Our Wonderland Wedding

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Hello Fellow Brides!

We got married on 17th June at Kingscote Barn and it was honestly the best day of my life (so far)! Here is my report, hope I don't bore you all as I have a tendancy to waffle!

How We Met

I first saw Duncan when I was walking through the 6th form centre at boarding school in Bath. I remember he was wearing a hat and had all this cute fluffy hair sticking out from underneath it and he smiled at me as I went past but I didn't have a clue who he was! Five months later and I had just finished my AS level exams and was staying at a friends for the weekend. We were going to someone's 18th party in town that night so spent the day drinking in the sunshine and enjoying not having to revise. Several hours and lots of drinking later a few of our friends told us we should join them at some guy's house party, so we went along hoping for some free drinks! This cute boy kept making polite conversation with me but I didn't think much of it and kept making my excuses to go and talk to other people. Apparently my rudeness didn't deter him though as he asked for my number at the end of the night! I had a text from him the very next day and after establishing ???????who's Duncan?!??????? with my friend, I sent a reply. He was having another party the next weekend so I agreed to go along... little did I know that by the end of that night I would be kissing my future husband!

What started out as a bit of fun soon became a very fulfilling, loving relationship. He moved to the New Forest with his family and I was stuck in Bath crying down the phone to him every night. Distance, however, could not keep us apart and we still saw each other almost every weekend. A year later I started University in Reading, and missed as many lectures as I could get away with to be with Duncan! The next year he joined me at Uni and we moved into a house with 4 other friends. It was lovely after spending so much time apart to be able to wake up next to each other every morning, and the next year we were ready to move into a little flat on our own.

Pic of us at 6th form Summer Ball!

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    The Proposal

    I graduated from Uni in July 2009, and we spent the rest of the summer enjoying my freedom going on trips to the zoo, lovely dinners out, drinking with friends etc. I found a job as a vet nurse in the New Forest so we decided to move into the granny flat at Duncan's parents house. We made several trips to Ikea and Next, and after a lot of painting and DIY we had created the perfect little flat for ourselves. A couple of days after we had finished decorating we went on our second trip to Disney World Florida, which is our favourite place in the world as we are both Disney nuts!

    This time we stayed in the gorgeous Polynesian Resort, which was only a short monorail ride from the Magic Kingdom, and had its own beach with views of the castle from across the lagoon. About five days into the trip we went to Animal Kingdom and had a lovely relaxing day looking at all the animals, going on rides and eating yummy Disney treat! Later in the afternoon we hired a little boat and went around the lagoon enjoying the beautiful afternoon sun and surroundings, before going to my favourite restaurant, Jiko, which does amazing African cuisine. After a huge meal of Flatbread and Dips, Swahili Prawn Curry and Tanzanian Chocolate Cheesecake, Duncan told me that -Wishes' (a firework display) was on that night and he thought it would be nice if we went and watched it from the beach. So off we went to find a good spot to watch from. Duncan started being very fussy about where we could sit, as he wanted a quiet spot, and eventually we found a place with perfect views and no one else around. We snuggled into the hammock and started to enjoy the show, which is incredible to say the least! As it was getting near the end, Duncan got out of the hammock and went down on one knee in the sand, then produced a ring box out of his pocket and asked me to marry him. I threw myself on him and started squealing and crying, and the firework finale started throwing huge fireworks across the sky. It was absolutely magical!

    For the rest of the trip we were smiling even more than we normally do at Disney! We wore these -Just Engaged' badges that the staff gave us and everywhere we went we were congratulated, and we were also given numerous free desserts when we went out for dinner! When we got home I bought my first wedding magazine and slowly began planning our wedding...

    Us just after the proposal image

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    Awwww how romantic!!! Can't wait to read more! x x
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    The Venue

    By the time we started looking for a venue we had moved into our own little house in Bristol and brought a furry monster with us - he came into the vets I worked at as his owner didn't want him... But I did!

    Pic of Jasper

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    My search for our venue was the hardest bit of planning the wedding. At first I was certain that I wanted to jet off somewhere sunny and tie the knot on our own, however Duncan's family weren't too keen on this idea. In hindsight I am very glad that we didn't do this as it was lovely being surrounded by our friends and family. So the search for somewhere in England began!

