me by suprise and although we never really got on when we previously worked together, this time felt different..

I would go out of my way to try and bump into him or to find something to talk to him about. Now when we talk about this we realised we felt exactly the same way.

We became quite good friends over the next year or so working together but that was all, we even used to share horrendous dating stories after a weekend!!

It wasnt until his first day into a new job that he asked me out for lunch (but as we had been friends for a while i really wasnt sure if this was a lunch 'date' or just lunch) well a few dates later he came over to my house and never left.

Within only a month or so of living together we had my teenage brother also come to stay with us, as my mum was diagnosed with cancer and was under going very tough treatment. H2b was fantastic throughout everything, He went from being single and child free, to being in a house full, running around after everyone while I was at the hospital most evevnings.

The proposal

We both have very different versions of this, but this is how i remember it. You know those conversations couples often have in the car or late into the night that all start with 'when we', 'someday'?, well they had been happening for a while but no mention of marriage much to my disappointment. Then a few days before my birthday in june 09 he asked me what I wanted...'diamonds, of course!!' (I was getting fed up with being subtle at this point) Although I still didnt think he knew what I meant as he quite happily agreed , 'well we'll have to go shopping then cos Ive got no idea!'

So on my birthday we go out and he leads me straight to the jewellers window...past the watches..past the bracelets.. leading me straight to the rings..'what do you like??'

At this point im still not sure if he actually knows that they were engagement rings, 'does this mean we are going to get married?'

'well yes, of course it is!'imageimageimage

It was the first ring I tried on, although we went to every jewellers before going back. This was pretty much how all of our wedding planning went.



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    More more more... the 10th of August is my birthday, hope you had a lovely day, can't wait for more report!! xxxx
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    The venue

    The search for a venue went on for what felt like months, endless nights online looking at places from barns to castles, we had no idea what we wanted. We came across a wedding fair that was being held at the Sculpture Gallery in Woburn and thought it was completly out of our price range but we thought we may aswell go and see the suppliers, but the drive through the deer park made our jaws drop. It was just so expensive.

    After endless other venues some that were also amazing but just didnt feel 'right' and some venues that were horribly depressing we decided to go with the first venue we saw

    The Dress

    Now I know most people love dress shopping, but it made me feel quite sick at the thought of it. I know everyone has their own insecurites but i just couldnt shake it and put off dress shopping for a while.

    I proberbly did something very untraditional and took h2b with me to the first shop!!! Im really glad I did we only looked at the dresses but he was quite strong in his views of what he liked and dislike (hated veils apparently!!)

    I took my mum to a shop and we both went straight to the same dress although i loved it on the hanger I was so disappointed with it on. I hated the shop and found the staff really unhelpful.

    anyway.. the dress shopping continued for a few months, I never had a dress that made me think wow. Although I kept looking back to the first dress I tried on.

    I found a shop that i loved, the woman was fantastic, she new my venue and the colours she instantly knew the type of dress I wanted when I explained what i wanted from my dress.. I was describing the first dress I tried on! she didnt have it but got it in especially for me.

    This time trying it on was different. The woman described a hairpiece I should try to find something similar to... but I already had my eye on the one she mentioned.... jenny packham acacia.

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    The planning

    When I first started planning, before we chose our venue I think my 'colour scheme' changed almost daily, from antique pink rose, to black&white, but as soon as we chose the venue I decided I wanted virtually everything ivory. The inside of the venue was very sage green with the marble, and sage carpet, So I didnt feel it needed any other colour. Also I thought if I change my mind that often I really wanted to look back on photographs and to have it as classic and simple as possible.

    So with this finally decided I set about making our invites... this was meant to save us money, but by the time i had handmade bows, put swarovski crystals on them etc it proberbly cost more than buying, but im so glad I made them even if it took the best part of 4 nights a week for close to a month!

