Hunty's Imperfectly Perfect Day - 11th June 2011 - Hints, Tips and PICS!


Can't believe that I'm sitting here writing my wedding report! So much has happened over the last month with the wedding and then the honeymoon; it's all been like a dream. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up any minute but here I am, starting my report!

We had an amazing day, but there were things that didn't go to plan, things I regret, things I'd change and things that were just perfect. That's why I've come to realise it was 'Imperfectly Perfect' - it wouldn't be us otherwise!

I want to share everything with you, and hopefully give you some useful hints and tips along the way, and if you're in the westcountry I've got the best suppliers a girl could ever wish for!

So, I hope you enjoy reading this, I'll add in photos as much as I can, but my internet is rubbish, so apologies if there aren't as many pics as you'd all like!




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    I have an incredible memory, I can't help it, I remember every little detail about everything, so I remember the exact date, and even the rough time, that I met Aaron. It was 14th April 2005 at 9:50ish.

    It was at a job interview. For Sainsburys! I was in year 11 at school, had turned 16 the previous month and wanted a job for evenings and weekends to earn some extra money. Aaron is a year older than me, and he was looking for some full time work before his career took off a few months later (more of that later on!)

    I remember walking into Sainsburys towards the customer service desk and Aaron was already signing in. He had his back to me, but the first thing I saw was his helmet between his legs (oo err!) He had his eyebrow pierced and was way taller than me. Me being nearly 6ft, that's worth my attention in itself, we were taken out the back and although I, of course, had my mind on the interview, he definitely intrigued me! Sainsburys do -group interviews' so there were 8 of us in total, and I had to introduce myself first. Aaron sat next to me, and when he mentioned that he played rugby since he was 8, I remember thinking -oooo, rugby playerimage'. Anyway, I digress!

    We were set the task of going around the store and picking items to go into a luxury hamper. Then we had to go back to the group to discuss why we picked what we did. Again I was asked first, and I had picked a box of Sainsburys Taste the Difference Truffles. The first thing that Aaron said to me was that we had picked the exact same box. Now every anniversary he buys me a box of the truffles image

    Fast forward a couple of weeks and we both had been offered jobs! I started work on the Deli looking very unattractive in a bright orange fleece with navy blue pull on protective -sleeves' and my hairnet and cap. Aaron remembers that he had no idea who I was, I looked so awful! He had a job working on Food to Go, cooking the hot chickens! Because I worked on Saturdays, at the start it was too busy to train me on the Deli, so they sent me over to Food to Go and hey presto, we started talking!

    We were both pretty shy, Aaron's idea of flirting was to steal my pens and lick them - highly irritating! I had no idea that he -liked me', so just blindly carried on liking him but not saying anything. Colleagues would joke about -when we were going to ask each other out' and we would blush and pretend we had something important to do!

    I was seeing a guy who was, in short, a mess. Hair all over the place, lip piercing... only because I didn't think that I had a chance with Aaron. And then one day I overheard my Dad arguing with my mum and he said -Why is she going out with this tosspot, she could be with that nice boy from Sainsburys!' Well that was it. If my Dad could see it, he had to like me. So I ditched the guy and the next time I saw Aaron I got his number.

    We spent the whole weekend texting. Aaron got quite drunk on the Saturday night and sent me a -wish you were here' text, so I knew he liked me. But he'd handed in his notice at Sainsburys as he was joining the navy in the first week of July. I knew nothing could ever come of it, he didn't want a girlfriend in the forces. So we agreed to meet up on the Monday (13th June) and see where things went. He came over to my mums, we walked to the chippy, got back, ate chips, laughed together and had our first kiss. We agreed to have fun for three weeks, and then call it quits before he set off for HMS Raleigh.
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    Aww, the truffles story is so cute! Can't wait to hear more! xx
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    Oh more please!
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    Three weeks passed in the blink of an eye. We were young and stupid (16 and 17) so there were little tiffs and I was so shy I didn't want to meet his family. He had a -leaving party' before he went into the navy, and I cried because I wanted to go but was too nervous. In the end we had a big row, and he drove over and picked me up. I spent the whole night terrified because his family is so huge and just clung to him most of the night!

    In bed at his mums, Aaron couldn't sleep. I asked him what was wrong. He said that he didn't want to say goodbye and that he loved me. My heart soared. We decided to give things a proper chance. He promised to write to me, and to call me every day.

