Our Windmill Wedding Report and pics

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So the story begins ....... I was 16 , He.. Steve was also 16 ....

His eyes glanced across the crowded pub way back in 1974 ...

He saw me and said he fell in love at that moment ......

I was totally unaware of this and carried on oblivious ....

Every day Steve saw me and still thought the same way ...

I was in love with someone else ...

I was so in love i got married at the age of 20 ..

At the age of 24 i became a mother to a beautifull daughter ...

Years and years i tried for another baby even tho i was becoming unhappier

and unhappier , i didnt know if i was unhappy because i couldnt get pregnant

or unhappier with my husband who was becoming alcoholic

Ten years past and i finally became pregnant , was it a dream ? how did this happen ?

i'd had treatment fertility drugs and lots of tests all of which came back unexplainable as to why i couldnt get pregnant

possibly it was due to my alcoholic husband not being able to produce good enough little tadpoles

to give me the little baby i so desperatly wanted

Then just after christmas my period was due always on time never late bang on the dot

It never came ,january came and went and then febuary , by now im feeeling is it my age ?

surely i cant be pregnant ? i was 34

i was pregnant and was absolutly elated !!

i finally had the precious little bump id been waiting for, for so so long .

all my friends had all long had 1st babies and 2nd babies years ago

My 2nd daughter was born in 1992 Exactly ten years apart

Meanwhile Steve is still in the background of my life and i was still totally unaware .....



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    My youngest daughter was fast reaching her 3rd birthday, the eldest almost 13 ..

    i was unhappy but didnt let anyone know , i totally revolved myself in my two daughters lives

    who i loved so so very much , every day became a living nightmare ..

    Day after day i carried on with a happy face outside my front door

    inside my front door and inside my heart i was bleeding with pain and sorrow

    and a feeling like no other , im an only child i had no one to turn to

    i couldnt tell my parents for fear of being told " we told you "

    my friends didnt know the half of it , only what they presumed

    Every year came and went so fast, i lived for the girls birthdays and christmas's

    and easter .

    I worked hard and had always done so since my eldest was 2 years old , i had to we wouldnt of coped otherwise

    and as i was the one who bought family presents and the girls presents, i had to do it.

    Any money that came into the house that was over, was spent on alcohol.

    Meanwhile Steve is bike riding ,parachuting,travelling,and still in the background of my life and i am totally unaware

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    Ooooh more please. image
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    Three wishes .....

    I started a new job in the year 2000 , new job and hopefully a new beginning , i had wished ....MY FIRST WISH

    life carried on except by now it was getting worse and worse and worse , i worked came home done the normal housework ,cooking, motherly things and on a daily basis was hating the man who i married who i had loved so much

    i built a wall he knocked it down i built it again and again he knocked it down .. my love was no more ...

    A new man started working at the same place as me , i was told "he knows you" .. well i dont know him ...

    we had the usual christmas dinners and nope i didnt know him i talked to him and he said he knew me , he recalled all the names i knew way back in 1974 ...the days of Queen .. platform shoes ... and mad hairdoes ...

    and still i had no memory of him ,

    I left my house and went to live with my parents i just couldnt take any more ,taking my youngest with me

    My parents had to know ....

    I was heartbroken .........................................
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    You've got me hooked. More please
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    more please!!!! image
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    yes me too, I'm completely hooked. Please type more!!
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    I love your writing style, looking forward to reading more x
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    Oooh, Mrs R4eva, a windmill! How exciting! Can't wait to read more!! Also, cheeky little question, how do you put those tickers on your profile? I was trying to get one the other day, but couldn't work out how to set it up! xx
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    I concur on the writing styl - like Bridget Jones mashed up with Stewart Lee
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    More please

    p.s. I love the way you write, its so easy to read...
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    more please. As the others said love your style of writing. I'm hooked can't wait til you tell us more.
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    I too love the way you are doing your report. More please. image
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    Our house now called "The House" was valued , viewed and eventually SOLD , it took ten months

    I slept in the same room as my daughter ,at my parents, a box room in a tiny mid terrace house silently sobbing so as not to wake her night after night .

    My parents in the meantime were very sympathtic but at the same time didnt really say much ,

    Gradually, during the ten months THE HOUSE was up for sale i slowly but surely boxed up first my daughters toys

    teddies books and clothes then the most important things in my life and actually as it happens when push comes to shove there really wasnt much that i couldn't live with out ...

