I was a Princess for a day!!

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I've read quite a few reports in the lead up to my big day and honestly I always skip to the pictures first!! I'll add loads of pictures as I go, let me know how I'm doing and if it's too much info!!

I've dreamt of my wedding ever since I was a little girl, I wanted it all, the whole fairytale, a massive dress, horse and carriage my prince, a perfect day, well that's what I got!!

From the start....

I met Scot the 5th November 2007, I was a trainer and he turned up in one of my courses down in London, let me tell you I didn't like him, he was cocky, a know it all, sat there inn the corner and knew the answer to everything and challenged me on everything, I called my boss on the Monday night and said I hated my group and wanted to come home, I was there a week!! He told me to get a grip and pull myself together!!! Charming, as the week went on it got better Scot was with s guy he worked with previously and they took me under their wing a little, they would wait for me for tea and go to the bar, we ended up sitting in the bar talking about films and music most nights till there was no one left!! I was not attracted to him but we things in common, for me we were just friends and I never saw anything more than that, on the Thursday after heir assessments we all went to the bar and decided to go out, I went to find Scot and Jack and they re nowhere to be found, we went without them, I found out the next day they had both got that drunk they had passed out!!

The next day Scot came up to me and gave me a piece of paper with his number on it and his address, I told him I didn't want his number!! He said that e was movin place of work and could I send any reports to his home address and call him to let me know I've sent them, I said yeh nice one, I don't want your number, he insisted!

On the Saturday I did text him as him and his mate were in such a state friday morning and he was driving home, I wanted to make sure that they got back ok, now at the point he would tell you that I liked him and that was the reason why but at his point I didn't, he was funny and we got on but that was it.

I was going on holiday with a girlfriend to America for 2 weeks the week after and in that week leading up to going I must have spent 100 hours in the phone to him, I did also find out at this point that he had a girlfriend, at 1st I didn't want to speak to him or have anything to do with him, but I just couldn't shake off a feeling I had. Now before anyone has a go at me, I know I was wrong and if anyone did that to me I'd kill them, I know!!!

I went on holiday and sat in the plane and had this overwhelming feeling that I was going to miss speaking to him so much and that I wouldn't feel this if I didn't have feelings for him, I spent the whole flight telling my friend about him and how wonderful he was, her reply was, you've not even seen this guy since your course and you havnt shut up about him!! As soon as I got off the plane I text him and said we had to meet when. I got back! He agreed.

2 weeks and a £400 phone bill later I was back, we spoke all the time and agreed that he would come and see me a few weeks before Xmas for a couple of days, the week before one Sunday I had a voice message on my phone, he said that he felt bad about his girlfriend and that he couldn't come and see me, I was in tears, i understood but was gutted, we spoke and he explained how things were with his girlfriend and asked me to wait for things to come to an end naturally, I said that if he didn't want to come up then I couldn't continue speaking to him all the time, not in a mean way but I know at this point how I felt and that I didn't want anyone else to have him, it would have killed mms speaking to him and not knowing he was mine. He said he understood and through both of our tears we said our goodbyes.


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    A few days passed and I felt like poo, I text him and told him that I would wait, for him to call me as soon as things had ended, I got a message straight back that said, no m coming up, I haven't stopped thinking about you, at that we arrange for him to come up. One thing that he said that I will always remember was that he thought I tasted like strawberries!

    I had not had my house long so it was a right old mess and the night that he drove up my friend had to come round with a bottle of wine to calm my nerves, I had not seen this person since the lyres and I had started hating him, what if after all this I didn't like him??

    I shouldn't have worried though, apparently he nearly turned round half way as he was that nervous

    but he didn't, he got to me and the minute he walked in he kissed me, he also said I tasted of Rose wine!!! So much for strawberries!!

    We spent 3 wonderful days together and did loads for stuff, I knew he was the one for me s when I told him that I needed to pop to my moms for something he didn't get scared off but actually said ok it will be good to meet her!!