    The first place we looked at was a gorgeous country hotel in Wiltshire called Whatley Manor. I instantly fell in love with the idea of getting married outside in the lovely gardens, and having somewhere for all the guests to stay after the reception. After lots of positive discussion with the wedding planner it all seemed affordable, until he emailed me to say that because we wanted to get married on a Friday we had to pay for exclusive use of the hotel for the whole weekend, an option which was definitely not within our budget!

    Next we looked at Bowood Golf and Country Club, a beautiful house set in acres of countryside, and in the village that I grew up in. Naturally I then fell in love with the idea of getting married in our little village! Whilst the exterior is absolutely beautiful, the inside had a very practical -function room' feel to it. Nonetheless, I decided that this was the place I wanted to get married. Fast forward to a week before putting down the deposit and I went for another look round with my bridesmaids, and proceeded to come home and cry to them about how it didn't feel right and I couldn't get married on a yellow carpet! Once again the search continued.

    One of my bridesmaids, Carrie, was living with me at this time and Googled every wedding venue within the South of England, occasionally showing me what was on her screen only for me to cry again and moan that nothing was right. That is until she started showing me barn venues. I realised that it didn't matter how many country houses I looked at, they just weren't -me' as I needed somewhere that was a blank canvas so that I could put my own details into the wedding that wouldn't get lost amidst oak panelling or yellow carpets! We narrowed the search down to two barns and made appointments to go and see them. By this point Duncan was fed up of trailing round potential venues and so I took Carrie along to the first barn. It was lovely and felt so much more romantic than any of the other places we had looked at, but it wasn't quite right. On to barn number two, and as soon as it came into sight down the long driveway I knew that this was where I wanted to get married. The deposit was paid the same week and I could finally start planning the wedding!

    Kingscote Barn

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    The Dress

    I was quite nervous about trying on dresses as I had images of me looking like a giant cr????me puff and hating everything. However, one afternoon in Bath my mum and I stumbled upon a little wedding dress boutique and thought there couldn't be any harm in going in for a look. The lady there was very nice and suggested I tried on some dresses even though we didn't have an appointment. I chose three dresses and stepped into the changing room of doom...

    The first dress I tried was an Ian Stuart dress and was gorgeous! It took all of about two minutes to realise that I quite liked this wedding dress malarkey and I started to enjoy the experience. I didn't want to take Mr. Stuart off but thought I had better try the others on. The second dress was a Benjamin Roberts that I quickly dismissed, and I can't even remember the third one. Ian Stuart it was then!

    Once at home staring at -my dress' on the internet I panicked that it looked too plain and I hadn't tried on enough dresses. So an appointment was promptly made at a dress shop near my mum's house. I tried on five dresses there and quite liked one of them, so obviously I had to go back to see the Ian Stuart immediately and compare. Back in Bath, decided Ian Stuart was not for me, -but could I try this one on please?' It was the Benjamin Roberts that I had been so quick to dislike the first time around! I tried it on anyway and loved it, but went away to think about it for a while.

    Two months later and my wedding dress obsession wasn't over yet - I simply hadn't tried on enough dresses! So I booked an appointment at the larger branch of the Bath shop, chose three dresses to try, all completely different from anything I had liked before. Hated the first two, eagerly wriggled into the third dress fully expecting to have it off in a minute and get back to Bath to order Benjamin, came out of the changing room and fell in love! The dress was completely plain whereas I thought I wanted lots of detail and sparkle, but the unusual cut of the neckline was stunning. It was also a silk dress, which felt amazingly light and moved beautifully when I walked round in it. However it had been so long since I had seen the other dress that I wanted to be 100% sure, so missioned it over to Bath, tried on Benjamin again and felt so frumpy and stiff in it compared to the one I had just tried that I knew Ellis 11188 was the one for me!
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    The Beauty Regime

    I knew that this was where I needed to put in some time, effort and money as I wanted to look as good as possible on the big day as photos last a lifetime and I didn't want to look back and wish I had done more! First thing to start investing in was my hair. I frequently change my hair from blonde to brunette and long to short, so I needed to pick a colour and length and stick to it! As we had set our date for June I decided to go blonde and grow my hair so that I would have more options for styling. I found myself a lovely hairdresser called Jessie, who was based in Bath, where I would be staying the night before the wedding. Over a couple of sessions she lightened my hair until I was the loveliest, creamiest blonde I've ever been, and my hair was no longer like straw from trying to achieve this look myself with home dye kits! I decided that I would have a hair trial with Jessiy and come into Bath to get my hair done on the morning of the wedding. The first style she did was lovely but felt very bridal and didn't match the relaxed feel of the day, so I asked for something a bit less -done' and she came up with a simple but elegant French pleat, which looked perfect when topped off with my gorgeous Halo and Co. hairband.

