Did anyone wear 'exquisitely precious side tiara' from Glitzy Secrets?

Would love to see a pic of it in your hair so I can better imagine how it would look.



  • i wore the 'heirloom of pearl' side tiara, i know it's not quite the same but thought some pics would help. the one you're looking at is really pretty, might have gone for it myself it had been available then.

  • Ahh you look lovely - the heirloom one is also on my list! I think they are so pretty.
  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    i have this for my wedding! but having my hair up

    i love it x
  • I'm thinking about having this for my wedding with my hair up, has anyone else got this tiara. I'd love to see some pictures with your hair up to give me an idea.
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