    He left and went to pick his mom up from the airport and on the way phoned me on speakerphone so she could speak to me, I have since found out that on that drive back down south he told here he had met he woman he wanted to marry!

    I went out with some friends on Xmas even and he was supposed to be spending Xmas and new year with his GF and their family, I get a call with him in tears as I am leaving the pub and he tells me that he has told her that he didn't want to be with her and finished it!! I did aske him if he knew it was Xmas tomorrow and what crappy timing he had chosen but he said she was ok and agreed that it had come to the end! That evening I told him I loved him, he didn't say it back but even after a few weeks I know that he was he one for me!

    Boxing day he came up and stayed thru the whole new year and met my friends, he even got into the swing of fancy dress for the new years night. On that night, as I was v drunk dancing around the living room trying and failing to sing mr bright side to him he told me he loved me too!

    As we lived miles apart him London and me the midlands we commuted to see each other every

    weekend and through the week when work would allow, my family loved him and I met all of his.
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    Ooh another drunk mr brightside singer image great report so far, looking forward to the next installment!!
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    Ok moving on a bit now.... After 6 months we decided to live together, he moved up here as all my family are he and his is all over the country so he got a transfer and moved, we finished off putting my house together and everything was good, 3 months later we got our little bundle of joy, our dog and he is now our little baby.

    Moving on a few years as not much happened other than general life, we had talked about getting marked and as he was normally a commitment phobe this was a big step, I had always said that I wanted a big grand surprise proposal, but no birthdays, xmas, new year or anniversaries, i didn't make it easy for him!!well it was very much the opposite.

    I booked a trip to Amsterdam for his birthday and as I'm rubbish at keeping things a secret magaed this for about a week and then had to tell him, we went and had a great time, we had looked in the window of millions of jewlers and he knew exactly what ring I wanted, White gold and one princess diamond.

    The one day we hired bikes to ride around, we passed a diamond exhibition and he asked if I wanted to go in and look, it was fascinating how they make them sparkle when cutting them and all the colour and clarity stuff, we then went up to the shop and had a look round and I saw it!!! It wasn't one but 4 smaller ones to look like one but it was perfect, he looked at the price and at half my budget he thought it was too!!! He did ask if I wanted to wait to find one that was just one stone but I explained I wanted one as big as these 4 and at that he asked the woman if he could buy that one!! Lol

    I had to have it re sized and she asked if I wanted to wear it, I didn't so said no, we came out the shop and he asked why I didn't want to wear it, I explained that he hadn't asked yet and his reply was, yeh I have loads, I said yes but not properly when you have a ring!!! ( he just didn't get it) riding along down this little cobbled street about 30 minutes later he rode u to me and said well will you then, I said will I what, he said marry me, now one thing about. Scot is hat he is not shy, at this point I could hardly here him speak he seamed so nervous, I did however say no you need to ski me properly so he stopped and said ok, will yo marry me, I said yes of course and at the traffic lights stopped for a little kiss, we got back to the hotel, he out the ring on my finger and I called my mom, she cryed!!

    At that point I wanted to start wedding planning, I am so impatient and I had got all these ideas I'd had for 27 years now able to be used, he said we had to wait till the new yea ( this was Sept) I knew I wouldn't get through it!! Lol
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    Dont stop!i want more!
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    Type faster hehe more please image x
  • Loving this, can't wait to see some photos! image
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    ok now we have sorted all that out lets post some pictures!!!

    a picture of us that 1st new year...

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    us on one of our 1st holidays and then also our little boy when we 1st bought him home and then a little older...

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    moving on from that September, Scot had never really wanted children but for me all my life it was a no brainer, its all I had ever wanted, he came round, I really had a hang up about having our 1st before I was 30, Scot was already 33, as he had 2 younger sisters he wasnt really bothered about how quick but understood I wanted our 1st by 30. In the November we went to Vegas for a week, we came back and discussed the wedding, we needed to save for a wedding, my father would have loved to have done it the traditional way but that wasnt an option, save ofr a house deposit to move before the wedding as we needed a bigger house before we could have a child and the timescales meant we would need to start trying on honeymoon, it was impossible to do it all the way I wanted it so we decided to get married in Vegas!!

