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  • Hi lilgemmzzzie,

    Congratulations to you both on your wedding! I've loved reading your report, I feel like I've just watched a fabulous feel good movie!

    Here's to your happy life. image
  • Wow! The feel of your day is just absolutely amazing, and what great photographs, you must be so pleased - how fab, my favourite real life wedding yet - congratulations. x
  • I have to say that this is one of the most amzing weddings i have saw on this forum & for your budget it makes it so much more so!!

    Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!

    Many congrats & long happy lives together! xx
  • WOW WOW and WOW

    This is a seriously lovely report, everything looked amazing I cant imagine how much hard work you must of put into the whole day.

    You should think about doing it profesionaly you clearly have the vision and the know how.

    Many congrats to you both xx
  • Awww thank you very much sarah, july, bridey and vintage poppy for your very lovely comments x x x x
  • i have just finished reading your report and i can honestly say that you have inspired me, after reading other reports on here and seeing that they all have a massive budget compared to mine i really thought that i couldn't get the wedding i really wanted but after reading your report i know i can, with a bit of will power lol, like you i will be making alot of things myself and to be honest i cant wait,

    thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us all image
  • AMAZING. Loved your report, all the photos look fab

    Congratulations to you both x
  • Wow... amazing. It's all just so gorgeous and I can't believe you did it all on that budget.
  • This has to be my fave wedding report! So well written ! Well done xx
  • Hi,

    I just wanted to say that this is the first wedding report I've sat and read from start to finish. It looks like you had the most perfect day, and it suited you and your husband completely. I love a lot of your ideas, and hope that my wedding is a relaxed and fun as yours!!

  • Reading this had made me so happy, we started out with a tiny budget, smaller than yours, and slowly but surely, it has gone up and up and up to the point where we have already commited ourselves to spending far more than planned and i have been obsessed with candelabras! But you have given me a big reality check and reminded me that you dont need to spend silly money on everything to have an amazing day like yours! So thank you! xxx
  • Fab report had me in tears!! What an amazing wedding xx
  • Aww gosh I cant believe you lovely people are still reading this, I only gander here every now and again and still get lots of msg's in my inbox so thank you very much, it was a long time ago now but we had so much fun x x x
  • Love this, so many amazing ideas and really well written. Going to pinch the cd idea, it's a beautiful way for guests to remember the day imagexxx
  • WOW I love your wedding! So personal and lovely x
  • Oh my word, this is the best wedding report I'd ever read! What an amazing day you had, the pictures are fabulous image thank you so much for writing it all up in a report, it is truly inspirational! xxx
  • Hi

    Just read this and have to say that I think you really captured the true spirit of a wedding. It seems that you had the day that perfectly reflected yourself and your husband. We sometimes get drawn in to overspending or compromising our own wishes to suit what other people think is 'right' but you avoided that and I really admire you. It was also lovely to see how much of the planning your Dan was involved in, so it seems it was for you both. Congratulations and I wish you every happiness in your married life.

    My OH and I will have been together 16 years by the time we marry in October, and I cannot wait, x
  • Aww thanks Bookwormmaureen, it really does make me smile that people are still reading this even tho it was so long ago.

    Yes I can see how couples get drawn into overspending it must be so easy too but it really doesn't need to be that way if you think outside the box so to speak.

    I hope you and your OH have a fantastic wedding 16 years is a heck of a long time to wait, i'm sure it will be amazing for you both x x
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    I've just read this from start to finish your day looked amazing congratulations it's only been 18 months I hope married life is treating you well. I hope you have many happy years together xx
  • Aww thanks Stephb1986, married life is rather fab thank you, and thank you for reading my babble from start to finish x x
  • I love your dress, the whole day is just beautiful image
  • smophlewsmophlew Posts: 295
    Congratulations on your lovely wedding. Love the planning thread lots. You make a gorgeous couple image
  • scotty37scotty37 Posts: 7

    I first read this report when you first posted it and I have to say you totally inspired my wedding. When I read this report I didnt have a clue what I wanted, once I raad this, I booked a lovely old village hall, bought a shed load of hessian and went from there! I will one day get my report on here, but wanted to say thank you! Its been almost a year for me now, so I really should get on with my report!x
  • Just to say I absolutely loved this report . U have made me cry , laugh and totally wish I was a guest at the wedding !! I can honestly say it looks a million times better than the £16000 wedding I recently went to .. U make a stunning couple and I wish u a lifetime of happiness x
  • An absolutley beautiful day, We have the same budget and I hope my day is half as good as yours! We've got for a church and a local masonic hall, they arent fancy or grand but they are perfect for us!

    I am also turning up in a VW camper! We will have been together 5 and half years when we hitch and i've downloaded some of your pictures as inspiration if you dont mind, non of you family or face on views though.
  • Your wedding just goes to show that you dont need to spend alot to have a amazing day, my budget is only £5k and if its half as lovely as your wedding then i'll be happy. I have to say that this is a fave report so far and i had to read every page without moving!!

    Congratultaions xxx
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    Well done! Read it all and goes to show money doesnt mean everything.

    Sounds like you had a great day.
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    I absolutely love your wedding. It comes across as fun and personnel. I bet it's the wedding everyone still talks about. Your pictures are amazing. I'm getting married next year and just hope that We can pull it off as well as what you and your hubby did.
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