Our eyes met cross a crowded dancefloor......the report! I DO x 2!

The proposal - Expect the unexpected

I have an imagination that takes me to so many different places and can conjure up all sorts of things in my head - so you can imagine how I thought my proposal would be! Christian Louboutin would make me some special shoes spelling out in diamante's will you marry me with the ring safely placed on the peep of the shoe - or on safari and Soodles managed to train the wild migrating boar to spell it out whilst the sun was setting on the Serengeti...... You can see where I'm going with this. I would have known what was coming no matter how much effort he made. So - he kept things simple.

Sunday January 10th 2010

We're laying in bed, I'm wearing my Moo cow pyjamas and my hair is looking very much the same as Sonic the hedgehogs, No make-up and morning breath!

Soodles offers to go and buy the Sunday papers and cook a nice brekkie in bed - he does this every week so nothings new here. I eat my breakfast and Soodles suggests listening to some music so puts on Raphael Saadiq - ???????our song??????? I just think he's having a moment and carry on reading the paper...Then I get to page 23 and theirs an article ???????SOODLES PROPOSES TO MOODLES??????? As I read the article - tears rolling down my eyes, I look up - and there he is on one knee ( on the bed) with the ring mentioned in the article ( A Claire's accessories beast of a rock which soon turned into a Hatton Gardens beast of a rock!). It was the happiest moment of my life so far. After I had finished calling everyone to tell them, crying and gazing into my new future husbands eyes - I then realised exactly what I looked like and couldn't believe that he had done it whilst I looked like that! To which he replied - I did it right now to prove that I love you no matter what you look like. (awwwwww) My proposal couldn't have been any more romantic - and totally didn't see it coming!

We then went to Hatton Gardens where I picked my own ring out and deigned the setting myself. 1.75 carats worth of beauty that will make me smile for the rest of my life! image

Let the planning commence!

Now I'm an event manager - so I already had a good idea of how things were going to work - but I completely changed my mind! My boozey picnic of afternoon tea and rustic country flowers soon turned into a rather chic affair! As soon as my picnic was Vetoed - I made it very clear that there was only one other place that I wanted to get married - Syon Park. The opulence yet originality totally sold it to me and this was a great base in which to start the ball rolling! So the venue search was over before it had begun!

As soon as we had chosen the wedding venue we also realised how popular it was and the fact that there was only one possible date that we were able to get married in the year I was very worried that we weren't going to get the date that we wanted. We were told that we could not book in advance of their once yearly open day and people queued up from 5am to get there dates as they're only open for half of the year and this really restricted things! FEAR NOT - ROMANTIC HUSBAND ALERT!!!

Syon House belongs to the Duke of Northumberland. These dukes are pretty easy to track down since the invention of the internet so my darling H2B decided to secretly write him a letter without telling me and told him how we met, how he proposed, how we loved his house, how he was jewish and how I had always dreamed of a spring bank holiday wedding. He even attached a photo of us with the letter and explained that we weren't looking for a freebie, we just wanted to be able to reserve the date before the open day.

The duke's PA wrote back a couple of weeks later to say that the duke was impressed with his letter and was of course - very happy to help make our dream come true yay!!! ??????



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    We had a slight problem......Syon House was in the borough of Hounslow - which do not allow you to legally marry on a Sunday and in Jewish tradition you have to get married on a Sunday and Soodles parents were adamant that we were to marry on a Sunday. With this in mind there was only one thing for it......We would need to have two weddings - that's right folks TWO WEDDINGS!!! I had a lot of planning to do but I instantly knew that our ???????legal??????? wedding would also be perfect. We are very lucky that we live in Kensington and our local registry office happens to be Chelsea Town Hall - One of the most beautiful registry offices in London where the likes of Judy Garland chose to say ???????I do???????. I had always wanted a spring wedding and a bank holiday Sunday so Sunday 29th May was booked into the diary and Friday 27th for our registry wedding.

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    Engagement party

    Well - with what small part of your knowledge of us - I'm sure you have worked out that we like to party and celebrate at any opportunity and our engagement was the perfect excuse for just that! We booked a beautiful bar out and went on holiday to get a nice bit of colour and came back to find the venue had gone into administration and we had no venue! With a lot of help from my friends - we managed to find a venue last minute and get the word out in time to be able to get people to be able to join us.