    We did our research, I didnt want a chapple or hotel wedding, as much as I love Vegas and each to their own but I didnt see myself waliking through a casino in my wedding dress!! we booked a lake about 10 miles from the strip, it was perfect, we booked for June 8th, the next thing was to sort a reception venue....

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    I then started looking on this site and I had decided that as a little bit of a control freak I didnt want to wait until we were there to sort flowers suits etc so decided to do this all in the UK, I then found blooming gorgeous, thsi was before all the problems (only just mind), i knew the colour was pink so I ordered my flowers and they came in the Feb 2010 and they were beautiful...

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    I had started looking for my dress in November just before the NEC wedding show, I knew I wanted a big fairytale princess dress as thats what ive always dreamed of, i did however start edging towards the more fitted lace dresses as i thought they looked classy and like the structure, at this point i had put quite a bit of weight on as we had been together and was a size 16, when the lady in the shop said to me... "we only normally stock that dress in a size 8 and 10" i decided not to go down that road and stick with my fairytale dress.

    I loved the very 1st dress I tried on, a benjamin roberts dress, my mom nearly cryed when she saw me in it, at that point every dress I tried on, and believe me there were loads none of them ever came close.

    one day I was on my way to a location at work and passed a shop, i popped in on the off chance and booked an appt, at each appt I had taken different people with me so never really got a consistant idea off people, me and a friend went on the Saturday, I tried on a few dresses and again none of them were as close as the BR one, she then said what about this one......

    I said that I didnt really like it, she said please just try it on for me, I did do, I ealked out and lookedin the mirror and had the feeling, I felt like a princess!! that was my dress sorted then!! Since ordering the dress I looked through all the Justin Alexander ones and knew why I loved it so much, his designs are so femine and floaty, amazing dresses.

    My BR dress

    My JA dress.

    I also got my headdress, I knew I didnt want a tiara but wanted something equally as sparkly and showstopping, also something that would suit a veil... I got the following

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    We wanted to give everyone enough time to save for the wedding so as many people as possible could make it, due to this in the Jan (17 months) before the wedding we sent out our invites, I used pure invitation to order these as it gave me the flexibility to add the little details i wanted to and put them together myself, they were really reasonable and we had alot of comments on them, along with the invites I had poker ships made as a save the date, a keepsake for our guests, it had our name on and the date of our weddingon the back with the vegas sign, they were so cute.

    So we sent them out and we had a mixed reaction, we asked for people to RSVP by end May so as we could sort arrangemnets and get out to Vegas and meet the people face to face who would be arranging our wedding and where to have the reception, we initially thought that we wanted to hire a suite of a hotel after a meal and hold a canape and champagne party there for the rest of the night.

    We had about 40 yes replys and then week on week people would call up and explain reasons why they in the end couldnt make it, both sets of our grandparents couldnt be there and other close family, at the end of May I was having 2nd thoughts about getting married in Vegas, I knew that every other church wedding that I went to I would look back and think, I wish I'd have had this, I knew I would regret it, after turing 28 in the April I had also totally gone of the idea of Kids, I dont think it hit me that I was at the age I was untill 28, I felt that I wasnt ready to give up the nicer things in life for smelly nappies and sick!! lol, at thispoint Scot told me that we could cancel the wedding in Vegas and change to the UK and have the wedding I had always dreamed of...... MY PRINCE.