    Here are some other things I made for our wedding day

    Table names

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    Here are some other bits I made for the day

    Table plan was my favourite.
  • Love the table plan xxx image
  • The Day Before

    The week leading up to the wedding had been pouring down with rain, but the day before was gorgeous sunshine. I have so many great memories of the day before.

    We had our rehersal first thing in the morning, which meant myself, 7yr old son, 7yr and 3yr old neices and 5yr nephew trying to walk down the VERY long aisle in some sort of order. It was hilarious we must have tried it several times, my nephew kept walking down gazing out the windows with his finger up his nose and my son proceeded to practice his 'robot' moves every time we got to the end. I was really starting to regret it just being me and the kids walking down the aisle.

    When we left the venue h2b said to me he had to turn away when my son and I first started walking down the aisle as he was trying to avoid crying!! bless him, I thought he just looked bored!

    H2b still hadnt wrote his speech at this point so he was banished to a pub until it was finished...much to his disappointment. While I went off to have nails and other pampering done.

    We were staying at a hotel close to the venue the night before and we decided a bit last minute to try and get our best friends together for a quiet drink. About a dozen or so came of both our friends and the atmosphere was great, both sets of friends seemed to get on really well even though most hadnt met each other. I have to say that, that evening was the first time I felt truely relaxed in proberbly the last year if not longer.

    At 11pm I thought it was about time I tried to get some sleep, h2b walked me back to the hotel and kissed me goodnight. It felt like we were on a first date again.

    That was a surreal moment.
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    Keep going!
  • The Day Itself

    I woke up at about 6am to the sound of torrential rain outside, well the weather forecast did say showers but this was more like a monsoon!!! But that didnt bother me because today I was getting married and nothing was going to stress me out!!.. or so I thought.

    The ceremony was at 3pm so I had plenty of time, and the first part of the morning was really calm..

    we had some help..

    My hairdresser and friend who was doing my makeup arrived at 11am then the madness began.

    We definatley didnt allow enough time for all of us and my flowergirls to get ready.

    My flowers arrived, and my heart sunk!! I was really unhappy, the bouquet arrived virtually all green hydrandga with just a few roses in and the flower girls bouquets were the same size as mine, their only little it looked far to big for them. I had my first Bridezilla moment of the day and sent them away and said they had an hour and a half to get them right. The photographer walked in just at that moment.. poor fella.

    I was so worried that the venue flowers were all wrong. I got straight on the phone to best man and made him take h2b to the venue to check.

    I have to say the florist came back within the hour and they were all great. Im so glad I spoke up though, A friend gets really upset everytime she sees any of her photos with her bouquet, the colours were all wrong but she didnt want to say.

    My gorgeous Jenny Packham headband and the jewellery some of you ladies helped me find.

    Breath In!!! The things we do for a smaller waist!

    I was so stresed getting ready, the photographer had to say 'for god sake smile, your getting married' Im glad he did.

    For Bridesmaids gifts I got 2 pretty silver necklaces with a diamonte bow on. For the ushers and pageboys, we spent ages searching for cufflinks that were a bit more 'personal'... the boys got...


    I Havent seen my dad in 10 years, and my stepdad of 20 years left my mum 2 years ago, so I was dreading the feeling that I was missing out on my wedding day, but I remember walking down the stairs of the cottage to see my oldest brother, who had a big smile on his face and said I looked fantastic.. It made me cry instantly, but happy tears. I knew I had everyone I needed and that really mattered at my wedding.
  • You look beautiful petal!
  • One of my favourite memories of the day was the car journey to the venue with my son, we were telling dodgy jokes, making funny noises when we went over the cattle grid into the deer park and were pretty much just being silly but it was great for the nerves.

    Its also one of my current favourite photos

    ... There is only a few picture where my son isnt pulling a face!!

    I was really worried about walking down the aisle without a dad, and was very nervous about the idea of walking down on my own. I first asked my son to 'give me away' and he got really upset as he didnt quite understand what I meant by 'giving away' so I asked my if he would walk with me and he finally agreed. Im so glad he finally decided to, I was soooooooo proud of my little smart man imageimage If I did it all again I wouldnt have it any other way, after all we come as a package!!

