Married 22nd July :) Report & pics

I will start the wedding report shortly but thought i would give a few sneak pics first (i always run straight to pics on reports then read back).

Weather wasnt to bad considering. Very wet loved the day it flew by. I'm biased but best wedding i've been to image Here are a few pics my friend took (we have the "professional" one's back but i prefer these)



  • So lets start at the beginning!

    August 1997 me & my BFF started working at the bodyshop factory in littlehampton. It was a temp job for 4 week contract. We had only just moved to Sussex from Devon in the June so didn't really know anyone. It was great group of people all pretty much our age (18-21) & we made loads of friends that we went our with regularly. Three people imediately caught my eye a girl in a marilyn manson shirt who looked ready to kill, a tall good looking guy who seemed to always have no shirt on & a guy wil mad curly hair very John powers from cast.

    The angry girl walked straight up to me told me she hated the manics (tshirt i was wearing) I laughed & we became friends Tara was her name. The good looking guy was called Dave & although he was a nice guy I thought he loved himself a bit as he was always going on about exercise & had deoderant in his back pocket lol this was Dave. The curly haired guy was called Jason he seemed quiet cool & we dated for a few weeks but i wasnt that in to him to be honest. Few weeks later we we in a pub & my BFF met her boyfriend who turned out to be the brother of curly haird guy (Jason yes small world!). They got together & that was 14 years ago.

    Meanwhile I was still watching goodlooking Dave but he went through quite a few girlfriends some knockouts some i was surprised he was with. I never thought he would go for me but somehow felt we would met up at some point.

    I then began seeing a guy from work (we had all been taken on by now except Tara who left). I had been with this guy a week when BFF & her boyfriend broke up. We went out that night & she was suposed to met someone else for a date. At the same met up Dave was suposed to be meeting his girlfiend. They both got stood up & got quite drunk & decided they would go off together. This set alarm bells off to me as 1. I knew Kiz really wanted her boyfriend back & 2. She didn't really like Dave like that! I even told her that she wasn't supposed to be going back it should be me (she nver knoew i liked him). Anyway drunken teenagers went about their business.Next day Kiz came home & begged her boyfriend back. Dave got blamed for the "one night" & we all kind of parted ways as KIz & Andy wanted to make fresh start. I still saw Kiz all the time but it was off putting as her boyfriend's brother was an ex plus I was now in a realtionship with Paul who i met through work.
  • So fast forward almost 9 years & i was walking in town & bumped in to Tara who now had 3 kids & was a stay at home mum. I agreed to pop in for coffee one day. Que few more weeks passing & bumping in to Tara pretty much everywhere i went. We made arrangements but she had to cancel last minute as her fella was working.

    Me & Paul we still together but it had been an extremely turbulant relationship he had 2 children from 2 previous relationships & was 8.5 years older than me. We had split up a few times & one time i had actually moved out for 2 years. We had just moved back in together to see if we could live together again. We had an absolutely rotten new years eve where he just picked arguements all night as he didnt want to spend it with our friends he wanted to be at home. Our friends were very embarassed as he did this in front of them & his daughter & at one point stomped off home & I had to go back & get him at 10pm. At midnight i was sat on the steps watching the fireworks drinking brut & vowing this year i would get a new boyfriend! (thought it was the drink talking).