    I had seen a venue when we were initially looking before we booked vegas, Curradine Barns, it was light, airy, a neutral backdrop for any colour scheme, the next day we booked an appointment to go and see it...

    we got there and it lived up to all of our expectations, it was amazing, exactly what we wanted, we booked it there and then, we had booked Vegas for Wednesday 8th June as we thought people would be there so the day didnt matter, we decided to keep the date the same, it was set 8th June 2011 in the UK

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    I had been looking around for my BM dresses for months and months, when we had booked the Vegas wedding I knew I wanted shorted dresses as it was going to be hot, even though we changed the venue I still wanted the shorter dresses and something that the girls could wear again if they wanted too, I had been looking in all the high street shops everytime I went shopping, with having 4 BMs and 2 flowergirls I couldnt afford Dessy etc even though I love the dresses and some of their styles, my one BM did at one point ask why I didnt just get the dresses from a proper BM shop, they are only around £120 each she said!!!! I would have loved to have spent that much on their dresses but it just wasnt possible!!!

    The search went on.... one afternoon I got a call of the same BM and she said, ive seen them, perfect colour and only £40 each in BHS, i imediatly drove down and she was right, perfect colour, fushia pink, I bought 4 of them with none of them trying them on and hoped for the best, they would have to make them fit!!

    Everyone that knows me would never expect any other colour than pink at the wedding it was just then what colour goes with it, we chose silver, so the search then went on for shoes.... again after a number of shopping trips I found nothing, I wear killer heels all the time but knew the girls would need something that was comfertable, it was impossible. I didnt once take any of them with me, I know that they would all wantsomething different and we wouldnt get anywhere so I sorted them all myself, I coninued my search on E-bay, and Voilla I found the perfect ones and for £18 each!

  • Noooo I need more stunning dress xx
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    the BM shoes are exactly what I am looking for can you tell me the seller's details?

    BTW I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress really gorgeous!
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    Vicshors the seller is


    she is really nice and really helpfull.

    All of my BM's after seeing my flowers asked if they could have artificial ones too as its then something they could keep from the wedding which suited me fine as it was going to greve me paying so much for flowers and them dying, this is why we chose to have feathers as our centerpieces and not flowers, the only real ones we were going to have were the button holes. As Blooming gorgeous had moved on from then and to be honest after all the bad press from other brides even though my flowers were beautiful I didnt want to risk that again so I set about doing them myself. it took me about 7 goes but I got there in the end, I found a local flower lady who also did artificial flowers and she was lovely, she let me go with her to the wearhouse and i bought the flowers and she gave me a few tips.

    At this point I asked my BMs to try on their dresses, my oldest friend tried hers on and said that she didnt want a shorter one as se didnt like her ankles and can she have a longer one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No was the answer to that!! she was in a quandry for a week and then decided she wasnt going to be a BM!!!! GREAT!!

    We origionally wanted cheesecakes as our wedding cakes as its my favourite and we found the cheesekakes on englishcheesecake.com and ordered some to try and they were the most devine!! we then spoke to the venue to ensure that we could do this, we thought about serving them as the desert and saving a bit of money at the same time, the answer we got back was, you can but they wouldnt cut any of the costs, more so they would charge us £2 per head to serve it, as our desert!!! I was not happy about this and kind of tainted it for a little while!

    I was out shopping in out shopping center and came accross my perfect cake...... my total dream!! we got in touch with the lady at weddingcake.org and she was the nicest person we could have hoped to find, we went round and saw some of her cakes but still my heart was set on "the one", i had the same feeling i had when i found my dress, i think i was more excited about the cake!!

    last summer we both decided we needed to loose some weight, a wedding is a great kick up the bum you may need! I had been having dress wobbles for a while, every other week id buy a wedding mag and find myself dreaming of other dresses and thinking mine wasnt what i wanted, i couldnt afford anothe rone so thought im going to have to love it, it was at my moms house and i tried it on, i felt like a bloody whale!! the dress was a size 16, i have quite big boobs and even though i jnew i was goig to loose weight it never comes off there, i was upset though becasure the dress fitted me!! heres a pic from that day at my moms when i knew i needed to loose weight

    in sept i started lighterlife, it was the best thing i have ever done and the easyiest, i have done nearly every diet going and this was a piece of cake!!

    by mid dec i had lost 3.5 stone, Scot did an internet version of the same thing and he lost 4 stone in 8 weeks!!