  • Lovely pics, I love the idea of your little boy walking you down the idea.. gorgeous!! Congratulations, more pics please!
  • my dress!

    makes me even more excited seeing you in, hope i can as stunning as you do!

    fab report keep it coming

  • The Ceremony

    In the build up to the wedding I really thought I wouldnt like this part of the day as I dont like talking in front of people and the focus being on just us seemed a scary thought. But on the day it may aswell of just been the two of us, I completley forgot about everyone else around us and just couldnt stop smilling at my hubby.

    The wedding reading we chose was perfect for us and reminded us of those conversations we had late into the night talking about the future.

    Union by Robert Fulghum

    You have known each other from the first glance of acquaintance to this point of commitment. At some point, you decided to marry. From that moment of yes, to this moment of yes, indeed, you have been making commitments in an informal way. All of those conversations that were held in a car, or over a meal, or during long walks - all those conversations that began with, ???????When we're married???????, and continued with ???????I will??????? and ???????you will??????? and ???????we will??????? - all those late night talks that included ???????someday??????? and ???????somehow??????? and ???????maybe??????? - and all those promises that are unspoken matters of the heart. All these common things, and more, are the real process of a wedding.

    The symbolic vows that you are about to make are a way of saying to one another, ???????You know all those things that we've promised, and hoped, and dreamed - well, I meant it all, every word.???????

    Look at one another and remember this moment in time. Before this moment you have been many things to one another - acquaintance, friend, companion, lover, dancing partner, even teacher, for you have learned much from one another these past few years. Shortly you shall say a few words that will take you across a threshold of life, and things between you will never quite be the same.

    For after today you shall say to the world -

    This is my husband. This is my wife.

    We had a string quartet on the day that were fantastic, we had Canon D - walking down the aisle

    Songbird, Eva Cassidy

    Patience, guns n roses

    nothing else matters, metallica - during the register signing

    Mr brightside, killers - walking back up the aisle, great with everyone clapping and cheering.

    They may seem a bit of an ecclectic mix especially for a wedding but on the strings they sounded amazing. Quite a few of the guests spent most of the champagne reception guessing the songs.

    I look petrified... iknew what was going to happen!!

  • If I can give one bit of advice.. straight after the ceremony try and get 2 mins alone with your new hubby. we were taken into a seperate room while the guests were directed into the bar, because of the rubbish weather we couldnt have drinks in the garden as we had planned.

    I couldnt stop shaking the ceremony was such a high and its over so quick so ENJOY! It was the best moment knowing that we were finally married.

    Our message crystal trees we had. Everyone commented on what a great idea it was... I got the idea from here (had never heard of it before) I posted a thread for an alternative to a guest book.... another thank you to you ladies x

    It was lovely being able to read the messages throughout the evening, I even found one on there from my son, which apparently he asked one of our guests to help him!!! bless him image
  • You look stunning!! such a lovely dress.

    Your son is sooooo cute!!! xx
  • Thanks Amanda ...cute is not a word I would use to describe him!!! That was a good day for him!
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    how about gorgeous and sweet and super well brought up?? he looks all of those things!

    a beautiful report so far, keep going!! xxxx
  • Aww, you look stunning and what a fantastic day it looks so far! x
  • I felt really bad for having such a bridezilla moment earlier in the day about the flowers as they looked great in the venue and I was much happier with my new bouquet.

  • A year before the wedding we started looking for a company, but couldnt believe thay all the good ones were already booked up for the entire of july/august. A family member came to our rescue and offered to make a cake as a wedding present for us.

    We had seen pics of cakes we liked and all looked really simple without much fuss... little did we know that the picture we should the family member was a feat in engineering.

    I was amazed when I saw the cake all together it supassed any expectations we had.

    We chose a tall cake because.... well im sure you can work it out for yourselves!!


    Some people hide the statue but I

    think it really added to the day!! some friends have some great snaps of us takinga bite into the cake, just at the right angle!

