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  • Good News and Bad News

    So within the space of a month we had some bad news, after speaking to the church warden and under the impression everything was fine I gave him another call, he told me to ring the parish office and make an appointment to speak to the vicar and organise hymns ect.

    To many tears later the woman on the other end of the phone had told me theres no way we could marry there as we don't live in the parish, serious panic had set in and our wedding was three months away we were now being told we would need a special liscence to marry, having no idea what we would do if we didnt get it.

    Good news, two weeks later we had permision and a special liscence based on the grounds that my parents married there. My sister had given birth to a little boy and things were looking up.

    We met with the vicar and he was totally crazy but lovely at the same time. We met with our organist a few days later, we knew the hymns we wanted but wasn't sure about the entrance or exit music.

    We met her at the church and bad news again...the church organ was bought by my family with the money they raised at my mums funeral and now the organ did ot work and they had never needed to repair it. So the organist brought along her little keyboard which she would use on the day and yeh, she couldn't play a note, trying not to laugh we agreed we would just have the traditional music going in and out and two hymns to spare our guests poor ears.

    We got in the car in a fit of giggles, so we had a crazy vicar with no front teeth and an organist who couldnt play a thing. Oh well, we decided it fits with our style and would actually be quite funy for our guests and put our day of to a good start, the important thing was that it was our church and we were getting married!

    Oh yeh some more DIY details, I love confetti at weddings and the confetti shot is allways my favourite photograph so I spent months making my own confetti from the flowers in our garden I bought a little basket for them to go in and dan made mini cones from colured card.

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    oooh, how did you make the confetti?? loving the ups and downs xxxxx
  • What a lovely report hun, and beautiful photos x
  • Thank you for all the lovely replies

    Is2blb .... the confetti was really easy, I just got a dinner plate and put a piece of kitchen paper on it (stops the petals from burning), picked the petals of the flowers one at a time and placed them on the tissue paper making sure the petals don't touch or they burn then full power in the microwave for anywere between two and three mins depending on what flowers I used and thats it all dry and done, I kept them all in a big bowl in the airing cupboard, well worth it and cost nothing. xx
  • I would love to make my own confetti as have gorgeous roses in my garden, but my wedding is not untill April. How long would the petals last?

  • Getting the Farm Ready

    So one month before the wedding and the farm is nowere near ready the ground is super bumpy and needs flattening for the marquee, yikes flattening a lawn one moth before the wedding is not what I was expecting.

    Dan spent hours and hours trying to wack it down but nothing would budge so steve who owns the farm dragged it raked it and we were left with a mud garden...great luckily the marquee would take up most of it but it still didn't look great, well fingers crossed the grass will grow in a month.

    Two weeks to go and still no grass, so we worked on getting the room sorted that we were using for the bar and the food and desserts. Now I wish I'd taken a photo of this room because words couldnt describe the state it was in. originall ment as a games room over the years it had been used as a dumping ground and somewere for the dogs to sleep...not somewere to impress wedding guests or serve food.

    Much cleaning and scrubbing until the early hours and finally we had something that at least looked hygienic, but not pretty enough yet. By the sunday everywere was clean Dan and Ronney had gone to pick up a outside bar from our friends pub and some trestle tables. We covered the bar with some fabric to make it look nicer and finally the room was starting to take shape.

    The Monday before the wedding the weather was nice and sunny and my chief bridesamid and I began to put the finishing touches to the room, we hung the bunting and I had made a photo garland from natural twine and pegs and we hung black and white photos of Dan and I with friends and family from when we were born up to now.

    This lookd really great and was something for our guests to look at while they helped themselves to salad and pasta before heading to the BBQ.
  • Carter2be I started mine three months in advance and they were perfect I wouldnt like to say but am guessing as they will be dried out they should last a long time.

    Maybe worth trying it now, if there fom flowers in your garden then they only die anyway so maybe worth a shot, just make sure they are fully crisp but not burnt when you micro them and keep them somewere dry xx
  • Details, Details, Details

    Sorry this is probably getting boring, I will get to the wedding day soon.

    Our bar menu, painted an old frame in a purple gray colour with chalk paint background to write the drinks and prices on.

