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  • Well done, it is completely beautiful.

    And on a budget - love it!! xx
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  • Thank you for all the lovely replies, I wasn't sure anyone would read it as I know it's not a wedding to everyones taste so thank you to those who are, I will try to finish it today x
  • I'm at work so flicking through rather than reading fully, your wedding is wonderful!! We too had an outdoor (camping) weddign on 14th August... great minds think alike lol! Although I have to say yours is more refined with your indoor space & band etc image x
  • The journey to the church took forever I asked Nat to travel in the car with me and Dad I wasn't nervous about the wedding as such I was just angry that it was so late and knew if I got in a state she would calm me down.

    Throughout the planning the thought of walking into the church and everyone looking at me allways left me cold, but today it wasn't and issue I was excited and just wanted to see Dan.

    As it turns out I was twenty six minutes late ooops, the vicar met me outside and did some breathing excersises with me even though I clearly wasn't nervous, to be honest I think he was just trying to feel me up (i have photo's to prove it), oh well made me laugh so perhaps that was his plan.

    Feeling a little more anxious but still super excited we stood at the doorway ready for the vicar to start walking, I feaked out because the wind had blown my hair and my dad told me I looked perfect and to stop faffing and we bagan to walk.

  • Im sat bored and work, patiently waiting lol xx
  • I turned the corner to walk down the very short aisle and saw dan waiting he turned around to look at me and knew I was grinning like an idiot (and holding my bouquet wrong)but I didn't care, Dan was smiling the same and I ws walking quite quickly but could feel my Dad trying to slow me down then half way down he turns round again...I was worried he didn't like my dress and was willing him to turn around but he didn't.

    we had arranged for the bridesmaids and ushers to sit at the front with us in the choir stalls, I saw Ronney and gave him that 'yeh I'm wearing a dress look' my magnolia dress as he caled it when I was explaing it wasn't white but light ivory.

    Then I got to Dan, he apparently turned back around because he knew he was going to start crying. It felt amzing to be stood there with him knowing all our friends and family were in the same room.

    The vicar told everyone I was late because of the trafic but we

    don't belive that which made everyone laugh. We went to our first hymn which was give me joy in my heart and yeh the crazy keyboard lady hit some duff notes and I could feel everyone laughing.

    Their reaction to the badly played hymn

    A month before the wedding Emma and Polly suggested having a candle lit for my mum and having it on all day in a big lantern, lighting it at the church and then taking it to the reception. I thought it was a lovely idea and the vicar agreed but I said I didn't want anything said about it just nice for me to know it was there. It was next to where we were stood at the top on a big chair and looked lovely but I knew if I thought of it too much I might cry and I was way too busy grinning like an idiot.
  • I nearly forgot our order of services.

    We made these a couple of weeks before just from card printed out at home and twine (again)

    The paragraph we wrote on the first page:

    'To our family and friends, it means the world to us to have you here today sharing in our joy and celebration.

    Thank you all for the support, encouragment, antics, love and laughter that you have contributed to our lives.

    You are our teachers, partners in crime, guides and our favourite people in the world.'

    This apparently had my Nana in floods of tears before we even got to the church.
  • love the order of service, wish i had printed ours with something more personal on the front, good idea and bless your nana xxx
  • Dan's brother then did a really beautiful reading that had everyone in tears, it was at this moment I realised how sunny it was outside the beams of light were illuminating the whole church through the windows and it was amzing to see, especially after the terrential rain the day before, someone was definelty looking down on us today.

    Next we had to kneel for prayers.

    I had said all along that I didn't want to do this I wasn't sure what my dress would do if I knelt down, I was worried about tripping, getting my dress dirty or not being able to get up again but something worse happend....we got back up and I heard a rip, my heel had got caught in the netting underneatch and I stood there like a flamingo on one leg with the heel stuck, Nat acted quickly and got my heel free and by all accounts no one had noticed.

    It was now time for our vows, I wasn't nervous, not even the shoe thing had thrown me, Dan went first then me, I laughed a lot when his ring wouldn't go on.

    The vicar pronounced us husband and wife and we kissed, the noise in the church was so loud, clapping and whistling it was almost defening and we both realised that not only had we been waiting ten years for this day, so had our friends and family. If I could bottle a moment and keep it forever it would of been this one.

  • We sang another hymn and yet again more duff notes and one more step along the world I go sounded nothing like i have ever heard, everyone sang along laughing every few moments, I looked at the bridesmaids who were in fits of laughter and clearly couldn't get the words out but the vicar sang so loudly it made up for it.

    Signing the registar was over in a flash and the bridal party gatherd behind to walk out, dan's parents too and I had asked my Nana to walk with us, I think she forgot because the vicar said 'whos walking with the grooms father' in a booming voice, hence this photo of us all pointing at Nan sat on the front row.

    The music started and we began walking out, dan high fived his big brother as we walked past and it was lovely to see everyone all dressed up and looking as happy as we felt.

  • Outside the church was amzing there was such a buzz in the air everyone chatting and hugging each other, hugging us and screaming your married!

    Our photographer Sassy organised for everyone to stand either side of the path so they could throw the confetti.

    We hadn't arranged for group shots as I didn't want to spend ages at the church going through all different sets with the family and good job because it started spitting with rain...great it's going to be like friday the 13th all over again and as soon as I had time to say tose thoughts in my head the rain stopped and the sun was back, well it is ment to be lucky if it rains on your wedding day so at least we can say we had a few seconds of it.
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    God, I love your report. you 2 look so fab and stylish and LUSH!

    I hope you finish this report before i finish work at 5!
  • Leaving the church our guests heading to the reception five miles away and dan and i stopped for some photos with sassy.