    In jan though i now had other dress fears, would they be able to take my dress in as much as needed without effecting the style of the dress, i took it to the shop and they were amazed at how much weight id lost but reassured me that it was all going to be ok. i still wasnt 100% about the dress as i couldnt help looking at others and thinking ohhhh i love that one, and that, ohh and that! lol

    We then found someone to get our center pieces from, Carl at buyfeather.co.uk is one of the nicest men you could find, to be honest everyone we have dealt with for our wedding were so nice and friendly we were really lucky. we went in and he sat us down for about a hour and found out what look we wanted, we took our colours in and he said that he could dye the feathers the same as our colours which was great we didnt have to just find one that was similar.

    it was all coming together x
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    then we had the small matter of the suits, i had seen exactly what i wanted for them and found them eventually at debenhams, the jeff banks grey tails were perfect, we saw Jason in the bullring debenhams and he was great, although we had guys in london, swindon and telford that had to go and get measured all in ndiff places he talked us through everything, they didnt have the exact colour we wanted for the cravats so again back to faithful internet and sourced these seperatly so as they would match the BM dresses.

    My nan passed away a few years back and we had been out looking for wedding rings and I couldnt find anything that went with my engagement ring

    as the setting was so big all the wedding rings i liked was just pushing my ring to my knuckle so i didnt find anything. I was talkign to my mom about this and she said why dont you try your nans, i tried it on with my ring and it was as if they were made to fit together, it was perfect, my mom said that it would come to me one day and if i wanted it as my wedding rind then i could, i cryed!! i couldnt think of anything more perfect than having my nans wedding ring as my own as her and my gramps had been married over 60 years!! all i had to do was have the size changed and rodhum plated as it was yellow gold. Scot got a paladium ring from weddingringsdirect.co.uk which were great as they sent you out the ring 1st in silver to try and when you ordered and posted it back they took that cost (about 20 quid)off your order, they were really good and really efficient.

    March came round and it was time for Scot to go off on his Stag do, Poland they went and they all dressed up as follows....

    while he was away this gave me time to put together some suprises for him, i wanted to do an oh so cherished book, but at this point of the cost of the wedding didnt want to pay that much, i got in touch with a lady on here as she had done one and she mailed me some of the things she had put in hers, i found a photo album that was just black card pages with the white tissue inbetween each one and with a silver pen i wrote all my own out and added some pictures of us together throughout.

    i also put together a video montage for him as a suprise on the wedding evening, some funny pictures of him, some of us some of him and his family all with captions across the bottom to a song that i know he loves, i got in touch with Damian our DJ from greenclaws entertainment

    greenclaws.co.uk who again was a brilliant guy so dedecated to what he does and so many options and packages and aked him how we could play it and i left it to him and he sorted it all out from there.
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    Easter came and it was my hen and my birthday, i had wanted to go to Magaluf as thats where Scots mom lives so she could have been involved, some of my friends have kids though so i thought it better to stay in the uk so if anything happens they can get back home quickly! in the end all of the ones with kids dropped out anyway!!!!!

    we went to Bournemouth and we did Burlesque dancing experience and it was a right laugh.. even though half the group left too late and didnt make it in time.. that was about the best bit of the hen weekend, i really didnt want to go a few weeks before as i knew it wasnt going to be great, i just had a feeling, there were 16 of us and 6 had dropped out, it was all very clickky everyone wanted to do something different, on the sat my birthday nobody was bothered really, we went to the beach, there were a few arguments and id had enough of trying to keep 16 people happy when none of them were bothered about making me happy, at this point one of my best friends went and got me a cake and nibbles and wine before we went out, i text everyone to say come to my room for drinks and birthday cake before we go out at 8..... other than my mom and aunty 4 people turned up!!! we wnt downstairs and there they all were at the bar drinking!! at this point i thought "f you" i went out and got bladdered!!! it was exactly what i expected and it was rubbish!!