    The father of my girls signed the divorce papers with no questions asked ,

    The day i had to shut the front door forever He turned up with three drunken men himself also

    much worse for wear , i couldnt even look at him , he took what he could

    i turned to a neighbour and sobbed like a child

    My days at work were like a blur one day went into the next another week went into another week and another month

    the same ,

    I wished my life would change ... MY SECOND WISH ..

    Meanwhile Steve is still working at the same place living his single life and learning to play the guitar
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    ANGELFEESH , click on my ticker and it will take you to the site for tickers .. copy the code and paste it in your profile box
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    I didn't tell anyone at work , until one day someone mentioned that they had seen MY HOUSE up for sale in the local paper ,

    was i moving ? how exciting ! where was i thinking of going ? you didn't tell us you were moving ..

    I wasnt moving ,i wasn't excited i didnt know where i was going i was a lost soul.

    Then one day when i heard a tune on the radio, the flood gates opened, i cried uncontrollably

    i was alone as i thought, and i cried and cried ,i cried out loud ........ really loud , Then someone

    tapped me , oh my god ..Steve ...

    He stood there and let me cry into his big chest and said nothing ,untill the crys turned to sobs

    and slowly they turned into small pants of breath.

    He pulled a great big mansize hanky from his pocket and gave it to me to wipe my red swollen eyes

    it smelt of summer fresh grass and lavender and the sea all in one ..( cheesy but true )

    Pllleeasee dont tell anyone i said to him .. he promised he wouldn't

    Every day after he checked on me to see how i was and eventually i told him everything

    Of course he knew the father of my girls ...How he wished he was that person all those years ago

    Of course he also knew how unhappy i had been ..How he wished he could have done something about it

    and Of course he didn't know my life and his was about to change....So much ...
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    Steve lived alone in a house with his drum kit and his guitars and motorbike, he told me he had had his motorbike

    in pieces in the kitchen !!! No .... thats not right .. i had visions of greasy floors oily rags nuts and bolts and

    the smell of petrol wafting through the house ...

    He asked me if i would like to go to Brands hatch for a day to watch him riding his bike on a track day

    of course i went i had nothing else planned ...

    i had the time of my life ,the noise, the smell, the atmoshphere, everything was great!

    i went back to my box room feeling like i wanted to explode ,the room didnt feel big enough for me to breathe in

    Back at work Monday morning i couldnt look him in the face .... well i could but with out the biggest grin on mine image
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    He stood there and let me cry into his big chest and said nothing ,untill the crys turned to sobs

    and slowly they turned into small pants of breath.

    He pulled a great big mansize hanky from his pocket and gave it to me to wipe my red swollen eyes

    AMAZING! Actually made me cry
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    Steve waited till we finished work a few weeks later and asked me if i would like to join him for dinner at his house

    He had previously bumped into a lady who apprently was psychic and she had told him to open his heart to some one special and to drop his barriers .... Of course to a man this is all cods wallop !!

    He gave me the directions to his house and the last bit of the directions to his home town was to drive thru the white gates .... to me this sounded like going up to heaven ....

    I drove very scarely along the motorway my heart racing like the bike he rode , approaching the turn off of the motorway i guided myself in the dark along a country lane untill the white gates shone in the dark just like the gates of heaven literally .....

    I didnt expect what next followed , he opened the door and the smell of cooking hit me like the lovely smell you get when you walk in the supermarket only far far better ..

    His house was clean neat and tidy, for a single man i did not expect this for a minute especially after he had told me about his motorbike in pieces on the kitchen floor !

    His cooking was amazing ......... i was sold there and then on the spot ... a man who can cook a three course dinner and no mess no pots and pans every where was i dreaming ??? No this was real !!!

    I WAS IN HEAVEN !!!!
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    ]We secretly dated for some time not telling the people at work , Steve asked me if i would stay for the weekend

    i told my parents i was going to stay at a friends for the weekend , my dad said to me " you behave your self "

    i was 46yrs old for gods sake !!!! ...

    slowly i gradually stayed more and more weekends , Steve emptied one side of his wardrobe for me to leave clothes at his house, then he said i have something for you ........ it was the key to his house he told me i could go anytime i wanted to

    One morning we were both on a late shift and he asked me to go to his house before we went to work ,

    I knocked as i always did but there was no reply ????

    i thought i better use the key then , his car was there so he must be in the garden ,

    i opened the door and he called out to me ..Come up here .....