    The first month was hard. Really hard. He had his phone taken off him so could only write to me. He did try and call the house phone once, but mum was using it so he left a message. I listened to that message a thousand times, and it was then that I realised I loved him too.

    I wish I could say that it got easier. It didn't. It was hard for about 2 years, not with our relationship, but with other people trying to interfere, but there we go!
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    A pic of us when we went on holiday in 2006 - aged 17 and 18! Bless!

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    In 2007, after being together for 2 and a half years, and only seeing each other at weekends, we decided that we wanted to live together. Aaron had a posting to Yeovil in Somerset for two years so it was reasonably permanent. We debated renting, but I always saw renting as a waste of time. So, with a huge amount of support from my family, and a huge amount of trepidation from his family, we bought our first home together in February 2008, aged 18 and 20, getting joint bank accounts and everything! BIG step!

    It was a one bed flat, and I moved counties for my man, not knowing anyone I got a new job in Yeovil and we lived there happily until February this year. We still own the flat, but let it out. Here's a pic of us in 2008.

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    Awwww Hunty! Lovely photos and a pretty sweet story so far. More please!
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    Loving this story! More please! x
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    The Proposal!!!

    So in 2009, after living together for a year and having been together for 4 years, we started talking about marriage. I told Aaron that when he proposed he had to be ready to set a date, as I wanted to get engaged to get married. So many of our friends are just engaged and haven't even thought about a wedding, I didn't want to be one of those couples. We even talked about colours etc before he'd asked me! Anyway. We went on holiday to Tenerife in May 2009, and I seriously thought he was going to ask me then! But he didn't! Here's a pic of us on holiday anyway

    Just after the holiday, we were in town and just happened to pop into Ernest Jones. Originally I thought I wanted an aquamarine ring (march birthstone) in a vintage style, but I saw this one ring that took my breath away, it was so sparkly! It's my avatar on here, but here's a pic of it anyway! I hasten to add that we weren't specifically looking for rings at this point, but Aaron asked me to get my finger measured, and took the details for the ring so that he had it -just in case'.

    On Monday 26th October, Aaron had the day off work. He told me that he was going to see Gary (his best mate) and go to the gym. Gary lives back in his home town so I didn't really think anything of it. In actual fact, Aaron took Gary to Ernest Jones to pick up my ring that he had ordered at the beginning of October.

    I remember going home for lunch, and the buzzer went, I picked it up but no one was there and didn't think anything of it. Later on I was told that it was Aaron, checking if I was home, to see if he could hide the ring! He had to hide it in the spare wheel bit of the boot of the car!

    So that day whilst I merrily worked with no idea what was going on, Gary paid for the deposit on the ring so I wouldn't see it come out of the account, and he rang my mum. He asked her when he could come and see her and my Dad, and my mum, knowing what it was about, said that he should just ring my Dad. Clever Aaron, because my mum then gave my Dad the heads up, and I believe the conversation was something along the lines of -I know why you're ringing, and I'd be honoured if you'd ask my daughter to marry you' so he didn't have to actually ask. It meant a great deal that he asked my Dad.

    So that was the Monday, and that night I was so angry with Aaron! He wasn't returning my calls, I had no idea where he was and I had just been diagnosed with swine flu!
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    What a lovely story. image Look forward to reading more.
  • Loving it, can't wait to read more, and see some more photos!
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    How lovely, am typing with tears in my eyes. More of the story PLEASE!!!!
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    So I was off work from then on. Aaron kept trying to get me out of the flat, asking me to go for walks etc but I just didn't want to go. I felt so rubbish. Finally on Friday I decided to go back to work, I was covering for a colleague and didn't want her to get into work the following week and be really busy. So in I went. I ended up being so busy that I was there until nearly 7pm.

    Anyway. I got home, walked into the flat and there were tealights down the hall, on the floor. I took off my coat etc, thinking that Aaron wanted some nookie, and took so long that Aaron came into the hall - dressed in his suit, with a white shirt and blue silk tie. My head was swimming. The flat has one big living/kitchen room, and he took my hand and led me into the room. Tealights were all around the room, on our kitchen units, coffee table, tv unit...everywhere. Our song - -You had me from hello' by Bon Jovi was playing, and he had bought me my favourite flowers, gerberas.