    Our huge glass jar for the old fashioned lemonade, which went down amazingly. And a few bottles of pink lemonade and some pretty flowery paper cups
  • The trestle tables that we borrowed from the village hall were pretty horrible and we knew we'd need to cover them so we used white paper roll and pinned it al round the edges and Dan made the table runners with hessian fabric, which I knew would be handy for something and finished with a little love heart on the end.

    In the centre of the room we had huge fabric covered table with all our cakes on and our wedding cake in the centre. I spent months in junk shops digging out cake stands and cake plates that only cost a few pounds each.

  • While we were busy doing all of this our families had no idea what it was all going to look like but I was happier it was all starting to take shape.

    Like I said before we were on a budget but there was no way we were going without and that included flowers and tons of them.

    I knew from the start that we would put flowers in jam jars as our centerpieces for the three tables we had in the marquee and the rest in the bar/food room, how could we not use jam jars it was on a farm!

    We collected everyones jars until we had eighty and Dan and I spent an afternoon at the kitchen table decorating them with ribbon, lace and twine.

    My your having flowers?

    Me...yeh why?

    Nan...just didn't think you would

    Me with a big smile on my face thinking she is going to be very suprised on saturday.

    So it was the tuesday before the wedding, the farm was really taking shape and chief bridesmaid Nat and I headed to the supermarkets.

    We bought all kinds of flowers in cream and pink and purple, anything that looked like it would fit we bought it. We had great fun and the people in the shop clearly thought we were bonkers. As it turns out I only spent fourty pounds on all the flowers and they looked fantastic in the jam jars grouped together all over the farm.

  • Absolutely love this, will be checking for more updates tomorrow x
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    Oh i love it all. Love the photos too. lookforward to reading more.xx image
  • Only a Couple of Days to Go

    On the wednesday the marquee people came to put it up, they arrived early and we hadn't got to the farm yet. By the time we got there they had put it more to one side then I wanted but other than that it looked amazing it was so much fun seeing it all take shape.

    Beacuse of the mud around the edges of the marquee were very much seen and did not look good one bit we put down straw and at first I wasn't keen but it got to late evening and I realised it looked very much like a mini festival, exactly what I wanted without even trying.

    So the friday came...yeh thats right friday the 13th! and it was certainley not lucky for us one bit. We woke up to seriously heavy rain and my heart sank....I know what rain can do to a farm and it is not pretty especially given that the mud was only being covered by a thin layer of hay and at this rate we and all our guests would be swimming in it.

    We arrived at the farm really early and to no suprise it looked pretty terrible the garden had started to flood in places and the marquee was leaking water onto our tablecloths.

    We ploughed on getting things sorted but we both had our sad faces on, this wasn't just a bit of summer rain it was cold and heavy and the sky was dark all day. Dan and I stood in the marquee, me crying and Dan almost...seriously contemplating eloping to vegas and ditching the whole stupid idea.

    Looking up at the rain hammering down on the marquee we realised it was too late to do anything, this is how our wedding would be and we would have to live with that and all of our guests saying 'yeh it was nice shame about the weather tho'.

    We both got a ton of text msg's through that lunchtime from people saying the weather wont be as bad tomoro ect, I felt bad but I didn't reply. We were going to need more than optimism for this.

  • I want to see more photos! This wedding is amazing!!!! xoxo
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    This is brilliant! All your details look fabulous and bang on theme, can't wait for more!

    (and am racking my brains to remember what the weather was like on the 14th!!! It's a cliffhanger...)
  • What a beautiful report. I don't often read reports right the way through but yours has me hooked image I LOVE all the effort and details that you have put in, its so nice to see a really stylish and elegant wedding on a budget. It just proves you dont have to spend £22,000 to get a beautiful day!

    Congratulations to you both and I cant wait to read the rest so keep it coming image

  • oooooh this has taken my mind off how ill I feel today for ten minutes but now I've run out!! More!! (& I never normally indulge in these begging/rushing posts! lol)
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    I cant wait to see more pics! (prob should be working though......)
  • You have both done an amazing job of creating a wedding day that is truly unique and representative of your personalities.

