I only went and got married!

Its been 2 weeks since ive been a mrs now and im still adjusting, it really does feel different. i had the best day of my life and wouldnt change a single thing, still tear up thinking about it. hope this pic works! fingers crossed. x


  • oooooo it worked, im very suprised at that!! in that case ill add a better pic of my dress. yay.

  • MrsJKMrsJK Posts: 463
    Lovely, you look great, love love the first pic image
  • wow, you're dress is stunning and i love the first pic of you and you're husband, its gorgeous!!

    Louise xxx
  • Congratulations. Lovely pics. I especially like the first image x
  • Congratulations petal image
  • thank you ladies, im so happy with the professional pics, just waiting to get the negatives back now. will be posting a full report when im finished composing it....its turning out to be a real essay, who knew there would be so much to writ about. hehe.
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