    i had a birlesque theme the one night and loved the dressing up part, there was just something missing in the atmosphere though in the group.

    my burlesque night outfit

    my cousin was getting married the weekend after so she couldnt come, she did however a few weeks later sort me out a local hen weekend as mine had been so bad and it was a great night!!

    everyone made a real effort

    i had found pictures of exactly how i wanted my hair.. i had to have extensions as my own hair was only shoulder length, i had these sewn in, ni normally use clip in ones for nights out etc and love taking them out at the end of the night!! these were a bloody pain, did the job but at the end i couldnt wait to get them out, it felt like i had nitts constatly as ther were really itchy!! anyway i went to a salon that did wedding hair and make up, i showed her what i wanted she did it and it looked nothing like it!!! she did my make up also and to be honest i do it better for work!! i gave her a 2nd chance and went for another trial, again showed her what i wanted and the concerns last time, again it was nothing like what i wanted!!

    i ended up thinking i would do my own make up, i wnet to estee lauder and got them to do it for me, dior and mac, i felt they all didnt do it as best as i could, i would rather have bought the make up and done it myself and be 100% happy than pay someone a fortune and not be happy on the day, so thats what I did, hair wise i was leaving it late, it was the middle of may and i was goign for another hairtrial elsewhere, this had to be right!! again showed her the picture of hwat i wanted..... nope again!! i didnt know what to do!!

    at this point i found another stle i liked and thought i could do that myslef, i bought a bun ring from boots and set about trying it, i liked it so every night i would go and practice untill with a little hep i knew i could do it, that was that sorted then! everyone did think i was a bit crazy to be doing my own hair and make up on the day and adding the pressure but i didnt want to be worried
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    where i grew up our next door neighbour is a cameraman and a photographer, i knew i wanted hiim to do our pictures from the start, Scot wasnt bthered about having a video but i really wanted one, i knew i would watch it over and over again, i talked him round and he is now so glad i did!!

    the neighbour said that he would prefer to do the video and ge knew a photographer that he worked with to do the pics, great!! all this at mates rates too!! the photographer said that we could have all the pictures and do what we wanted with them, this was great as we didnt know what type of album etc we wanted anyway. the only downside was that before the day of the wedding we hadnt met him, i was slightly concerened but knew that our neighbour wouldnt let just anyone do our pics so had put our faith in him. i did however email him a list of timings and specifc pictures we wanted just so he knew.
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    2 days before the wedding i gave Svot his book i had made him, in the 3 and half years we have been together i have never seen him cry, this was a joke between us and i said if he didnt cry at the wedding i would poke him in the eye to make him!! he sat on the bed and read the book and tears started to roll, i was sooo happy, not that he loved it but that he was crying!!! it only took 3 half years!!!

    The day before the wedding we went to set everyhting up at the barns, it looked lovely, i said my goodbyes to Scot ad went to pick my dres sup, at this point I had fallen in love with my dress again, i only tried it one once when it actually fitted me perfect and that was the week before, i felt like a total princess again!!

    about 25 of us went out for a meal the night before, i felt quite strange as all i wanted to do was be by myself!! if one more peoson was aking me if i was nervous i was going to scream!!

    me and my mom stayed at my grandparents house the night before as we were going from there, since i have been little i have always wanted a horse and carriage for my transport and my grandad had always sid thats what i deserve, he apid for this for me.

    i had about 2 hours sleep then woke up, after that it took me 3 half hours to get back asleep, im someone who cant sleep on xmas eve im so excited so i knew i wouldnt get much sleep!!

    i woke up to my gramps brining me a cup of coffee, Scot had arranged for my mom to leave me a box by my bed, in it was 2 bottles of pink champers, a white dressinggown, strawberries (as he still thought thats what i tasted of) strawberry body wash, carrotts and sugar cubes for the horses and 4 champagne flutes, i loved it. one of my BMs who was helping with my hair came and we started to get ready.

    the other 3 BMs arrived and so did Scots sisters who were our flower girls, we drank champagne and laughed, it was a lovely morning.

    it came time to get into my dress, i was so looking forward to this part ....