    So new years day I went round to see Tara & met her fella & kids properly. When i got there her boyfriend said " Oh i remeber you, you used to hang around with my brother". I just looked at him blankly i had no idea who he was didnt recognise him at all. So I asked who his brother was he said Dave! (ooo heart actually skipped a beat). So I politely asked how Dave was. Then came the blow "he's really well, he got married last October has really settled down". So grinned & said how pleased i was for him & realised that my feeling we had something must have been in my head.
  • Few more months roll past & Paul & i had another row in the the March (plenty between then but this was a biggy). The next day when he took his daughter to dance class, I packed a bag & went to my mum's for a few days. Mum was living in Devon so i drove from Sussex. Paul didnt notice i had gone! When i returned on the monday he was very blaise & just said he thoughr i had been staying at Kiz's so hadn't bothered to phone as he was pretty sure i was ok. I didn't have anywhere else to go so i was back there. Few weeks later I had to go to hospital to have all 4 wisdom teeth out & needed to be knocked out. He had started a job 3 days before so go his parents to drop me off. I sat in hospital all day on my own thinking how when he had the same thing i was beside him the whole time. When i came round his mum phoned the ward to check when i could be picked up & i heard the nurse say she is having a cup of tea so make your way now. I looked at the clock it was 1pm. He finally arrived with his parents to collect me at 4.30pm I was hysterucal as the nurses kept asking if anyone was coming & he had been home from work since 2pm but on ebay! The hospital was only 25 minute drive away. All feelings pretty much died there & then. Six days later was my 28th birthday & I arranged for a meal with friends (not with Paul). I went ot see Tara who said yes providing it didnt fall when her move date came through. She also gave me a wedding invite to her & Andy's wedding that August. While i was chatting it turned out that Dave's wife was staying there (we nver met) as they were having some problems. The meal did actually fall on Tara's moving date so i popped in to her new house few weeks later. As I walked through the door i just smiled there was Dave in three quarters stood in the kitchen (yes still no shirt)with his brother. I hadn't seen him properly in years. Last time was about 6 years earlier when he used to pop in to the record shop i began working in for a chat. I just said "you haven't changed at all" he laughed & said he had less hair but i certainly had (was no longer an indie dm boot wearing band swater girl). We chatted & it turned out him & his wife had split as she was younger didnt want to be married was still out clubbing each night & had actually met someone else. Dave was now living with his brother as the flat they had they gave up & his prode & joy was his bright yellow mg.
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  • lol thank you ladies sorry if i tend to waffle. Will try to put some pics between posts image

    Now April to July 2007 sort of fly by.

    Me & Paul as living together but separate lives he works nights & i do 9-5pm. Worthing is quite expensive to rent in & I didnt have money for deposit on a new place. July was Tara's 30th birthday so i get invited to her meal I go along with the hope of seeing Dave. Sadly he isnt there he is babysitting her kids & stopping in with his brother. Finally tell Tara I fancy Dave. She says "really coz he hasn't stopped talking about you since he saw you" I end up catching the taxi back to her house (yes straight past where i lived) to go have a cup of tea with Dave! After about 5 hours of chatting constantly numerous cups of tea & pretty much driving the other people crazy with our silly flirting (Emma & Fran just wanted to go to bed lol) I leave at 3am as there are no signs of anything happening. I walk past & sort of dig Dave in the ribs (no idea why just a kiss didnt seem right lol) and go home. Two days later Tara texts me to say Dave wanted my phone number was that ok? I said yes. Dave then text asking if I wanted to go out for dinner with him? This was new to me as it was normally me paying for meals out etc. I was completely at odds with this due to having been in a relationship for so long & wanted some time alone. I went a spoke with Kiz (we worked at the same place again) & said would she mind if i went out for dinner with Dave as i really liked him? She asked Dave who? When i explained she said go for it things were years ago when they were all kids.

    I got back to my desk & still was trying to work out what to do so the girls in the office hijacked my phone & told me if i didnt say yes they would reply for me lol. I agreeded but for the next night.

    So panic started to hit me then!

    The following night I got ready with my ex walking round saying i looked like i was going on a date! ( I should add when i had mentioned to him that I had bumped in to Dave again those months before his first words were i see him as a threat! - we had all worked together at the bodyshop)

    The first date

    Dave took me to the black rabbit in arundal for our meal. It's a lovely pub on the river. Has good food & is very pretty - good choice for informal date with good setting. Points scored! He paid for dinner (something new to me) and we went for a walk round the fields.

    Was a lovely night we chatted about everything. I realised that me thinking Dave was cocky & self assured years before was actually hiding huge insecurites which was where the exercise etc came from. I also had not realised that he had grown up in foster care & when we all lbegan working together was about the time he had got back in touch with his family (he was the only one in care). I told him about my upbringing as this was important, due to my ex always snearing that my mum & her girlfriend had bought me up. Funny how we had known each other years before but at 18 I guess you just dont have those sorot of conversations.

    As we walked around the field Dave asked why i was checking my phone i answered that i didnt have a watch so checking the time (had work next day). He then dropped me back at home & text me all night lol. We had another date next day where we just went for a drive. The following night Dave took me to the south downs for a walk (sorry if we sound dull lol). He then gave me a present. I was stunned as it was a Fossil Watch. I asked (in my suspicous mind) what he thought he was getting for this? lol lots of people go up the downs for other things. He looked surprised as we hadnt even had a kiss at this point (he just wouldnt kiss me!) He replied that he had noticed i didnt have a watch plus i had been late to our first date haha.

