Any Belle Epoque, knutsford brides?? Show me your pics!!

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im getting married at the belle Epoque, knutsford this December.... And I'm in the very early stages of planning.....I would love to see an pics of BE brides and the venue.... Please post here!!


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    hiya - I've just seen your request for pics at the belle epoque.... my husband is a cheshire photographer and has worked there before..... his worked is highly regarded. Check out

    Hope you dont think im cheeky for recommending him...I'm a new user on here hoping to get tips for a new venture im planning and stumbled across your post ! Good Luck !!!!!! The Belle Epoque is fab ! You'll have a brill day there !
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    Suet44 is your husband Wayne???? ive booked KLS for my wedding and recommended them on here many times x
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    suet44 - thanks for the tip but i have already booked my photographer....he was recommeded through the BE. Neil Redfern..... kim x
  • Hi Singo

    I think you've seen this thread already but just in case and for any other BE brides, here is the BE link, with photos towards the end image

    Soo pleased you booked Neil we used him for our post wedding shoot, we foolishly didn't hire a professional photographer as family friend & hubby's stepdad offered to do them, so it was a situation where didn't want to say no to offend anyone and regretted it ever since so we got dressed up 4 months later and did a shoot with Neil, he is lovely!! And his photos are Amazing, you'll get some great photos! I put them on the thread above.

    If you have any questions regarding suppliers or anything re the BE, please drop me an email, I'd be happy to answer any questions.

    Here is my wedding report if you want to have a nosey at how our day went and some of photos.

    You'll have an amazing day! image x
  • PS if you go onto Neil's blog and put in Belle Epoque in the search field, it will bring up all the Belle Epoque wedding's he's done there. Lawson Photography have also done weddings there which can be found on their blog, again use the search field, hope that helps xx
  • What an earth is Belle Epoque
  • It's a lovely restaurant in Knutsford, Cheshire.
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    thanks very much for all the info!! it will be a great help x
  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
  • Hi Singo 44!

    I'm also getting married at the Belle Epoque this December (23rd), we only booked it a few weeks ago! Getting there but still a lot to sort out.

    Is yours all sorted now? Do you have any advice? Who you going with for your bouquet?

    Thanks! image
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    aw Loopy! I'm getting married on the 18th! wahoo......... can't believe how quickly it has come round!!!

    do you live in knutsford? i have a thread in 'planning' ......... I'm getting a crystal bouquet made xx
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    image image
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