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  • So before I get to the speeches, the band, first dance, and some crazy late night dancing I thought I'd go through the nightmare that was our invites.

    So I am not a fan of bad stationary at all, I do my best to allways buy the nicest cards, girft bags and wrapping paper, not to mention pretty notebooks and folders.

    This wasn't easyand we had two major obstacles...budget and style.

    I read early on in the planning that your invites set the tone for the whole day...yikes does it really or is that just another wedding thing someone made up so the bride to be spends a fortune on mass produced pieces of card.

    Dan and I looked into tons of options but our budget ment it was going to be another DIY joby, so armed with a stack full of white pocketfolds which were an ebay bargain.

    I sketched the bride and groom couple that would go on the front and printed it of to small bits of card which were then stuck onto a polka dot paper wrap around band.

    Inside the pocketfold we had our main invitation to the ceremony and then directions, rsvp card and info which had our website address on it.

    This took forever and was really not easy, I chose the font because I love the typewritter look, but getting the spacing right was difficult luckily dan saved the day, it took a lot of scrap paer and measuring but we got there in the end.

    We spent a couple of days cutting and glueing them all together but it really was worth it and I loved them. We made fifty five all together for under fourty pound so not bad at all and everyone really loved them.

  • As i said before our favors were a dan and gem wedding mix cd.

    I am so glad we did this as we originally hadn't planned for favors at all, our cd's went down amazingly well and a lot of friends and family spent the drive home listening to it their cars.

    As we didn't have a specific seating plan we popped them all in a pretty basket next to our guestbook and homemade shortbread hearts.

    The outer cases are made from recycled card and were from eco-craft. I made the little tags on the computer in the same paper and natural twine for the bow.

  • So back to the big day, it's somewere between bbq and speeches, everyones looks like there having a lovely time and the relaxed informalness of it all seems to really suit all our family and friends.

    We had about an hour to spare between food and speeches so it was nice to catch up with everyone.

    Our guest list had been pretty easy to decide on the church only held eighty five people and we didn't want to invite people to the evening only so we had eighty five for the whole day plus a few extras that got invited along at the last minute.

    Were incredibly lucky that we have a really close bunch of family and firends, pretty much everyone knew each other from some time or another and this made the atmosphere really great for everyone and it was a lovely sight to see.

    I tried again at this point to eat some more food but i just wasn't hungry neither was best man Adam he was so nervous about his looming speech that he couldn't eat either. i have no idea why he was so nervous he's naturally incredibly funny but it must of just been a big pressure for him.

    Some more photos from the afternoon

  • Dans band looking a lot more dressed up then normal

  • This report is amazing!

    Looks like you had a fantastic day!

  • I am absolutley loving this report, congratulations! Your invitations are the best I have seen and remind me of a CD cover for Damien Rice, fantastic image x
  • I want everything in your wedding day!! It was so perfect - i cant believe you created such a fab day on such a teeny budget! - everything, literally everything looked amazing!! image Congratulations to you both - you're clearly PERFECT for each other! image xx
  • Congratulations what an amazing report . I was going to start mine tonight but thin i wil leave it a while image . My hubby and I wanted to marry last year on our ten years anniversary ..we met in 1999 but married this year after 11 years together. Our anniversary is on august 13th we meet friday 13th too but our friends already stole 14th august for thier wedding so we married in July. It is so amazing getting married and I remember thinking ...why did we wait so long ..this is the best feeling in the world ...but then 'good thinsg come to those who wait.

    we wanted outdorr styel wedding but we wdere unlucky ..or maybe lucky with the weather . It rained and I hate that eevryone says how amazing the day was ..shame about the weather. Wish people wouldn't worry about weather but guess does make thinsg easier .

    But anyway well done for having a fab wedding on a budget it can be done and you ve proved it image
  • oh and you 'll look amazing too the whole day does
  • omg i have cried, laughed and been so inspired by your beautiful wedding!

    i would love to feature it on my blog if you would let me - its no rock and roll bride but its a labour of love just like your big day:

  • Simply stunning.

    The photographs, the venue, the style, your dress(Fellow Charlotte B bride)...everything is just exquisite. I've only loved one other wedding and that's the vintage teacup one with the pompoms.

    I love that everything is mismatching, mine started off as such but then I got fed up with the girls and just brought 4 the same and 2 different. Hopefully it will work.