    Hair sorted, now I had to decide on make up. I don't really enjoy having my face prodded by other people and was concerned about looking fabulous in photos but arriving at the end of the aisle to meet my hubby to be and looking like a drag queen! I went for a make up lesson at Bobbi Brown thinking they would be good at the natural wedding look I was after... One hour in the chair and I looked like I had just got out of bed but with amazing skin! I realised that maybe I didn't want such a natural look after all! I wasn't very impressed with the products either, the little make up that I did have on had worn off after an hour or so.

    Attempt number two was at M.A.C. and was much more successful. I explained my last trial and the make up artist came up with beautiful skin, a smoky eye and pillowy lips. The look was perfect and I left with several products, only to return a week later after breaking into my wedding savings jar to buy the rest of the products she had used on me. On the day I did both mine and my mum's make up, and despite the rain and the tears our make up was still intact by the end of the evening! I definately recommend getting both the M.A.C. prep and prime and the eye primer, as this really helped my eyeshadow to stay put. I also used bad gal waterproof mascara by Benefit which didn't budge at all!

    I think it is also time to introduce you to our other baby image We got Willow in Feb and love her to bits!

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    The Minor Details

    Firstly I needed to decide on a theme. I know you don't necessarily need a theme but I loved reading the -real weddings' section in the hundreds of wedding magazines I had bought and always thought that the weddings with a theme were more memorable as everything tied in together and it seemed like so much effort had gone into even the minor details, making them really stand out from other weddings. I went through Midsummer Night's Dream, country animals, birds, butterflies and country fete, but all these themes seemed a bit forced, and Duncan thought I was going loopy! We sat down and I explained why I wanted a theme and he said he could understand but why didn't I choose something personal to us, like a Disney theme? Whilst I loved that idea as we are both obsessed with all things Disney related, I thought it could very easily turn a bit cheesy for my liking. Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favourite stories and I loved the original Disney film, and it fit in with the whimsical, colourful feel that I had started creating. As a bonus, Duncan loved the idea!

    With that decided, all the decorative details started to come together. The table names became various Alice in Wonderland characters, and my stepmum made each guest a wine glass charm with their table's character on it. Our colour scheme was based on the gorgeous fuschia bridesmaids dresses, and I had already started to make my own bunting using different pink and polka dot patterned fabrics, so obviously everything from then on had to be fuschia, pale pink or polka dotty! I used some of the bunting fabric to cover a canvas board for our table plan, the flowers were to be fuschia peonies interspersed with ivory flowers, the cake was covered in ivory icing with - you guessed it - pale pink polka dots!

    Our table plan

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    Alice in Wonderland treasure hunt for the kids!

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    25 metres of handsewn bunting image

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    I also spent a ridiculous amount of time visiting quaint little towns around Wiltshire trawling through individual boutiques for decorative items. I'm sure most of the things I bought could be found on the internet but I hate ending up with something that looks completely different to the picture after you have paid extortionate shipping fees, plus all that shopping meant I got to try out lots of lovely cake at the local coffee shops! And speaking of cake, I had chosen my cake maker very early on when I sampled her vanilla sponge soaked in raspberry syrup with dark chocolate ganache at the Kingscote Barn wedding fayre. I decided to have three different flavoured layers - the one we sampled, a chocolate fudge cake with cherry brandy and white chocolate fudge filling, and a lemon cake with amaretto syrup and lemon curd. Everyone gobbled the cake up which I was really pleased about as I had been worried that it would go to waste! Luckily my caterer saved us a bit of each layer, and I can honestly say it was the yummiest cake I have ever tasted - and I am quite the cake connoisseur!