    I also set up a little 'I-Spy' game for the kids with disposable cameras and a list of things to take pictures of, for example; A Pretty Dress, A Sparkly Diamond, Shiny Shoes, People Dancing. The last one was 'Something Funny'....My son had the giggles all night apparently he had taken loads of pictures of statue willies!!

    I havent had their cameras developed yet, but I bet they will be a giggle.
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    Many congrats to you and your hubby. You looked beautiful and the place looked really perfect. I think the 10th August was a good day to pic....it's my H2B's anniversary and they have just celebrated their 42nd one! Your son looks like the cutest little thing! x
  • You look stunning!

    Love that last picture teheeeee image

    You mind me asking where you got the trees from?? H2B and me are giving tags away as part of the favours for people to write us messages and put them on a tree but struggling to find anything as lovely as that!

  • You may think you are no writer but i thoroughly enjoyed reading!

    There werent nearly enough photos though. What a gorgeous family you three make.

    Congratulations. Loved the elegant theme of your wedding.

    Thank you for the advice of taking a few moments after the ceremony... i didnt want it to be the end of the day when we finally got a moment together.

    Beautiful wedding! xx
  • Future MrsVanderSteen - We originally hired crystal trees from one company but 2 days before the wedding they said they didnt have the ones in we selected online so tried to fob us off with some reaaly cheap version she had just put together!! turned out the image online was from an american wedding blog, they had just edited the photo with their branding!

    Crystal tree boutique came to our rescue with last minute phone calls, they were really lovely and everyone commented on them
  • Im running out of things to say so heres some more pics..

    I was really worried that with the horrendous weather we wouldnt get any good photos but I was really pleased with the photographer
  • Thank you petal,

  • The Wedding Breakfast & Speech

    The food was AMAZING! I only wish I could have eaten more of it, unfortunatley my dress restricted that.


    Retro Starter

    Prawn cocktail, Florida salad, bloody mary soup shot, melon boat.

    Main Course

    Mixed Grill

    Lamb cutlet, Pork and apple sausage, Gammon, Beef Fillet with Bubble & squeak Rosti and vine tomatoes


    Rich dark chocolate fondant

    with orange ice cream


    Eton mess,

    Broken meringue, raberries, white chocolate and vanilla ice cream

    We couldnt decide on the puddings at our meal tasting so we alternated them around the table. Quite a few said what a good idea this was as couples shared both or you swap if you prefered.

    I quickly swapped mine with hubby's... just had to have the Eton Mess.

    For our favours we found a new company locally that used to make cakes but have just started to do cookies, and I have to say they were fantastic, the kids made them disappear in seconds, They were really well priced and the ladies were lovely.

  • Well Im not quite sure where to start with hubby's speech.

    As I said before he only wrote it the day before and hadnt practised it out loud.... and you could tell!!!

    There were some lovely bits about me and my son, and he managed to remember to do all the correct thank you's but he just couldnt help himself, he couldnt stay away from 'the mother in-law comments'!!

    We both used to work with my mum many years ago when we first met, and well how can I put it, she would make everyone work hard and well he was lazy. So she would comment on it alot. Im suprised he is still walking after his speech! (secretly I was annoyed that he had done this as she had been so helpful to us and it was quite cringing) I think he needs to watch the video to understand!

    The Best man speech was really lovely and funny without being harsh like hubby's! at least you could tell it was planned rather than blagging it.

    The moment that raised the most laughs was at the end of the best mans speech he asked for someone to go get him a drink..

    my 7 yr old son shouted out 'Go get your own!' like a heckler in a comedy club. Priceless.
  • The moment the rain slowed down throughout the afternoon and evening we would run outside to try and get some good photos.

    In some of these we were still getting quite wet! no wonder my hair started going crazy

  • can i ask was your dress comfortable to wear all day?

    did you pin your train up during the evening or leave to down?

    and i understand if you dont want to answer but did you wear a bra? lol
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