    I want my wedding noooooow just so I can see the end result of Sassy's work!lol

    Ooh where did you get the lemonade jug from pls? Or did someone you know make them...if much will they charge? image
  • Sweets, your wedding looked sensational! x
  • Awww thank you so much for the lovely comments it means a lot and I swear I will finish it today.

    alex_peploe123...thanks hunny, private msg coming your way

    jasminelillia1...thanks for the lovely msg, bet your so excited for your wedding, you won't be dissapointed with sassy she is super duper. I got the lemonade jug from tkmaxx over a year ago but havnt seen one since there so hard to find in this country. x x x
  • Ooooh thankyou.x image
  • Speeches, Speeches, Speeches!

    The speeches were a huge part of our day, I love speeches at weddings and knew that my dad, Dan, Chief Nat and Bestman had worked really hard on them.

    My Dad went first, Dad is pretty good at speaking in public but he did tell me stop crying otherwise he would start.

    He talked about the last time he had been in the church was when he married my mum and that her and nan and grandad would of been very proud today....oh the tears, he talked about the first time he saw Dan and his advice for marrige was when things get tought take it with a pinch of salt, a slice of lemon and a shot of tequila!

  • Dan was up next, he looked nervous but soon settled into it, he thanked my dad and promised to look after me and to allways live up to my dad's high opinion of him which got everyone laughing.

    He thanked Polly and Steve for their generosity in letting us use their home and Tony and Emma for their constant enthusiasm during the planning which really kept us going. And he thanked my nan and grandad and said that he hoped we would have a long and happy marriage like theirs.

    A few months before the wedding we watched the film weding crashers there was a seriously cheesey line in the film that dan thought was great and I told him if he ever used it in his speech I would not be happy.....and yeh he used it.

    What is true love?

    True love is your soul's recognition of its counterpoint in another.

    Now as soon as he said it I knew it was odd, it's not something Dan would say normally and it read like a cheesey line that he could of copied from the internet. There was something in the way he said it that wasn't right but I didn't want to ask in case he got offended.

    But did find out later that it was from the film and apparently quite a few people were in on the joke.

    He ended his speech by thanking me for agreeing to go out with him, for saying yes, and for becoming his wife.

  • In the August the year before the wedding, our plans were in it's very early stages and nothing had been set in stone.

    We were at reading festival for the weekend and early one morning sat around the camp we were chatting to our friends about the wedding...Nat out of nowhere said that she would do a speech, at first i thought she was joking, I never considerd asking her because i thought she would hate the idea but do it anyway because I asked and be worried about it for twelve months but she said she would really like to and got a bit emotional about it.

    I waited and waited for her to change her mind but she never did, when she told people she was doing a chief speech they thought it was odd but she just kept saying, the best man gets to do one so so should the chief!

    Nat's speech was really lovely and I held myself together until near to the end when she said that we have all grown up together and she knew we would all grow old together, we had been through a lot in the last couple of years and that we were her bestest friends.

  • Best man time, Adam is dan's cousin and theres only ten months between them.

    He is naturally the most funny person I know and we all knew his speech would be amazing despite how nervous he said he was about doing it.

    He spoke of how he and dan were like brothers but grew up 180 miles apart so when they did get together as kids they were hell bent on making serious trouble, especially for the family which annoyed them all greatly but what they didn't realise was that thats what made it all the more fun for them and that it they were never allowed to sit together at family meals even now some twenty years on, and to be kept under watch by the family at all times, especially at weddings!

    He said that it was the best mans job to tell lots of of embarassing stories of the groom but he couldn't without incriminating himself.

    He did however mention that he and Dan in their early teens began experimenting with the art of smoking and were extremely experimental with coffee granules tea bags and herbs and copy paper instead of rizlars hence this brilliant reaction from Dan and some of the family.

    Months before the wedding Adam had emailed me and dan seperatly asking the same questions, how we got together, plans for married life and the proposal. I thought he was going to use it to help him with a bit of background infomation but he actually used the answers in his speech, so embarassing if i'd known I wouldn't of said that I love Dan because he's good at DIY and he promised to build me a big house and let me have lots of border collies and i wouldn't of described his proposal in two words...epic fail.

    His speech was extemely hilarious and times very emotional he did a really perfect job and everyone is still talking about it. So glad that is one part of the day we do have on video.
  • A Little bit of 1920's Harlem Swing

    The speeches were over and Dan and I suddenly realised the band had turned up, as I said earlier in the report no one knew about the band and I was still having doubts on wether people would enjoy them or not.

    As the band were setting up their equipment we started our disco playlist in the background, again people seemed to be having a lovely time relaxing in the lovely afternoon sunshine and I remeber thinking this time yesterday I was stood in that marquee in floods of tears ready to give up and today I was stood here with amazing people around us and it couldn't of been a more perfect evening for it.