    I turned to Aaron and said -you're not doing this now?' as I was just in shock, he told me that he'd met the woman he wanted to spend his life with, and I made him happier than he ever thought possible. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I cried and nodded, he cried and put the ring on my finger, which was too big, and we ended up both on our knees hugging each other - much like Monica and Chandler in Friends!

    I would think he'd stolen the idea from that, but he hadn't. About a month before he proposed I had a dream, and that was how he proposed. I told him about it, and he made my dreams come true. It was so lovely, and so -us'. Just the two of us in our home, nothing fancy. I wouldn't change it for the world

    Turns out he'd been waiting there since 5pm, in his suit, with his finger poised on play on the laptop, waiting for me to come home!! Bless him!

    Here's us that Christmas, already growing my hair for the wedding !

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    Loving it, Hunty image!! image

    More! More!!

    Love the chocolate story image CHOCOLATES!
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    There's a bit more of that later :P

    Thank you for everyone's kind comments so far... I haven't even got to the venue yet lol! That's next.. yup.. I'm actually starting with the wedding planning bit!

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    Hahaha yes! CHOCLIT!!!! image
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    The Venue!!

    So the first thing we did was to look at venues. We knew we wanted a date in June, but weren't sure exactly. We got together on June 13th, so were thinking of having it the weekend afterwards. I think I typed -wedding venues in Devon' into google, and up came hitched, with -Lakeside, Roadford Lake' on it.

    It was a function suite on a 734 acre lake, it was a little bit out of the way, as it's near to Launceston in Cornwall, so both our families (mine from Plymouth, Devon, his from near Taunton, Somerset) would have to travel, but from the pictures I loved it. We made an appointment to go and see it with my parents on 14th November 2009. Here's some pics, the outside and also of the inside decked out for a wedding - not my wedding I hasten to add, those pics come later!image

    I walked in, and looked around. We talked about the things that they could do for us etc. I asked questions, I saw photos of weddings. My parents told me that I could have any sized wedding I wanted there. I got in the car... and cried. All I'd done was look at the lake. It was Aaron who said to me -but that's what you want everyone to do - to look at the lake, isn't it?' and I realised he was right. It was my big white box, I could do anything I wanted to it and make it my own. Even though it was out of the way for everyone, you couldn't just pick up a lake and move it!

    To make sure, we went and looked at a couple more venues, Exeter Golf and Country Club being one of them, but it just wasn't us. I looked at a lot online, and a lot had minimum numbers and heavily decorated country homes just weren't for us. So we rang up Lakeside, and we pencilled in for 11th June 2011, two days before our sixth anniversary as a couple. Plus I liked 11.06.11 on paper, and it meant Aaron was more likely to remember it!
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    Loving this report and looking forward to reading more image

    You have good taste in venues image
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    image See? That's why I went for June 13th, also our anniversary, because Jo would remember it like that image

    I love it how we have the same anniversary image
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    Remember I said we had been talking about colours before the proposal? Well, Aaron actually picked the colours! I thought I wanted quite a contemporary wedding, and as gerberas are my favourite flowers I wanted them to be incorporated. For a while I thought of grey as the main colour, with the gerbera colour as an accent, I went through yellow... hot pink... and I just couldn't decide. Aaron refused to wear pink, so I thought of lilac. I hate lilac. It's such a nothing colour, I don't really like pastels! In the end Aaron said, what about purple, like.... dairy milk purple?

    And that was that. Over time the -grey' evolved into silver, but yup - I let my man pick our colour scheme! And for the last two years I've slowly become obsessed with -cadburys/dairy milk purple!'
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    Wedding Plans

    So now that we had a venue and a date, we sat down and talked about the type of wedding that we would like. Neither of us really like to be the centre of attention, especially Aaron who is a really private person. To be honest, I didn't give two hoots who was there and who wasn't, but Aaron didn't really want a big ceremony.

    We had talked in the very very beginning (again, before Aaron had even proposed) about just going away abroad and doing it just the two of us, but my Dad wanted to give me away.

    In the end we settled for the smallest wedding we could - just twenty people! With a big evening do of 120, which ended up being 80ish once everyone had dropped out!

    Because it was such a small wedding, we decided not to have any ushers, Gary was always going to be best man. I immediately wanted my brother's fianc???? to be one of my bridesmaids and then I chose my best friend, Daisy, as the other. Aaron has a three year old niece, who is also his goddaughter. I asked him if he wanted her to be a flower girl, but we decided that as she was the only child at the wedding, she would be special regardless.