    Here are a few pics from our engagement

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    Who doesnt love shoes???

    Engaged in January

    Shoes bought in February.....Now thats what every girl does right? I planned my WHOLE wedding outfit around my shoes!! It was only right that I had them to take to the dress fitting...?

    So here they are - The shoes I married my dream man in. Some sparkly gold Gina Rose shoes. Which I purchased trying on over tights 5 minutes before the store was due to close! There was no thinking about it - these were the shoes I was to have!

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    Now it was time to go dress shopping!!!

    I waited 7 months after getting engaged to start my dress hunt, there are only two wedding dresses I have ever seen and been blown away by. These belonged to Coleen Rooney and Nicole Richie. I completely forgot in the excitement of my dress shopping that these were the kind of dresses that I loved and was side tracked by what my MIL and SIL liked as they were the ones who came dress shopping with me.

    I had seen a few in Pronovias that I had liked. I instantly fell in love with the Ellie Saab Caelum but when I put it on it just didn't feel right. I also tried on a couple of other lace slim fit dresses but I was not ???????digging it??????? so I decided to go for one that was the complete opposite of all the others I had tried on in the shop and tried on ???????Mistico??????? a HUGE silk dupion dress covered in silk flowers. My MIL and SIL started crying and I ???????thought??????? this must be it!!! SO, straight away I bought the dress. First shop - I was thinking wow - I'm good at this wedding malarkey - venues sorted straight away - dress sorted straight away - this is going to run smoothly......hmmmmm....We'll come back to the topic of dress later!!!

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    DONT STOP!!!

    Loving this report x
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    U have 4 little nieces so they were always going to be my cute little flower girls, they were so so excited about the wedding it was adorable! I bought them all a book called Angelina and the royal wedding which they wanted reading to them every night! If any of you have little ones - I highly recommend this as it gets them excited and also ready for what is going to happen so that there are no surprises on the big day and they know that lots of people will be watching them!

    I also chose my two best friends, were incredibly close and I couldn't imagine not having them.

    They were both absolutely useless when it came to helping me organise the wedding but my MOH did me proud on my hen do(s) which we will get to later! H is a real girlie girl and loves dressing up fancy but J is a real hippy and only wears black and purple and hates wearing dresses - great! So I'm going to have fun there! She was lovely about it though and said that she would wear whatever she was given to wear as long as I was happy. I had seen a dress that I wanted for myself but couldn't justify buying it without an occasion to wear it so when I was on the Bridesmaids dress hunt and remembered the dress - I thought it would be perfect for them! I wanted them to have something that would make them look sexy and chic rather than innocent and floaty.

    The dresses went into the half price sale the day after I put them on hold so I managed to get them for £250 each which is about what you pay for a proper bridesmaids dress so there we have it - the BMs were to wear pink D & G dresses - and get a gorgeous cocktail dress to wear again afterwards. J wasn't overly excited about the dress at all. It didn't seem to fit her boyish athletic shape but I said we would get it altered to make it look perfect! They both looked a million dollars and everyone kept complimenting them and me on how gorgeous the dresses were.

    TIP: Don't rule out designer dresses - £200 is what you pay on the high street these days for a dress! Always pays to keep an eye on theoutnet.com, net-a-porter.com and department stores.

    As soon as I bought the dresses I knew I wanted them to wear a statement necklace - something that made the dresses a bit more edgy....like their personalities. I had imagined up a big pearl cluster necklace in my head and had been searching the web for ages and I came across them in Butler & Wilson on the off chance when I went in for something else! I thought it really set the dresses off which has a slight gold shine and kept in with my now decided theme - pearl and gold.

    I had there dresses altered at SEW in Maida Vale - If you are based in london and need alterations I cannot recommend them enough - the girl in the is a genious!

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    added a bit to my venue choice as i totally forgot how we had to get the venue secured and its quite a cute little story image

    Am off out now but I promise I will finish this off tomorrow and theres plenty of fun stuff to tell image
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    The Wobble

    After I had bought the Mistico dress, I didn't take any pictures of me wearing it, I started to google to see if I could find anyone else wearing the dress. In my heart I knew I didn't like it....