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    Whilst I am quite creative I felt I was not brave enough to tackle 70 invites so I ordered them from Mandalay and they were fantastic! I wanted to do the rest of the stationary myself so set off to hobbycraft to stock up on various bits and pieces. I handwrote everyones name place cards onto small brown luggage tags which I tied round the napkins with pink raffia ribbon, wrote names for the reserved ceremony chairs, printed off menus for each table which I put into silver bird photo holders, and made table names which were put into taller holders.

    Ceremony chairs

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    Table set up

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    On my many wedding shopping trips I was constantly on the lookout for a pretty (preferably pink) wedding guest book, but couldn't find one anywhere, not even in my beloved Paperchase! Then on my final meeting with my amazing florist I asked if she could do a wishing tree for me. I typed out a sign to explain to people what it was for, and Sara arranged twigs in my pink polka dot jug and tied pretty butterflies to them. I bought some large cream luggage tags and put these in a big bowl with a couple of pink pens next to the tree. I was quite worried that people would think it was wierd and wouldn't leave us a wish, but everyone loved it and at the end of the night the tree looked lovely with all the tags hanging from it! I have put all the wishes in an album and it was so funny reading them - several people had left us a few as they were so drunk they had forgotten they had already done one, someone wrote one from Cat and Willow, and my Stepdad put 'To G & G' instead of D & G!!!

    Wishing Tree

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    I know almost everyone has one of these at their wedding, but I just had to have a sweetie bar! I was constantly on the lookout for jars and collected about 12 in the end. Having taken my inspiration from Martha Stewart I wanted it to look very organised with different heights, colour coordinated sweets, and gorgeous labels. I had found a website that did labels that would have been perfect but sadly she was on maternity leave, so I set about the mammoth task of making them myself. Whilst I am creative I am TERRIBLE at using publisher on the comp, and I'm an absolute perfectionist, so every tiny box I made had to be exactly the same size, and then when the word 'Marshmallows' failed to fit in said box I had to make them all bigger as if I made fonts smaller you couldn't see the elaborate swirls properly! It took me a good three days to do ten labels! And then my printer wouldn't accept card... Oh gosh the problems I had, but I think it was worth it in the end image

    Sweetie table set up in the bar area

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    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    And finally... Whenever I go to a wedding I always want to wear heels, however by the time the meal is over I am desperate to put some flat shoes on but don't want to walk around barefoot! I found these flip flops in Tesco the week before the wedding and they were such a good match with the colour scheme that I had to have them! I bought ten pairs for £20, tied a ribbon around each pair with the size written on a luggage tag and put them in Willow's toy basket. My bridesmaid had some on as soon as the ceremony was over and only one pair was left at the end of the night!

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    awww we got engaged during wishes too!

    loving the alice in wonderland game!
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    Thanks Hannikins! It was nothing compared to your homemade colouring book and I-spy with the cameras though! Where were you watching Wishes from? Loving your report, more please! x
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    Loving it! More please!
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    lovely! i love the treasure hunt...and the flip flops! fab! x
  • aww this is really lovely, cant wait to read more
  • All looks so beautiful ! image Massive congratulations x
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    We were on the Cali grill viewing deck at the top of the contemporary image
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    More please image
  • Congrats,

    We got engaged in Disneyworld too!! H2B booked table inside Cinderella's Castle with the whole sha-bang! then we went outside to watch the fireworks. Love it Best day of my life.

    I am a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan, my whole life, can't wait to see and read some more image
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    Ooooh, so pretty. Pretty, pretty things. image
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    What a beautiful wedding, you styled it so lovely. Can you be my wedding planner please?!!

    I absolutely love your wishing tree, really want one like that now.
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    Thank you all for your kind words!

    Hannikins - we went to Contemporary a few nights later and watched Wishes with champagne and it set me off crying again!