    We asked my brother and his sister to do readings, and my brother and his brother to be witnesses.

    The twenty people was literally made up of parents, siblings and their partners, our best friends and Aaron's grandparents.

    None of my grandparents are with us anymore, but his Grandparents had been so wonderful to me, taking us on holiday and just being there for us both, we couldn't possibly get married without them.
  • You soppy mare image image Loving it so far! image xxx
  • Can't wait for some pictures
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    20 people! My kind of wedding!
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    All in good time Clare, I'm building up to it!

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    I'm addicted to this!x
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    please type faster!!! xx image
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    Grandad Peter

    Now seems like a fitting time to mention Aaron's Grandad Peter.

    As I said above, Aaron's Grandparents were both so wonderful to us both, asking us about wedding plans and being excited. Unfortunately in December 2010, Grandad started to have funny turns. He would get a headache and just pass out. He had loads of tests until February of this year, when he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, and given 3-6 months.

    They say that these things are sent to try us, and this really did. Grandad would have good days and bad days, but all the way through, he was determined to come to the wedding. He got admitted into a hospice in April, we thought the worst but they just reviewed his medication and he was sent home. I went to see him whilst he was in there, and I told him that me and Aaron wanted him to be as healthy as he could be, and not to worry himself about being at the wedding if it was risking his health. We both shed quite a few tears, and there are things that were said that I know I probably won't tell anyone, not even Aaron. He did tell me that he wanted to come to the wedding so much, but that he knew his time was coming. He said he wouldn't want us to get any bad news whilst we were on honeymoon, but that it wouldn't be long after that. He kept saying - the wedding and three weeks should do it.

    Still, Grandad was determined to come. His bad days started being really bad, but some days were so good you wouldn't know anything was wrong. It got to the week of the wedding, and he took a turn for the worst. He was admitted to hospital with Pneumonia, and no one thought he would make the wedding. The doctors thought it was a miracle, he got better, and was discharged from hospital on the Thursday before the wedding.

    On the Friday, Aaron's Grandparents travelled down to Devon where they stayed in a little cottage near to the venue. On the Saturday he was in good spirits as he got ready for the wedding (so I'm told).

    Grandad Peter had one of the best days of his life. We were all so proud of him! He smiled all day, he hardly used his wheelchair. He danced with Grandma and had all of Aaron's family in tears. It was a beautiful beautiful day. Everyone has such wonderful memories.

    When we got back from honeymoon on Monday (27th) one of the first things we did was go and see Aaron's Grandparents. Grandad Peter had deteriorated badly whilst we'd been away. The first week he'd been okay, but the second week had been bad and they'd had to up his medication. He was on a lot of morphine and not really with it. He smiled when we talked of the wedding, he said it was a wonderful day, and as we hugged and kissed him goodbye, he told both me and Aaron that he loved us.

    On Tuesday (28th) he was admitted to the hospice once more. They said that if anyone had anything to say, to say it soon, as they didn't think it would be long. We went in and sat with him, he was sleeping, snoring away (bless him) but we knew it would be the last time we saw him. And the waiting game started. Aaron didn't want to see him again, we knew he loved us, and he knew that we loved him.

    It was Grandad Peter's birthday on Thursday, his 60th. Grandma read him his cards, and the bits from the paper. All of his children gathered around him, and he passed away at 7am.

    So at the moment, the world is a horrible cruel place, to take away someone so special. But I can only feel so pleased that we gave him the wedding; that he had such a wonderful day. He literally did not stop smiling. And we got our video through, and he had taken the videographer out, and left a message for us on there, which is very sad, but also very comforting. And I noticed little things on the video, like when I walked down the aisle he looks at me and says -Wow'. I helped Grandad to walk down the path and the steps outside our venue to get the photos done, and that's in the video.

    It makes me so so happy to have had that video done.

    So, because he was a wonderful wonderful man, I wanted to share a few photos of Grandad Peter. It's a bit of a spoiler for you on some aspects of the day but there's so much to tell you that I'm sure none of you will mind!

    First married hugs with Grandad Peter

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    DRESS SPOILER!!! ..and flower spoiler.. and suit spoiler.. LOL!( image )

    Us with Grandma and Grandad

    Grandad in the Evening - that smile never left his face all day

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    I have tears now....RIP grandad Peter x
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