29th August- My fantastic day, wedding report with pics

Erm where to start?!

At the beginning of 2008 I was single & pregnant, I'd never have guessed in a couple of years I'd be getting married. A bit of background I had a casual relationship with someone I didn't really like that much & to be honest i was only with him so I wasn't on my own. I got pregnant, complete accident but it made me start acting sensibly & realise that I had to put the needs of me & my child first so I left him.

Fast forward to September 2008 & I am living happily on my own with my 3 month old son. I had some good friends who were also single Mums, we supported each other & socialised together. One night my Mum had offered to look after my son whilst I went over to my friends house with a bottle of wine. When I got there all of my usual 'Mummy' friends were there & another I'd not met before, (we'll call her P) we clicked straight away & got on really well, her son was just a little bit older than mine & she lived close by. After that night P & I would go out together quite often as we were both on maternity leave we kept each other company. We had a mutual friend who would be having a birthday party soon & we talked about what we would wear etc. I must admit the whole day I kept thinking I can't do it, I can't go to this party tonight, it was the first time I had been out since before I got pregnant & the fact that I'd put on lots of weight & developed stretchmarks didn't help my confidence!

Me and P


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    In the end it was P who told me I needed to get out of the house & she would be arrive in half an hour to pick me up, I quickly did the best I could to get ready in half an hour as I knew she wouldn't take no for an answer! I had an amazing time at the party all of my lovely friends were there & I quietly confided in one of them the only way it could have been better was if I met a gorgeous bloke. I proceeded to get very drunk & P & I were belting out karoake. P told me her brother was on his way to the party & she thought I should meet him. She told me he played guitar, had tattoos & liked motorbikes, this was not my type so I didn't hold out much hope. We carried on having a laugh & were soon singing (well screaming lol) along to my favourite song The Killers- Mr Brightside. Just as we are jumping around & being silly to the instrumental part, I spot him a really hot guy looking at me & get a bit embarrassed, I secretly hope it's P's brother & when the song finishes he comes over & it is. P was totally wrong with her description, hes tall & dark & fashionable, definitely my type! Anyway he offers to buy me a drink & we chat all night.

    From then on we are inseparable, he is absolutely fantastic with my son & when I meet his 2 daughters we all get on really well.

    We have a lovely Christmas & for Valentines Day I decide we deserve a break together so I book a weekend in Barcelona, after being assured my Mum would be able to cope with having my son for the weekend.

    Us in Barcelona
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    He is so surprised when he opens his Valentines Day card that we are going to Barcelona he gets a lump in his throat & tells me no-one had ever done anything nice like this for him before. We have an amazing time & he tells me he loves me for the first time.

    When we get back my maternity leave comes to an end & I go back to work. I'm financially better off by going back to work so I decide to look for a bigger house, my son is walking so I decide I'd like a better garden too. I begin looking for a house & he asks me if he can move in with me too as he stays every night & is hardly ever at home anyway. We find a lovely house & move in, the children love playing in the garden. We talk about getting married & I go to look at a venue with P. I booked the venue without looking at any others, I knew it was perfect. It was a running joke for a while that he was tight as he still asked me to marry him & I had no engagement ring, but we had a new house to pay for, children to think about and with planning a wedding our money was being spent elsewhere & we just didn't have time to think about it. Christmas 2009 I was opening all my presents & got to a long thin box, there was a single red rose inside with a gift tag wrapped round it, when I turned the gift tag over it said 'Marry me?' When I looked up he was down on one knee holding out a ring box. I got the most beautiful engagement ring, I couldn't have chosen a better one myself. I was so happy & felt like the luckiest person in the world.