    Clare_Jeffery - can't believe you have been inside the castle, I'm so jealous! Have you been to Disneyland California? They have got a whole Alice in Wonderland ride image

    Cajo1981 - I am actually a wedding planner at work and looking to become independant of a wedding venue so I can give the full service so I could indeed be your wedding planner image

    Finish work at 12 ladies so expect more by tonight! xxx
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    Hen Party

    My hen party was amazing! I will start by introducing you to my lovely bridesmaids. I had already asked my good friend Hannah to be chief bridesmaid, she got married a couple of years ago and was the voice of reason during many of my wedding ramblings! Just after Duncan and I got engaged I went to visit my friend Baz, who I went to boarding school with when I was 12 and is like a sister to me. I went armed with wine and a wedding magazine, planning to ask her later whilst blabbing on about wedding details that she probably didn't care about, however after half an hour of seeing her I was just too excited and told her I had something to tell her. She immediately presumed I was pregnant and got all excited, then when I said -no I'm not pregnant but I would love it if you would be my bridesmaid' she burst into tears!

    I had planned on only having two bridesmaids but then my other friend from boarding school, Carrie, came to live with us over the summer holidays as she was a teacher and was moving to another school. I loved living with her, it was like being at school all over again eating ice cream and drinking wine almost every night! One weekend she went to visit her friend and I had this overwhelming feeling that I just had to ask her. I waited all of five minutes after she had got back and asked her to be bridesmaid and, although she is quite loud, I have never heard such a big yelp come from her mouth!

    I left it to the girls to plan the hen do as they wanted to surprise me and they know me so well that I knew they would do an amazing job... and it didn't disappoint! On the last weekend in May, 3 weeks before the wedding, the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter turned up at my front door and read from a scroll: -Georgi Bedford soon to be Knipe...' I was in fits of giggles as Baz looked so funny dressed up as the Mad Hatter with her drawn on eyebrows, and Willow was going crazy barking at the strange people at our door! They handed me an Alice in Wonderland dress and bundled me into the car, then took me to the golf club that Duncan's dad owns, which is a big country house and is quite posh, so you can imagine the looks we got from the golfers! We went inside and Carrie had organised a huge tea party and all my friends had come also dressed as Alice in Wonderland characters! There was the White Rabbit, March Hare, Dormouse, Dodo, Caterpillar, King of Hearts and a flower! After lots of nibbles and several teapots of cocktails, we all piled into a minibus and drove to Bristol, where we stopped outside a posh hotel. Carrie told us all to meet upstairs in half an hour, where I discovered we were having a cocktail making lesson! It was so fun, we learnt to make three cocktails and then had to make our own Cosmopolitan (I have made several since that night so I did actually learn something!), then split into teams to make our own concoction. My team made a cherry and peach cocktail and it won!

    Baz as the Mad Hatter!

    174744031634e1c2041e5bf463d641955a7c50154f0ad57f8daa992b38c87478536268b1 by georgipheen, on Flickr

    9697934667bcd91c9c7a6ac2bc891756d5be5b837b8dcddc2ee5172df20d2b44d56bf5ba by georgipheen, on Flickr

    After cocktail making we stumbled to a Tapas bar, then onto several bars for more drinking. My lovely bridesmaids know that I am a bit of a granny and whilst I like a drink, I like to have one somewhere that I can hold a conversation and am not into the whole clubbing scene! So we duly avoided noisy clubs and instead had lovely drunken chats and played some drinking games until the bars closed. It was a perfect night for me as whilst I was definitely rather merry, I didn't end up with my head in the toilet! When we got back at 3am Baz decided that we had to go for a drunken swim in the pool (everyone else had gone to bed by now) so we snuck around the hotel trying to find the pool but to no avail. Eventually she just asked the guard where it was and he pointed us in the right direction, apparently he didn't object to two drunken girls going for a swim! The next morning we had a huge yummy breakfast and then went back to mine for a bit, before everyone left saying -See you in three weeks!' I think that's when it finally sunk in that I was getting married very soon!

    Me and Carrie looking a bit tipsy!

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    We were very lucky as early on my lovely Daddy had said he wanted to pay for most of the wedding. He set us a rough budget and I was able to include all of the necessary wedding costs in this budget. My Mum also wanted to contribute and so paid for my dress, veil, hairband, shoes, bridesmaid dresses and a string quartet for the drinks reception. I paid for everything that I deemed -unneccessary', which was pretty much everything pink or polka dotty! Duncan's parents wanted to pay for our honeymoon as our wedding gift, so overall we spent very little of our own money on the wedding. As a result, I wanted to get all our parents a lovely gift, but they all insisted that they would rather we saved our money! I did give them all token gifts and a lovely photo frame with three wedding pictures in each when we got back from honeymoon though, as I wanted to at least give them something small.