    My wedding day was brilliant but if i'm honest we spent a fortune 'conforming'and it really wasn't very reflective of either of us.

    Just goes to show what a little imagination can do!

  • A few more things about our wedding before I go into the actual day.

    We had bought some pretty fabric to make our own DIY photobooth backdrop, I had made moustaches on sticks, funky glasses and retro hats, and chalkboard signs for people to wright msg's on.

    We decided early on that we would have dissposable plates and cutlery and it took months of searching to find them, we ended up with saquare plastic white plates and bowls and the plastic cutlery looked like silverware, and floral paper napkins in the bridesmaids colours....very stylish and not an 80's paper plate in sight.

    As the reception was on the farm we had access to hundreds of hay bales for seating, we had made a mock up of a huge hay bale sofa that looked amazing and we bought tons of cheap cream blankets and I made cushions with flowery and plain fabric.

    Favors were something of a disscusion for us from the very start, we couldn't think of anything that suited us, almonds in a bag wouldn't work and everything else was too expensive. We thought of making jam from the strawberries at the farm but again the price of the jars was too much.

    Light bulb moment...a Dan and Gem Wedding Mix CD!

    Genius, something that might not get shoved in a drawer and something totally us. We bought some recycled card cd cases and set about choosing the songs. These took a while to put together we used twine (again) to make it look like a parcel and I made little tags for the front and then on the back it had the list of songs.

    We made eighty of these for under fifteen pounds, not stopping there we also made our own shortbread love hearts and wrapped them in cellophane with taupe ribbon and a tag to match the cd's.

    Dan and knew that our wedding was a little different and we got it, it was very us but we had made sure everything was thought of including a little basket of toiletries in the bathroom. But the fear was setting in by the last week on wether this was going to go well or not and the heavy rain was not helping.

    On top of us both feeling a little down that the wedding we had worked so hard on might all be spoilt by the weather we were so frikin excited to be getting married in the morning.

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    This is absolutely amazing!

    Your details etc are ace.

    Can't wait to hear about the actual day!
  • The Night Before

    It was five o'clock and we were still at the farm, the heavy rain that had been none stop had pretty much flooded the garden and showed absolutley no signs of stopping, we couldn't put the hay bales outside nor the hay bale sofa, I didn't want to hang anymore bunting up incase the rain and wind destroyed it and our DIY photobooth was a no no, gutted but nothing we could do about it.

    At half five Emma and Tony dan's brother and sister in law turned up with salads, Emma screaming what are you still doing here!

    This was my first and only major breakdown of the week, sobbing my eyes blabbing something about lettuce and beetroot, Em told us we wern't to stay a minute longer and practically shoved me Dan and Chief Nat into our cars.

    So that was it nothing more we could do, just turn up tomoro and hope everythings in it's right place.

    We were running so late by this point, we had booked a meal for all of the wedding party before me and the girls headed of to a B&B. Arriving at home to find our best man had finally made it up from London with the news that his eight month pregnant girlfriend wasn't going to come as she didn't feel well enough.

    In a mad rush Nat and I packed my suitcase...why I had not done it earlier I don't know. My sister rang to see why we weren't at the resteraunt...I snapped at her, but made up for it later with many hugs.

    I wish I had taken a picture of the weather at this moment, it was so ridiculous we actually began laughing about it while running from the car park to the resteraunt, praising the sun gods for better weather tomorrow.

    One huge roast beef dinner later we were all pretty excited and headed to the B&B, Dan and I had our last kiss and said goodnight.

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    You can't just leave it there! MORE MORE MORE!!!!
  • MrsFaulkyMrsFaulky Posts: 6,671
    I absolutely love this report! It is so inspiring and I love all your homemade bits and bobs x x
  • The Morning of the Wedding

    The room at the B&B was lovely, I gave the bridesmaids there gifts and a lovely card saying how much I love them all.

    My sister asked me if I had my something old, borrowed and blue.

    I knew all charlotte balbier dresses had a little blue bow sewn on the inside so that was my blue.

    My old was my ivory vintage clutch bag.

    and my new was my bracelets.