    He was so lovely and sweet but i still felt very overwhelmed from going from a relationship with practically no emotion to someone showering me with compliments & gifts i didnt know what to think. We had our first kiss shortly after. image

    That weekend I babysat with Dave for his brother & Tara and spent the night but not in any way except i drank too much wine & slept next to Dave. I was woken in the morning by Chloe asking why i was sleeping next to HER UNCLE DAVE lol. I also normally suffer from huge scary hair in the mornings so was a bit worried about Dave seeing me! Thankfully i looked ok. Dave was commenting how i look the same when i go to sleep when i wake up (something he has now gone back on lol). That day was Kiz's 30th birthday party & Dave came with me. Again the perfect gent bought drinks all night long but he didnt have a drink until everyon had been driven home. This was the first tme i realised Dave is very uncomfortable in crowds. He actually went off for a walk on the beach on his own & he also says things very bluntly when he's had a drink (told one girl that he though she was older than she was & should probably use oil of olay! Thankfully her boyfriend knew dave well & said thats just him ekk!). He had also spent the whole night introducing himself as my boyfriend which some found odd as me & ex were still living together! I found the whole thing very confusing as it had only been a week since our first text things seemed to be happening too quick for me. Later that day i told him i just wasnt ready for anything at the time. He refused to take the watch back & told me to call him when i was.

  • So i put the watch back in it's box & set about sorting my self out.

    My friend at work told me i needed to get my own place. I explained i had no money for this so she spoke with a friend of hers & it was arranged i could rent a room off him but the place was in bognor regis (16 miles away). I accepted & set the date to move August bank holiday. TOld my ex i was finally moving out he was gutted as that meant he would have to pay for the full rent! But he just agreed it was the right thing. After a week i missed my phone beeping with texts just because it could. So i sent Dave a text asking how he was. He replied & we began chatting by text. Another week past & we met up. I told him i was moving & things couldnt happen till i had moved out as it just didnt seem right, he agreed. We went for drives together & kissed & cuddled.

    Then came Tara & Andy's wedding! This was an awful day for us as Dave somehow ended up babysitting their oldest son who had learning disabilities. He went home early with his nephew i still wish to this day i had gone with him. I stayed as Kiz & her boyfriend said they didnt really know anyone. I ended up getting really drunk talking to someone i knew & got accused of passionately kissing him. This could really have ruined things with me & Dave but Dave stood by me & we worked through. His family were very vocal about this!

    Finally August bank holiday arrived & I moved to bognor. Dave had now moved from his brothers and was also renting a room off someone. The day I moved we officially became an item image (wink wink lol)

    I lived at the bognor place just over a month but the guy who owned the house was very odd extremely dirty & untidy & the petrol too & from work was crippling me (my ex had run up plenty of debt with my cards which i was still paying off). Dave spoke with his friends mum as she rented rooms out & i moved there was about 5 mins from where Dave was. We were pretty inseperable from then. Mum moved to Wales & we went & visited & decided we liked the idea of moving there but obviously work was stopping us. At this point Dave left his job as a binman for the council something that worried me as my ex had been in & out of work for our relationship & never held down a job. As shallow as it sounds i was hoping i hadnt made that mistake again! I hadn't thankfully Dave worked all the hours for agency.

    Dave's birthday was November & he was so touched i bought him a LFC shirt. He came to my work xmas do & we had a great night they all though he was lovely.Then we had our first xmas where he bought pretty much everything he sawthat he liked for me x

    (pic at my xmas do very blerry eyed! & daves stuffed chicken mystery santa gift)

    We decided to move in together in the new year as the woman i was renting with wanted her room back for her daughter.
  • Moving in together 1st Feb 2008