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    Since last christmas everything has been a blur, it went so quickly & before I knew it, it was almost the wedding day! We got married 29th August 2010, Sunday of the Bank Holiday weekend. The night before he stayed at home with the best man & my son. I stayed at my Nan's house with my Mum. I can remember laying in bed, looking at my dress hanging up & thinking wow the day is finally going to be here & I'm going to get to wear you!!! I thought I'd never get to sleep but I did I woke up at 6:45am but it wasn't too early, I had a bath & by the time I was out & dressed my hairdresser was there to get started. The make up lady arrived soon after & then my flowers, I was so pleased with my bouquet I nearly cried, it was beautiful & just how I imagined it. It felt like a bit of a rush & my Mum started telling me it was time to get my dress on because the car had arrived. I went upstairs to get into my dress & my face fell as I looked out of the window just as rain started to fall really suddenly & heavily. I held back tears & tried to remember that I was marrying the man I loved & the weather wasn't important. I got into my dress & put my veil, garter & shoes on, as I walked down the stairs the hairdresser, make up lady & relatives were all telling me how beautiful I looked. My Mum was giving me away so my Grandad held umbrellas over us while we walked to the car & I held my dress up to stop it from getting wet. The whole way there I was getting really nervous & worrying about the rain all I could think was that I chose my venue for the beautiful grounds & that if it rained all day where would we have our pictures taken?! My Mum was trying to calm me down until in no time at all we were there! The moment I stepped out of the car the rain stopped completely as though with perfect timing, I breathed a sigh of relief & hoped that would be it now & the rest of the day would be dry. I ran through things with the registrar & it was time. Naturally I walked down the aisle to The Killers- Mr Brightside (Vitamin string quartet version) the song that was playing the first time we ever set eyes on each other. When it got to saying our vows I realised I hadn't had a drink all morning because there hadn't been time, due to that & nervousness my voice was just a whisper at first! We walked out to Jason Mraz- I'm yours & the words felt right & we just looked at each other with massive smiles on our faces, we did it! Next we took some pictures in the grounds, which were surprisingly dry.
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    It was soon time to sit down for our wedding breakfast which was delicious! Leek & potato soup followed by Roast sirloin of Beef with new potatoes, roast potatoes & a selection of veg or goats cheese filo wrap and roasted pepper stuffed with mushroom risotto for vegetarians. For dessert we had strwberries and cream yum! The speeches were excellent my Mum filled with tears said how proud she was & that she thought I looked really beautiful & everyone toasted us, my new husband charmed & amused our guests & even dared a mother in law joke when she was sat right next to him!

    My Mum

    The Best Man

    he best man's speech was hilarious & contained a video projected onto a huge screen of old photos of my husband, really embarrassing ones from childhood up to the present day ones of us together as a couple and a few funny photo shopped ones, it had everyone in stitches. I attempted to do a little speech just to hand out presents to all the important people who had helped us on but I got as far as 'Thank you everyone for coming, the people who can't be here are in our thoughts' then I completely broke down & couldn't carry on, my husband had to take over. After the meal we set up a few games, toys & a bit of drawing to amuse the kids whilst my new husband and I walked round the grounds with the photographer taking some pictures in some beautiful spots.

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    Our reception was great, the sweetie table was a big hit & loads of people said what a brilliant idea it was but unfortunately I don't have any pics of it. Our first dance was to The Ramones- Baby I love you & although we were quite nervous we enjoyed it when we got going. We had our honeymoon in Egypt & it was a great experience visiting the Pyramids & the Sphinx.
  • aww wot a lovely report and u look great - congrats
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    Love your report, you look beautiful,and i love your dress. Congratulations to you both.xx image
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    Yay image fantastic! Post some more piccies! x
  • aww what a lovely report!!

    congrats hun, you look gorgeous!

    Louise xx
  • What a lovely story. Your day looks great! x
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    Aww! you are beautiful and it all looks stunning x
  • your pics are lovely, where did you get the best mans cravat? that is my colour scheme and we cant find that colour anywhere...

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    All of the mens suits were hired from Formally Yours online, they were absolutely fantastic & swapped things for us twice cuz the sizes weren't quite right. It was the only place I could find that colour of cravat too!
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