    I kept trying to tell myself don't be silly - it's just because you haven't seen it again! I called up the shop and asked if I could come and try it on again, unfortunately I was too late - the new season stock had come in and all the old samples had been sent back .I kept quiet but in my mind I was really worrying about it and was losing a lot of sleep. One day whilst watching the TV with H2B I just came out with it - out of nowhere I just turned and looked at him and said ???????I don't think I like my dress....??????? I got the response I thought I would - don't be silly, I'm sure you will look beautiful etc etc etc.....??????? This was in October - 6 weeks after I bought the dress.

    6 more weeks passed by and I was still not feeling the dress, Christmas was fast approaching and come new year the wedding would have been just around the corner.....What was I going to do.....

    I bought the Mistico in the Harrods consession of Pronovias - every Christmas and Summer Harrods have a 10% off day for everything in the store - this included pronovias! With the Mistico being a very expensive dress - I decided to go and pay off the whole dress cost whilst the offer was on so that I saved a few hundred pound. As I walked into the store - my heart was racing as I sat waiting to be seen. I was called to the counter - paid the money and as I was about to leave the lady asked when the last time I saw the dress was, I used this opportunity to tell her that I was actually sick to the stomach with worry that I had made the wrong decision and was pretty sure that I didn't like the dress anymore. I think she could see how worried I was and told me that my luck was in! A sample of the dress had just been sent to the store by accident and was boxed up ready to go back to Spain in the morning. I BEGGED her to let me see it....my heart was racing so much I could feel tears building up in my eyes as she went to find the dress.....I stood at the counter with my eyes closed as she pulled the dress from the back room and into the changing room as I didn't want to look - I knew what was coming.......My wedding was 5 months away and I was about to find out that I didn't like my dress....

    As soon as she took the dress out of the bag I announced I didn't like it. It was HUGE. It was heavy silk with these huge flowers on the top that I could now remember saying that I didn't like in the first place. I really didn't want to even try it on but the lovely lady in the shop told me that it may help as they do all look different on. I didn't feel any different - I just felt numb. I hated it. Not just didn't like it - I hated it. What made it worse was that as I was only just popping in to pay for it I was on my own and just sat there sobbing my eyes out!

    What was I going to do now????!!
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    More more more!! This is a great report - so romantic!
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    The lady in the shop was beyond nice - she tried her best to keep me calm and assured me that we would sort this....She made a quick phone call and came back to tell me that I could pick a new dress in store and would be able to swap my order. This was amazing news for which I was evry grateful too but still it only allowed me to buy a dress from Pronovias, there was only one other pronovias dress that I had seen in a magazine that they happened to have - I tried it on and it didn't look right on me at all and the material was very heavy for a summer wedding. She told me to go away and sleep on it - we took some pics of me in the two dresses for me to take home and look at properly. She said as long as I ordered a new dress within the next 14 days there should be no problem getting the dress on time.

    After I had slept on it, cried my heart out and got a few opinions from people I realised that the dress really wasn't for me. Seeing my MIL and SIL get so emotional - blinded me into thinking that THAT was the dress.

    I spent the next week continuously on the Pronovias website - I managed to find 4 that I really liked. I started to really think about what I had really loved and what would suit me. I recalled the two dresses that I had fell in love with in the glossy magazines and this got my head back straight to where it was supposed to be! These were the dresses that were to be my inspiration....

    I also LOVED this dress too - which I probably would have bought but a friend of a friend had got married in it the previous year to me so it just didn't seem right...

    The 4 dresses that I liked weren't stocked in Pronovias in London, nor were they stocked in any other bridal shop for me to try. My heart sank - until I had a lightbulb moment! The must stock these dresses somewhere!!!!! It was my little sisters 18th birthday in a weeks time and she had asked me if we could go away and do something fab for the weekend. I quickly called the Paris Pronovias and between my broken French and there broken English - I discovered they stocked all 4 of the dresses I wanted! An appointment was made - My sister was excited we were going away and I felt one step closer to my dream dress!

    From Paris with Love....

    As soon as the Eurostar pulled into the station, it started snowing. It was so romantic and it gave me a good feeling....We checked into our hotel, did a bit of sightseeing and made our way down to pronovias. I had to stand outside the shop for a few minutes to compose myself.