    Two days before the wedding I treated my gorgeous Mum to a day at Bath Spa. We got there in the early afternoon and had a delicious cream tea with champagne, then went to use the pool and all the fun spa rooms. They also have a heated outdoor pool with loungers sunk into the water and it was a gorgeous sunny day so we sat outside for quite a while trying to get tanned and talking about the upcoming nuptials! I had arranged for us both to have a detox wrap to get our skin glowing and to hopefully lose a few inches, and I am so glad I chose this treatment as it was absolutely lovely and my skin felt amazing afterwards. I get quite bad eczema on my arms and was worried about it flaring up after the treatment, but it actually made it better!

    For the bridesmaids I did them all a little box with loads of small pressies that were personal to them wrapped up with a note on each explaining why I had got it for them. I gave them these the night before the wedding; they seemed really touched and I don't think they expected anything! I also asked my stepmum to make them each bracelet, they were really dainty with tiny heart charms and pink glass beads on them so they matched their dresses. They all wore them on the day so think they liked them. Then it was my turn to get presents! Carrie and Baz gave me a pink box with some sexy lingerie and a garter in it and told me I had to wear it on the wedding night!

    For my hubby to be I wanted to do something special, so I bought a plain scrapbook from good old paperchase and over several months filled it with old emails, love letters, texts we had sent when we were 17, cards and silly drawings we had done for each other. I also got Carrie to take some pics of me in my underwear and put those in there! I left it in his room the night before the wedding but think he was a bit drunk to know what was going on, he did appreciate it the next day though!

    The only children we had at the wedding were my little brother who is 12 and Duncan's cousin who is 8. I didn't want them to get bored so bought them each a brown paper gift bag and filled it with goodies. They each had a wedding activity book, pencils and sweets, and some other things appropriate for their ages. I also put the first clue of the Alice in Wonderland treasure hunt in one of the bags with instructions to start after dinner. The treasure hunt alone kept them busy for a good hour and they loved all their presents.
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    I took the week before the wedding to try to get organised, but still ended up getting up at 7am on Thursday to finish sewing bunting! I had packed up the car the night before so I could set off early to the barn, and had a major panic when I went outside to leave and saw that the passenger door was wide open... turned out all my organisation wasn't good enough to help me remember to shut my car door and lock it so thank god it didn't rain during the night!

    I headed off to the barn where my Mum was busy putting all the bridesmaid dresses etc upstairs in the rooms we would be getting ready in and my stepdad, JJ, was waiting with his bucket of DIY bits and bobs. My Mum toddled off to get my dress pressed and to pick up her hat, and then Baz arrived to help us set up the barn. We had lots of fun setting up the sweetie bar and sampling all the sweets! JJ got up his ladder to tie up the bunting, and eventually everything we could do was in place. I was a bit worried as the barn we were getting married in was the same barn that we would be having the reception in, so I had to leave it to the caterers to set up within the space of an hour! I needn't have worried though as they made it look amazing.

    Baz tying flip flops together

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    JJ stringing up bunting

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    With everything in place Baz and I headed off to Bath Spa (again) to get our manicures done. We got there a bit early so sat outside in the lovely sunshine with a cocktail for a while, chatting about the day and getting excited! At some point between us going inside to get our nails done and leaving the spa, the heavens opened and it started to absolutely pour with rain. Did I have a bridezilla moment?! Did I heck! On the Monday I had decided to order some big pink brollies just in case it did decide to rain, so I was fully equipped to deal with a downpour.

    Brollies in use on the day!

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    We then headed over to Duncan's dad's golf club (where we went for the hen party) and got the key to our room. His dad had organised a lovely meal for our family and closest friends, many of whom were travelling from quite far away. It was a lovely way of extending the celebrations and I also got to meet some of Duncan's family before the actual wedding! We got ready and headed over to the bar where we were immediately handed some Dom Perignon (ra ra darlings!!) and I was introduced to everyone I hadn't met yet, then we headed upstairs to the wedding suite for dinner. It was all set out with flowers and the works; it actually felt like a mini wedding! After a yummy dinner we were all asked to sit down in front of a big screen. Duncan's dad and uncle had put together a slide show of videos and pictures of us when we were young! I had never seen the videos of Duncan before and he was so cute that I had a sudden extra burst of love for him and became excited about having mini Duncans!