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    the rain was on and off so i couldnt get the pictures outside my nans hoose that i wanted so we had to have them inside, as soon as the photographer left the sun came out!!! typical!!

    we all left in a limo to go and pick up the horse and carriage to take me from the reception venue to the church, we got there and some of the girls needed to toilet so they trundled off, i thought.. im ok i dont need it! me and my dad then followed the limo to the church, first it was glorious sunshine and we had the top down, it then started to throw it down so quickly the roof went up!! down to the chruch is a half mile pot holed lane, as we were making our way down the country lanes i said to my dad, i need the loo, he told me id have to hold it.... as we got closer i htough i cant get down the lane, go through the servce have pictures taken and come back down the lane and not wet myself!!! i told him i needed to go, the horse and carriage people were lovely Caroline at fabulous-occasions.com and she said the next house we see we will stop at, finally a house, knock knock, nobody home!!! pants!! along we went and no more houses, we were passing a disused barn and the sun was shining I said I had to go, so me and Caroline trundeled off holding my dress round my knees, behind a wall on the way to my wedding there was me and Caroline trying to hold this bloody big dress up while I squatted for a wee!!! not a great start! I have never felt so relieved in all my life, all the stops on the way though made me 20 minutes late!! better late than never hey!!!

    i got out the carriage and had a nervous feeling rush over me but it stopped after i saw the BMs and the vicar waiting, i had wanted to BMs to walk down the aisle to Cannon in D and then me to here comes the bride, we got me ready and all stood waiting for the doors to open, when they did what did I hear, here comes the bride!!! I was gutted, apparently was we were late he had already played the Cannon in D tune!! I was furious!! the girls walked down and then I spotted Scot and everything just fell away and all I could see was just him, as we were walking down the asile I had to pull my Dad back as he was rushing off totally nervous and focused on the fininsh line!! I got to the bottom of the asile and Scot said "you kept me waiting"!! lovely!

    I thoguh id be a blubbering wreck the whole morinig and through the ceremony, i didnt know how i would actually get through it, i do not know what happned though as i didnt cry once all morning and then giggled like a teenager through the service, my great aunty did a reading for us and at the start said "this is from your nan" well that did set me off, it was beautiful.

    as soon as it had started it felt like it was over, we walked down the asile as man and wife!! we had arraged to have pictures taken at Witley Court next door to the church but as the weather was on and off and i was 20 minutes late that kind of put a hold on that!! because it was raining though we stood on the covered steps at the church and greeted everyone as they came out which looking back now we really liked.

    We had pictures and confetti outside the church, i had made dried rose pettal cones that the flower girls gave out, the only thing i was disappointed in was in the pictures it didnt float like confetti does and we didnt get the same effect, that is the only part I would change.

    We got in the horse and Carriage and went to the reception venue. We initially arranged a sax player to play at the drinks and canepe reception but he cancelledon us 6 weeks before the wedding!! we then had a total change of heart and booked steel drums, they were amazing!! lifterd the drizzle and the whole atmosphere everyone loved them, they were booked through


    we had some pictures taken in the gardens and mingled with the guests, it was brillinat, the sun had come out and i couldnt have been happier.

    We were then called in for dinner, we had chosen, Smoked Markrel to start, Lamb cutlets for main and lemon posset to fininsh with coffee and truffles, as we walked in I saw my cake, it was the most amazing cake I had ever seen, even better than i imagined!