    He was in bed .. get in he said ...as you are... " HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE YOUR NEW BOYFRIEND ??"

    a lot i said ........

    he waggled two tickets at me ..

    It was to go and see Robbie williams !!!

    Oh my god i hadnt been to a concert since i went to see Queen in 1978
  • Argh- what do you mean there's no more..... please give me more to read. Pretty please?? image

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    More more more!!!!! image Amazing report, brought tears to my eyes. x
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    I can't WAIT to see you both, what a sad but beautiful story so far x
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    yes theres more ... thankyou for your comments so far .. there will be pictures ...image
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    Moving in....... my life in boxes....

    Steve asked me and my daughter to move in with him , he said it wasnt fair to my elderly parents to have the strain of me being there , plus as im a bit scatty and accident prone i dont think my father could take it any more of the breakages and accidents i had there ..

    i blew up the toaster ..

    i tried to help my father fix the yale lock on the front door and managed to end up with a hand full of springs and

    screws and all sorts of metal bits and pieces!!

    the sink leaked ....

    the tap in the kitchen suddenly deceided to drip i said i could fix a washer no problem

    i was the problem..... i flooded the kitchen

    i offered to do the ironing, all the ironing, and blew the fuse in the fuse box , dad has the very old fashioned type , which you need a fuse wire for ,,, we had to go all night with out electric untill i could go the the old fashioned iron mongers to get fuse wire in the morning ....

    Steve said its time to move out , your a liability !!

    i packed my stuff and loaded my KA ..

    I had asked friends to store some of my large items , freezer and a wall unit , the rest went in my car in boxes

    My whole life in cardboard boxes 27 of them one for every year i was marrried as it turned out !!
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    We lived ,breathed, and worked together , how could this work ?

    Steve gave up his big bed for me and my daughter to sleep in , we were together, me and my daughter safe,

    i felt safe , so safe i did wake a few times with a startled fright during my nights there expecting a bang on the door from an enraged drunken animal , but it never came ...

    I had never felt so safe and secure and happy ...

    Steve composed a new song, it was like a lullaby , my daughter recorded it on her phone and we played it every night to go to sleep to ... He called the song Lost ...
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    Oh bless you sweetheart, you and your daughter snuggled up together, safe and happy, being a mum of four myself, it touched my heart, and made me reach for the tissues.

    Cant wait for more.x image
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    your not the only one reaching for the tissues .... i never realised my life was so sad ! .. image ... all change tho soon,image very soon !!!!
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    To cut a very long story short ( thats another whole story )we started house hunting together ...

    i finally found a house which was a reposession which i could afford , i wanted it, i loved it ,

    i done all the ground work paid the solicitors ,My buyer went to america and didnt sign the final papers,

    my new house and dreams went to auction .........i lost it...

    i lost the sale

    Steve being the positive human i have ever known told me not to give up


    we went back to the house a few weeks later and saw a man in there decorating up stairs

    Steve told me to write a letter to the new owner telling him how far we had got with the sale only to lose it to auction

    and was he up for an offer ?we left our phone numbers and crossed our fingers x

    a whole week passed and nothing ...

    i was in the bank my phone rang ...........

    "so you want to buy my house "

    it wasnt his house it was mine ......... he had borrowed it till i could have it .....

    we went the same day and made him an offer .....

    The house is yours .................

    back to solicitors whose typewriter ws hardly cold from all my business with them ..

    we got the keys ..

    AND THE FAT LADY SANG !!!!!!!!!!

    Did she sing ............. boy oh boy did that lady sing !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Coincedence or Destiny ?

    We started decorating, the house was a wreak every room was dark and dingy painted brown and bottle green we did this while still living in steves house back and forth day after day

    we were shattered .

    Steve gave up his rented house and we moved in together

    we let my daughter choose which bedroom she wanted , hers was the only room with out sticky gooey foam back carpet in .. there was a loose floorboard in her room ..

    we lifted it and found a newspaper

    it was only four pages ..one of the headlines read



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    more please.........loving this so far image
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