Thank you cards

I'm sending my thank you cards out soon but have one guest that I'm unsure of...she's a friend of mine from uni and her and her wife were invited to the whole day. They RSVP'd (late! lol) that they were both coming. On the day I didn't find out until we got to our reception venue that the wife "couldn't make it" meaning I'd paid for a meal, drinks and buffet when I didn't need to (not sure if my friend realised this) - plus had to flap around finding the MC to take her place away. I really want to thank my friend for coming because it was great to have her there and she drove from London to Derby and back again just for us. But should I include the wife? She wasn't there after all and I've never actually met her...

...what do you ladies think?


  • I personally wouldn't include the wife, although was her name on the card that they gave you? (If they gave you one). If it was then I would probably be inclined to thank her. x
  • Good point - yes, it was. Oh thats pants I don't want to thank her!! image
  • I wouldn't want to either, especially after all the stress she put you through. I just wrote our thankyou cards to whoever had their name on the card we received though. x
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