    We found a 2 bedroomed flat for a good price it needed painting etc but it was fine for us. We had been together 5 months by this point Dave was working for coop & I still at my office job. Three days before moving in together (the week before we were staying at his brothers due to overlap in rent) I realised i hadn't had a period since mid december this was now almost February! So telling myself that it was moving stress I went to the dr's who didnt do a test but agreed it was probably stress too. Anyway something nigeled me as i was never late let alone 2 weeks. So on the way back to work i stopped in sainsburys to buy a pregnancy test & egg sandwich lol. I did the test one line came up so i thought fair enough not pregnant. Decided to give it the full 3 minutes just to be sure. I have to say i was a little disappointed but waited only to look again & have 2 very clear lines!! I almost choked on the damn sandwich i was pregnant. I imediately got in the car & drove to Dave's work. In my head saying i understand if he didnt want to be part of baby's life etc as it was all so quick. I was almost 29 so had decided abortion for me wasn't an option. I went up to Dave & just showed him the test. He was so happy he hugged me so tight. I started with the if you dont want to be part. But he stopped me & said no way he was staying put. He was more excited than anyone really telling everyone from the postman to the take away delivery man! So we set about working extremely hard paying off debts trying to get the things we needed for baby. Dave got a job at the place his brother worked in engineering & plugged away with overtime & we basically bought whatever we could secondhand & was given things for baby.
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  • You llok love;y! Is that Cyfarthfa castle I see there?
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  • Thank you ladies I was hoping to add few more pics but they are on my old computer not on the laptop.

    Fairy yeap certainly is Cyfartha Castle where abouts are you?
  • The pregnancy went really smoothly & Dave was fantastic.

    He had huge hopes of a little girl as he was one of 4 boys (he does have ahalf sister but they don't speak). Also Dave wanted to be the first to have a girl first as 2 of his brothers had had boys. When we went for our scans baby hid they whole time. We ended up paying for a private sexing scan at 26 weeks. There consultant also gave us a glimps of baby on the 4d scan too (which we hadnt paid for) was awesome. He also confirmed 100% that we were expecting a little girl. Dave's eyes were full of tears.

    Pic taken the week we found out we were expecting a girl.

    We decided to name her Heidi as she kept hiding during each scan. She was due 23rd September 2008 however i went into labour 19th september. Got my first contraction walking round argos but wasnt sure. After a very difficult labour (my daughter had shoulder dystocia & was stuck they dislocated her shoulder to get her out & we both had a rough time) Heidi was born 3 days early at 11.30pm on 20th September weighing 8lb 12.5 ounces. We were so happy i then passed out & Dave took care of her for the next 6 hours. We cam out of hospital 2 days later & Dave looked after us as i had lost a lot of blood & wasnt too good either.

    Pic taken when Hei

    di was 5 days old.

  • I'm Cardiff, but work in Merthyr. Visit the school at Cyfarthfa quite often.
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  • We were happily getting on with family life & I was thinking maybe Dave would sort out some sort of proposal around christmas time. CHristmas came & went image

    I should add that at this point that Dave was still legally married. He wife had also had a baby (bout a month prior to us) with the person she left him for. Due to the fact they hadn't been married or separated 2 years the only way for divorce was on adultary or unreasonable behaviour. The solicoter had advised that unreasonable behaviour was hard to prove in court & best on adultary. However given they had both had children with different people it was considered adultary by both!

    At the beginning of March 09 Dave was made redundant. Heidi was 5 months old & I was on maternity money. We were really worried & even though i still had my job to go back to they requred 8 weeks notice of the change of circumstance -which took me to when i was due back anyway. I tried to brighten Dave up with the fact that he was lucky to get to spend the early part of Heidi's life with her while he looked for work & that many would be happy. But it was hard. Dave was depressed as he felt unable to provide for his family. He was frustrated because he felt helpless to do anything about it. Only having has physical jobs he also had no qualifications. He applied for about 10 jobs a day having a few interviews but with his lack of confidence it did show in some interviews (he had feedback by an agency)plus he was told he was comng across as desperate. Enrolled in a computer & maths course. We also had huge problems with getting help with rent etc because i was technically working. We had to go down every 4 weeks to the council & show them my wage slip to prove I was on maternity. We had a housing inspector come round to make sure we were not rent out bedrooms! We also had to give our bank statements over for 3 months to show we had no other source of income. I have to say this made things even tougher at home as Dave now felt like a failure as it was constant stress.