    I didn't have anything borrowed but didn't thik anyhting of it until Nat my chief bridesmaid handed me a little black box that held her mums necklace with a gaurdian angel pendant and diamond. Instantly tears stream down my face. Nat's mum had died of cancer very suddenly two years ago the toughest thing we have had to go through as friends. She was an amzing lady and allways talked of me and dan getting married. This ment so much to me, Nat and I allways said that our mum's would be up there making the sunshine for the day.

    I woke at 7.30am with my sister coming into our room with her hands in the air screaming 'it's your wedding day'!

    She is the most positive person in the world, having two infant children must do that to you. I however took one look at her, grunted and buried my face in the pillow. I didn't want to budge I was so tired from the very hectic two weeks before that even the thought of my own wedding day wasn't enough to wake me.

    I lay there listening to the girls waking up and millie bounds in with my nephews, no way i'm sleeping now. I stumbled into the bathroom only to realise that it had finally stopped raining!

    We wen't down for breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast but I could hardly manage anything I just kept looking out of the window in shock that the skies were bright blue...yesterday could of easily been december but today it was certainly summer.

    The rest of the morning was a huge blur, I met my hairdresser on this forum and it turns out she lived a few streets away from me, she was great after having two trials she was the only person who wasn't trying to make me look like a princess bride.

    As she did my hair I sat watching the girls get ready, Emma turned up with the flowers for us and I gave her a card and a bracelet just like the bridesmaids.

    My Charlotte Balbier Dress

  • We were due to marry at midday and I had planned easily enough time to be ready, I have no idea what went wrong but it flew by. Kelly had finished my hair earlier than I thought so in theory I should of had plenty of time.

    Next thing I know my dad has turned up and is waiting outside with his two friends that were driving us.

    In a crazy blur the girls were pretty much finished and I started my make up. I knew all along I would be doing my own I can't stand anyone touching my eyes so wasn't going to pay someone to just put foundation on me.

    I allways wear estee lauder double wear so I didnt change that, and used benefit for everything else, and ysl everlong mascara. I put this on so quickly it was amazing it was on straight, I spend more time on it just to go to the supermarket!

    The girls having fun trying to zip up Nats dress.

    My beautiful little sister in her £20 bridesmaid dress
  • Up until this point no one but Emma had seen my dress, though they all knew it was tea length, even Dan guessed it was when I came home and told him that i'd found one.

    I wasn't sure what peoples reactions would be but to late to care now it was midday I was supposed to be at the church! Nat got me into my dress in a flash good job it wasn't a corset. I grabbed my bouquet and clutch and left the room to see the B&B lady in the corridor screaming at me....good reaction eh, she was oooo ing and arrhh ing and I remeber her saying 'not a meringue in sight'.

    I walked down the stairs and was so pleased by the reaction from the other girls as they started welling up, obviously I looked ok, even to my sister Millie and she is hard to please and I walked outside to see my Dad waiting by the car.

    The Flowers

    As I have already said I did the flowers at the farm myself and Emma did the flowers for the church but there was no way I was going to attempt to do the Bouquets so we had a proper florist do them for us, she's a lovely lady and we have known her a long time.

    I admit I am actually a bit of a flower snob and love fresh flowers so artificial was never an option.

    I was worried we wouldn't be able to afford to have her do it on our budget but was very suprised at £150 pounds for my bouquet, four bridesmaids bouquets, two wrist corsages, one lady buttonhole and eight mens buttonholes. Absolute bargain and they looked amazing.

    My bouquet tied with hessian and pearl pins

  • Dan's suit was from Topman, he tried on a lot of suits but they all made him look like he was selling gas or broadband until he tried on this one and it looked great really fitted and very sharp. He had said from day one he would wear converse, he lives in them and the wedding day would be no different, excellent idea the more quirky the better plus he matched them perfectly to his tie. My little nephews wore the same shoes as Dan too.

    Dan's buttonhole was from pompandplumage on esty and was lovely as it was something diffrent from all the other guys who had fresh ones plus he could keep it forever.

    Dan's buttonhole

  • Ahh i'm loving this! Photo's are fantastic too!!
  • bahhh more image xx
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