    Ahhh more suprises for the guests waiting at the farm was a huge bouncy castle on the other side of the house so it was seperate from the marquee, bar and seating. it was really for all the kids but I knew everyone would have a go.

    And a vintage ice cream cart, amzing and now even more perfect because the weather was brilliant, our guests could have up to two each and either pick homemade rasspberry meringue or apple pie.

    So knowing that our guests were all happily tucking into ice cream, having a nosey at all our hard work and enjoying the sunshine Dan and I had some lovely photos taken on our own.

  • By this time I had changed from my lace shrug to my little cardigan, I was annoyed that the lace wasn't quite how I wanted it with the sleeves being a bit too long, but it itched like crazy and was starting to give me a rash so quick change in the car and we headed to our next destination for photos.

  • It was lovely to get a bit of time on our own, Sassy made the photographs so much fun and her ideas turned out brilliantly.

    She gave us both these love hearts and some chalk, we had to write our own message on them and not let each other see, and we would find out when we got the photos back.

    'never been this close before' was something we had said a lot in the run up to the wedding, it didn't refer to us being close but the wedding being closer we had tried to plan it once a few years ago but it didn't work out. Everytime something happend, when we booked something or the marquee went up or we had a week to go we'd both say 'never been this close before'. I had no idea we would write the same thing.

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    yay! loooooooove it!
  • Beautiful x
  • So we headed up to the farm, to see exactly what we had hoped for for so long, our vision for our perfect reception was actually a reality.

    Kids on the bouncy castle, people chatting with smiles on there faces, ice cream was goin down very well, people with thier shoes off enjoying the sunshine, relaxed, informal and the farm looked amazing and we both felt very very blessed.

    the ice cream cart was amazing

    Happy smiley friends and family

  • I have no idea what time the food was ready but belive it was bang on schedule, our friend had done an amzing job with the BBQ and everyone seemed to enjoy it, I had managed some pasta but really wasn't hungry.

    We didn't have a seating plan and it was lovely to see people sat everywere on the hay bales which with cushions and fleeces worked out very well. The day was going so smoothly I was actually in shock surely something was going to happen, it's a wedding shouldn't something not turn up, or a family argument but nothing came. We knew we had made the right choice not working with supliers or catering companys.

    Seating area on the veranda, not sure what my Nana's doing, possibly demonstrating her tractor driving skills

    My auntie sat on the hay bale seating.

    Not sure if you can just about see it in this photo but I bought an ornate mirror frame, painted it purple and painted chalk paint on the background.

    On it read

    Dan & Gems Wedding day

    12 noon - ceremony

    1.30pm - ice cream

    3.30pm - BBQ

    5.30pm - Speeches

    7.00pm - live band

    9.30pm until late - disco

    This was when our guests realised we were having a live band and the questions started coming but we kept quite and told them to wait and see, I was so happy we had kept this as a suprise as far as our guests knew we were just having an ipod disco.
  • So the sun was shining and while people were busy tucking into desserts of home made choccy brownies, raspberry brulee cheesecake, pink fondant cupcakes and fresh from the farm strawberries and cream us girlies headed for the bouncy castle, we kicked the kids off who all sat on the grass in amazment watching the silly girls in dresses bouncing around.

    Then the guys got there go, slightly less graceful then us girls at times though

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    loving this its amazing xxx MORE PLEASE!!!!
  • aaaah this all looks lovely, glad it all came together for you, it looks like all the time and effort was worth it xxxx
  • This is such a good report!!! im loving reading it. image xx
  • I adore your photographs and report! You have picked up so many DIY ideas which are similar to mine I feel like I can draw so much inspiration from this it is all gorgeous! I wondered if you'd mind sending me a private message in regard to your photographer? xxx
  • I'm amazed at your beautiful wedding and your tiny budget. Rock n Roll bride's bound to snap you up!
  • I am so impressed with your beautiful, beautiful wedding. Keep it coming! xxx
  • Thank you so much for the most lovley replies to this, I really didn't expect anyone to read it. I loved putting our wedding together and super sad it's over, now finding any exscuse to have some sort of party just so I can organise.

    Lot's of love x
  • Ok - I scan read this last night and looked at the pretty photos, then got into bed and couldn't stop thinking about it so got up this morning, made a cuppa and read it properly again. I've only ever done that with about 3 reports on here... this is all gorgeous. Why don't you try submitting to Rock My Wedding or suchlike?

    This struck a chord with me as my fiance and I are also getting married on our 10th anniversary next year, but on 13th August!!! Really, really hope we don't have this year's weather!!. I loved the bit you put "The vicar pronounced us husband and wife and we kissed, the noise in the church was so loud, clapping and whistling it was almost defening and we both realised that not only had we been waiting ten years for this day, so had our friends and family. If I could bottle a moment and keep it forever it would of been this one." - Beautiful!

    Just wanted to say it is so beautiful again. Made me well up twice and giggle out loud as well. I love all of your ideas, have no idea how you did this all for £3k (bouncy castle, ice cream cart etc - some seriously good haggling skills methinks!). Your photos are beautiful too - what a great photographer. And you look gorgeous and so happy.

  • Vanillabear - thank you so much for your lovely comment, I've only ever read one full report on here and really didn't think anyone would read this so am very humbled that people are.

    There is defenitly something very special about waiting ten years to marry your soulmate, I bet your family and friends cant wait for next year.

    I still have no idea how we did it on our budget and don't think anyone else can either but with some creative thinking we pulled it off.

    Thank you so much again for your lovely comment, I am going to try and finish this today x x x
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