    Several drinks later Baz, Carrie and I decided it was time to get some beauty sleep, so went back to our room where we exchanged gifts. Carrie went off to her room and Baz and I eventually fell asleep.

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    The Big Day

    At 6am I woke up feeling ridiculously calm! I was still waiting for the bridezilla in me to burst out but it just hadn't happened yet! However I was too excited to lie awake for half an hour waiting for my alarm to go off, so I set it a bit early so that Baz would wake up. We made a coffee and then I ran a bath whilst she had a shower, and got all lathered up with Soap & Glory scrub, shower gel and body butter, which made my skin look and smell lovely. We went to collect Carrie and dropped the rings off with one of Duncan's ushers as I didn't trust the best man to have them until the last minute! Then we drove into Bath for some breakfast and to get our hair done. I was aiming to have left Bath by 11:00am, but we didn't end up being finished until 11:45am, so by now I was panicking slightly as I was only going to have an hour to get ready. Cue first and only bridezilla moment! We were driving along a country road where the speed limit was 60mph and some plonker in front of me was going at 30mph and still braking at the slightest bend. Eventually I managed to overtake him and he beeped his horn at me as I went past! The cheek! Baz shouted out the window -she's getting married you arse!' and I let out a tyrade of beeps, then we were finally on our way.

    Once at the barn I immediately got into my dressing gown and started doing my make up. One of my friends came up to do our false eyelashes - Baz's and Carrie's looked perfect but mine weren't straight! Again, no panic, I just peeled them both off and put a bit more mascara on. Then I did my mum's make up, someone cracked open the champagne, and before I knew it I was getting into my gorgeous dress, slipping on my shoes and putting my veil and jewellery on. All of a sudden my mum burst into tears which nearly set me off, but I managed to hold back the tears! Then I went downstairs where my dad was waiting for me and nearly set him off too! We went in for our meeting with the registrar and then walked over to the barn; my dad was trying to make me laugh so I didn't cry bless him! The bridesmaids, my brother and mum were waiting inside the barn for me and Baz started to cry - I think they were determined to set me off! All of a sudden our music started playing and they all went in, and I couldn't hold back the tears any longer, so walked into the ceremony room desperately trying not to look like I was crying!

    Getting ready

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    Think Tom is making sure Duncan is ready to go through with everything here!

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    All the boys looking handsome

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    I remember seeing all my friends and family and I started grinning like a loony at them all, then looked down the middle and saw Duncan. He looked absolutely gorgeous and had such a big smile on his face. I gave my daddy a kiss and then the ceremony started. It was lovely, Duncan started saying his vows to the registrar so she had to tell him to look at me, and when I started to say mine it came out as a squeal after trying to contain the tears! We walked up to a huge round of applause and The Beatles -I Wanna Hold Your Hand'. The rain had held up during the ceremony so our amazing photographer whisked us off quickly with a glass of Pimms in hand to get some outside shots before it started. I am so glad he did this as we got some lovely shots and just after we had finished the family pictures it started to rain!

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    With my gorgeous bridesmaids

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr

    And my beautiful Mum

    Untitled by georgipheen, on Flickr
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  • Aw what an absolutley gorgeous wedding! This is exactly what I want! Love you colours, decorations, flowers, dress everything! I can only see a few of ur pics though. Would love to see more! image Congratulations Hun! X
  • Aww it look's so lovely. Ceremony looks lush, really love your venue!!

    Yeah we had dinner inside the castle, have to go up a spiral staircase and there is a resturant inside, but you have to book months in advance, and H2B booked ahead and booked the whole engagment thing as well, if you look in my psat threads you'll see our engagement pictures from the night!

    I am hoping to go to California for honeymoon image Hopefully booking in October/November time, as soon as we can!

    So kind of your parents to offer to pay for so much!! I agree with wanting to get them lovely gifts. I have trying to of special things for my parents.
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    Thank you for all your comments! I have finally got round to reposting the photos as they all disappeared for some reason, trying flickr now so fingers crossed this works! Still got evening and honeymoon to cover! image
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    Can I just add how utterly wonderful your pics are too!

    Absolutely wonderful!
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