    One good thing did come out of it though & that was Dave started divorce proceedings as he thought he was entitled to legal aid, I was now hoping for an engagement on my 30th Birthday in April (i knew Dave didnt like the idea of getting engaged before getting divorced). However him & his wife hadn't officially split up for 2 years till 26th April so no papers could be drawn up before this - gutted my birthday was the 23rd! It then emerged that we would have to pay for the divorce itself because i was "working" he was on a different type of jobseekers benefit. Thsi put a halt to things as we had no spare cash (we needed £300 for the court fees).

    We decided i should return to my job part time as when Dave did finally get work we could work childcare around. Luckily in July my friends husband phoned to say the skip company he worked for someone had walked out that morning & that he had given Dave's name. The next day Dave had an interview followed by starting the day after! It was hard work full on all day but Dave was just so relieved to be working again.

    We always do the Irish lottery which isnt as much as the national but for 3 numbers you can win £301.In October We did our ticket & checked the following day & we had won the £301! We paid for the court fees to start the divorce. I should add Dave's solicitor was the slowest ever no replying to messages, going on holiday etc. This is when the wait began.
  • In November we decided we wanted to try for another baby. We had always said we wanted them close in age so we bagan doing baby dancing. Paperwork was still going back & forth between solicitors which was crazy as there were no monies or property or children to settle. By January 2010 we finally got confirmation that Dave's divorce was going to court 12th January this was when the 6 weeks one day is issued. Around a week later we got offered a hoouse in Wales. So we decided to move from Sussex to South Wales so I could be near my mum. When I came back from signing the lease we decided to put trying for another baby on hold due to moving locations & jobs etc.

    February 13th 2010 - The Proposal

    Dave & I were playing Mr & Mrs sat on the sofa (yes very sad). Heidi was about to go to bed and moved a cloth. Dave got really annoyed with her which was strange & made me look why! I did see it but waited. 10 minutes later I got a picture message on my phone.

    this was the message

    I said yes immediately and as he did it spur of the moment here is my ring lol

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    Congratulations! I feel like we went on part of the journey together what with our hair trials and matching tops! LOL. Very pleased for you hope you have a long and happy future.x
  • Awww, a lovely report Julybudgetbride. I've been waiting for your report to appear. Many congratulations to you both. I'll keep checking in for more of this lovely story. image
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  • Doddy yes I agree.

    MrsReva i still have dress envy with you image love yours x

    Sorry not added more mum was taken to hospital 2 days ago with a kidney infection so been tooing & throwing (she is home now with anit b's & resting image )

    So after Dave proposed I rang mum who was bit gutted it was to say Dave had just asked me to marry him. When i told her i was pregnant with Heidi i slipped it in conversation & carried on talking (apparently that is not a good way to tell your mum!) She was pleased but thought i was ringing to say i was pregnant again lol.

    So the next day i went on the internet & scored through ebay for dresses I bought a pronovias dress I asked her to delay posting as we were moving 2 weeks later.

    We had also always said no big ceremony. We loved the idea of a barn but with a move to Wales we didn't know many places. On first search I found Cyfartha Castle. Which although a Castle it was not a defence Castle it was more manor house. I also found Llanhilleth Minors Institue which is almost at the end of our road! So rang a few people & waited for replys.

    The following saturday one week after Dave asked me to marry him & one week before we moved to Wales I did a pregnancy test. I had a feeling as i was feeling all the same symptoms as with our daughter but didnt want to test early. I tested 2 days late & BFP!! Dave again was over the moon I was more like ekk we just about to move, no job etc (i'm the realist lol).

    So the I really wanted us to get married before baby was born. On speaking with the coordinator at Cyfartha Castle we had to give them 3 months notice & that would make me around 4.5 months pregnant. We decided to lelave it till we moved & saw Cyfartha ourselves.

    Once we moved the wedding dress I had bought was here waiting!I tried it on but wasn't blown away. Sorry for the mess around was still unpacking.

    Also it was pretty tight already (was only 8 weeks pregnant at this point). So thought would wait till after bubs was here & try again.