  • This is such a lovely wedding report. It's not often that I am left hanging on every word but you have a great writing technique. It looks like you had such a lovely day and I wish you both every happiness in your marriage. xx
  • All of guests waited anxiously for the band to start playing although by their outfits I think some had guessed what style they of music they would be playing.

    We had decided that we would have our first dance later on when it was dark and then go straight into our disco playlist.

    I was pretty nervous at this point as to wether people were going to get up and dance but by the time the band started their first song and the dance floor was nicely full.

    They did a super job and we could tell people were really enjoying them either sat relaxing listening or swinging around the dance floor.....amzing the plan had worked and all the worrying we had done seemed pretty silly.

  • The band take a well deserved break for half an our and the evening food has been layed out, our friend who was doing the BBQ made it all look amazing and we had no idea he was going to make it all look pretty I had told him just to shove it all on a plate and hoped no one would care.

    When the band started up again the sun was starting to set and I think quickly everyone realised it would be over soon and everyone got a bit emotional and a little more drunk. Except for me who actually only had two ciders all night.

    The marquee was lit up in every corner and Nat had gone round and lit the hundres of candles everywere. the band started up again and really got everyone dancing round in a big circle while the singer went through the moves, even my Nana was up and I have never seen her dance before.

    It was an amazingly funny ten minutes trying to get the steps right, Dan and Adam were brilliant and had a bit of a dance off with everyone stood watching.

    Proof that the band got everyone on the dance floor

  • The band fnished on a complete high and we knew all the doubting had been for nothing, the most expensive thing for our wedding had been the best money we could have spent.

    We had much debate over the last few months over th first dance, mostly because I didn't want to do one and because we couldn't pick s song.

    We eventually settled on Biffy Clyro's acoustic version of Mountains, Dan and I don't have a 'our song' but we do have a band and that is biffy so it was perfect.

    No fancy dance moves just a bit of shuffeling around and much hugging while our friends stood around the edge all arm in arm with thier lighters in the air singing all the words at the top of thier voices.

    We set our playlist to run for three hours and a specific order mixing old new but as we played some earlier as background music it didn't start at the very begining instead it started on a song called 'all my best friends are metalheads' by less than jake

    This is the band we saw on our first date, perfect skip the michael jackson and lets see the reaction to this. For those might not know it this is an incredibly upbeat ska song and a little anthem between us and our friends.

    As soon as it started our friends hit the dance floor in a way that i can only describe as estatic mayhem, singing every word extremly loudly and dancing like looneys, what better tune to start the disco with.

    And loving my two bridesmaids that sitched the heels for thier converse

    We had all sorts on our list and played some old and some new but everyone stayed on the dance floor all night. I don't think I will ever forget the sight of my dad doing the classic dad dancing to weezer's buddy holly and time warp.

    Our last two songs were a big hit playing time warp which is allways great to dance to and we go together from Grease for a cheesey but very appropriate finsih.

    Love this photo


    What a beautiful beautiful day. You should be so proud of yourselves for doing this on a 3k budget.

    I am in AWE

    This wedding has Rock n Roll bride written ALL OVER IT
  • A few very tiring hours later and now knowing the feeling of dancing like crazies with your best friends a family is possibly the best way to end the day, we said our goodbyes to some very very tearful friends and family and left for the hotel.

    The hotel had been a suprise gift from Tony and Emma and was the really lovely honeymoon suite, much nicer than going home.

    the weather was still lovely so we got some coffees and sat outside until the early hours going through the whole day bit by it, in absolute amazment that all the hard work had been worth it, the weather was pretty much a miricale and we had the most amazing friends and family in the world.

    It has been three weeks now since the big day and things are pretty much back to normal, the farm looks like a farm again, I got stuck into my dissertation finally and Dan is doing the house up ready to sell next year.

    We can truly say we had an amazing wedding that was very 'us' and it worked and on a tiny budget.

    It has been great re-living it all again through writting this report, thank you so much for all the lovely comments.

    I hope all of your wedding days and all your days after are filled with love and way too much laughter.

    x x x x x x x x x x
  • Fantastic report! One of my favourites if not my favourite!

  • oh what a fantastic report, ive been back and forth for the last few days, had me gripped. looks like you had an amazing day. congratulations. image xx
  • Wow, just wow! I never read one of these reports through to the end but i was inspired by your lack of tradition, for want of better words! Your wedding sounds very much like our wedding will be although my dress is going to be Cadbury purple!!

    Good luck with your life together xx
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Love it, such a personally beautiful day!
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