    We ate and then the speeches came which were all brilliant, We had complied a quiz that we had put on everyones table for them to fill in throughout dinner, 10 questions about me and Scot, at the end of the speeches I stood up and did the answers to the quiz, i didnt want to do a speech but wanted to do something!! this got lots of laughs and the winning table got a bottle of champers! it was somthing to get the guests talking who didnt know each other.

    the flowergirls

    my mom and dad

    scot and his best man

    scot, best man and 2 of the 4 ushers

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    My homemade table plan

  • june2011ukjune2011uk Posts: 324
    we had named all of our tables after vegas hotels, we wanted to make sure that we had a little bit of vegas in the wedding, thats one of the reasons we went for the feathers over any flowers or anything else.

    after the speeches my dad asked all the women to go to the court yard, my nan and gramps and scots nan were no longer with us, i had got each woman a silver helium balloon, they were given one each and asked to stand in a group in the middle of the courtyard, i asked everyone after 3 to shout "to those that cant be here" and let go of their balloons so that a piece of the wedding would be closer to them, we also had each set of grandparents wedding pictures dispalyed in frames next to our wedding cake.

    The DKJ had set up and the set was amazing, evening guests started to come and it was time for our 1st dance, i didnt want to do a shuffle I wsnted us to do a proper waltz style, we had looked into having lessons at the start of the year and did nothing about it, 3 weeks to go to the wedding and my gramps used to ballroom dance so we asked hi to teach us a bit and we put a routine togeter, when it came to it though Scot said that he was to nervous and couldnt do it, he said he would do the chourus bits but thats it, ok I siad and its a good job, i had confirmed with the DJ which musix it was and he said he had it, i didnt however check we were working with teh same verison!! my favourite film is father of the bride and I wanted the way you look tonight, the music started and we didn our 1st bit and then started dancing however he didnt start singing, i though ohh poo this isnt our music its an instrumental version!! i started to cry, as Scot was about to stop and tell him to get the right version the singing started, it turned out he had a longer version than ours!!! all was ok and we got through it, i then had asked everyone to stay off the dance floor as i danced to my other favourite films soundtrack breakfast at tiffinys and moon river, i danced with my grandad, dad and brother and then everyone else joined in.

    at 8pm we had the photobooth working, i didnt want the guests to get boredon the evening so we had ordered an old style photobooth from pictureblast.co.uk and it went down a storm, we had double prints and a book which meant that each set that were taken a copy got put in a guest book and the guests wrote messages next to them, the book is brillant and the messages and wigs and props etc very funny.

    I love fireworks and real;y wanted them on the evening, due to teh barns being next to a working farm this wasnt possible, instead I had ordered sparklers and when it went dark everyone was given a sperkler and all went outside, it was really pretty and the kids loved them and kept wanting more.

    Our church

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    The day drew to a close and to be honest as much as i loved my dress i couldnt wait to take it off as my back was killing!!

    looking back now i couldnt have asked for a better day and my months of stressing and the hours of making invites, making table names, seating plans, order of service etc had paid off, everyone said i was a control freak with the wedding and wanted everything perfect, this is why all the ushers had instructions on their jobs and the timeline of what needs to be done at what time but im so glad i did as i trusted them on the day and it all came together perfect.

    thanks for reading and sorrys its been a bit long!!

    the new Mrs Baker

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  • What a great report! I remember seeing yout thread about having our last dress fitting! I said it then & i'll say it again, your dress is beautiful & you looked perfect! My colour is also hot pink image

  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    Wow what a wonderful report! Congrats to you both, you look A-MAZING!!! x
  • june2011ukjune2011uk Posts: 324
    thank you ladies,

    just wanted to update my something old etc

    something old.. my wedding ring

    something new ... my dress

    something borrowed... my underskirt

    something blue.... my pants!!

  • NowMrsWoodNowMrsWood Posts: 438
    What a beautiful report! I said how beautiful you looked in your final fitting pics but wow you look amazing with all your assessories! you have inspired me and I am joining lighter life at the end of October, I get married in June 2012 so hopefully I will be able to lose that 3 stone and look lovely like you! image
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