    March 21st 2010

    We went to our first wedding fayre at the Miners Institute. This was when we got our first reality check to prices. We had decided that we were going to get married speanding a little as possibe as it was more about the marriage than the day itself. However when we were talking to people on the stands there were some very rude ones who were not interested as our wedding was for only around 25 people. We did however come out & book the miners institue provisionally though for February 4th 2011, we did ask that they send us a list of drink prices (something which never happend). We liked the room & it was very reasonable priced. Wasn't too fussed with pics outside (building not that pretty) & we decided there would be no need for cars for the groom & everyone could get ready at ours. Roll forward to about June & Dave spoke with the registrar & gave them our details name, wedding date & time. They said they would send through the documentation & we would need to provide our details & give formal notice within 2 weeks. So when we got the paperwork through I got our passports etc then asked Dave for his divorce certificate. He then realised he hadn't applied for it! So leagally was still married aghhh. So more phonecalls to get this paid for & sorted.

  • Time ticked on & we never quite got to seeing the registrar. Things were a bit tense between me & Dave. We struggled with not having friends in a new area. Dave found it difficult to get work at first. I was under consultant care because of Heidi's delivery. We started bickering a lot. I turned to my laptop to chat to mummy friends onlne & Dave had his head stuck in his mobile phone.

    Our son Joseph was born 1st November 7 days late.

    We were so relived that all was well he weighed 8lb 15oz & is the image of his daddy. Was hoping that now pregnancy was over we could be happier than the past stressful months. However i noticed one evening when Dave got home that he was at the dinner table texting. I moaned about bad manners to him & setting an example to our daughter. I mentioned this to my dad the following day & joking said i thought Dave was having an affair as he was always texting. I had said it as a joke as i knew Dave didnt know anyone nearby however something stuck in my head, as i Dave had started erasing texts on his phone (i used to use his as i got bad signal with mine). Two days later i checked his phone & there were 2 messages he had sent in his sent box which hadn't been erased. He had been texting someone & hidden it under his Uncles name. I was crushed our son was only 25 days old. We had an awful time & i eventually found out it was his stepdads neice! I knew they had never met as i remember when she first got intouch through facebook she was trying to get hold of his (half) brother. The next few weeks were really tough I wanted Dave to move out. Then i tried to picture telling our daughter why. Somehow i was made to feel bad as if i hadnt been snooping eveything would have been fine! The neice actually emailed Dave (which was how i knew they had never met) i found the email before he did. Dave is very much a defeatist so just kept mumbling about if i wanted him to go then he would as he didnt want to cause me anymore upset etc.

    Anyway we finally sat down & talked (first time in months). I realised that i still loved him & had to think whether to end a relationship & split a family over some mucky text messages. To be honest if they had actually met things would probably be very different but I have since found out the neice was also doing the same with a family friend! The next few months past & we worked hard on our relationship spending time together & having fun again.
  • New years Day 2011 we decided to jump in the car & visit Dave's family & our friends in Sussex. We were now back on track & getting on better than ever. People say if trust has gone then there is no point thankfully trust wasnt the issue, sometimes people can be stupid! The break did us the world of good.

    So on the way home I said to Dave that i would like to change my name this year so we would all have the same surname (it always bothered me my kids having different to me). This was in the car on the way home & Dave said "if you do that whats the point in us getting married?" So I said really? So the following week I started looking at hotel deals grand for grand in google. I loved the idea that the wedding & meal was £1k however it was for only 20 guests & on checking with some places(ones i wanted) they were not able to up the guests - there are some fab deals out there though so top tip google hotel deals have since seen loads.

    So while clearing my emails I found the email from the coordinator at Cyfartha Castle which had been sent the following year! I rang them & began going through availiable dates. We settled on July 22nd as i never wanted a Saturday wedding. Only problem was the Castle was closed for refubishment till April & we couldn't see the room. I googled but wasnt keen on the pics but i was convinced it would be fine. We booked the registrar & gave formal notice the following week. We then went over to the mens hire shop & Dave picked the suit he wannted & colour ( i had decided not to have adult bridesmaids so Dave had the colour choice). Dave picked a short grey suit with teal crevat the suit wasn't avialable to even try on till march so not much else we could do. We paid deposits there & then. I then went off on my own to try on wedding dresses at a local shop.
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    loving the wedding report so far! looking forward to reading more! image

    Just a shame you changed dress in the end, cos I was looking forward to seeing what that Mori Lee would have looked like on a real person! :P
  • Sorry Pink-llama but i'm glad i did as the dress i worse was smaller in the skirt & the amount of mud i got covered in was amazing!
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