    I started to panic again - what if these dresses wernt to be - then what would I do?? I would be stuck with that huge satiny dress that didn't suit me at all! My sister calmed me down and we went in. There happened to be a Saturday assistant in there who could speak good English - she was Japanese, very excitable and happy to help, I explained the trouble I was in and she was only too happy to help. She pulled the 4 dresses that I wanted to try on into the most gorgeous changing room I have ever seen. A room bigger than my bedroom at home surrounded by mirrors and gorgeous sofas for my sister to lounge on in her snow boots - it was heaven!

    The lady then asked me if I would like to try on any Whales with the dresses. I was very confused.....???????a whale...???????? I repeated trying to get her to divulge what a whale was. She started to motion some movement with her hands from the top of her head moving down....???????you know a whale.....! you wear then in your head.....!??????? My little sister is now on the floor laughing......She obviously was trying to say Veil but like most Japanese - the V turned into a W and this really calmed my nerves.......

    The dresses all looked beautiful hanging on the rack - for the first time I was actually enjoying the dresses, the details on them, the style were all very me.....I narrowed it down to 2 but one one of them, the cut just didn't suit my shape and wouldn't have been able to be altered to fit. I tried on the second dress I had tried on again and walked around the shop. It was love. I turned around to my sister - who NEVER cries at anything - and her face was BRIGHT RED.......

    ???????erm, Laura....? Are you.....are you crying...?!???????

    ???????NO......why would I cry!!! Shut up!!!! OK OK I'm CRYING!!!! HAPPY NOW!! YOU MADE ME CRY!!!???????

    Hahahaa, I lept and gave her a hug then sat down on the floor in the dress and looked at myself in the mirror and shouted out pretty loud ??????? IM GETTING MARRIED IN THIS DRESS!!!!???????

    The little assistant started whooping too and everyone in the shop were smiling and telling me I looked lovely and I knew it was most definitely the one. I called the London store as soon as I left the shop and placed the order! We then went on this big wheel and the snow started again and at the top of the big wheel I shouted out to Paris how happy I was that I had found my dress!

    I was to wear Pronovias Ainsa!

    This was me trying on my actual dress for the first time back in London

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    One dress down - one to go...

    My Ainsa dress was perfect for the venue we had picked - I could visualise me coming down the aisle to it and was so glad that I didn't have to worry about it. But I knew that I wanted to save this dress for the Sunday wedding and wear something less dramatic for our Friday wedding.

    I'm a massive Audrey Hepburn fan and with Chelsea town hall being the venue - I decided I would get a copy of the 50s dress she wore in the film Funny Face. I found one that was on Ebay - it was probably made in China. It came and looked fab but I didn't really feel like myself in it.....it covered an awful lot up and I'm not used to that and I was never to know this until it came as I couldn't try it on. I stuck it in the cupboard and thought that at the end of the day - its not for our big wedding so didn't matter if it wasn't perfect - it was still a beautiful dress.

    I then went to a wedding fair looking for little bits for the wedding and saw the dress that had been haunting me in the magazines for months. The Justin Alexander 8465 - It was stunning! I tried it on...ooops. I wanted it. It was £1100 and I just couldn't justify it as my other dress was so much money as well. She then asked me when my wedding was whilst I was thinking about how many pairs of shoes I would have to sell to get the dress. I told her the wedding was May 27th so which she looked at me open mouthed and shocked. ???????I'm really sorry - but you're too late - we won't be able to get it for you. Well that answered that one for me! I came home and thought about the dress again and how stunning it was.....I then had a look on preloved.com and found one for sale for £500. I said to myself - if I can sell my funny face dress - it would only be £300 more for my dream dress. So I bought it! The second hand Justin Alexander 8465 dress was SOLD!

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    Soodles was very clear about what he wanted to wear - he always wears a grey suit to work so I told him he wasn't allowed to wear grey and that he should wear blue. He was sat watching Jonothan Ross one night and he was interviewing David Beckham and he was wearing a rather nice suit with a waistcoat - he googled away until he found a small suit shop in the middle of nowhere that did suit just like it! We went to try it on and he looked ever so handsome in it and the brightness of the blue and the retro looking waistcoat gave it that cool edge. We hired his suit and hired normal 2 piece navy suits for the best man, Ushers and Dads. The pink of the BM dresses didn't really tie in to anything - I hadn't had a ???????theme??????? when I bought them and thought that it would be a good idea to tie the groomsmen in with them so hunted high and low to find them all ties to match the BM dresses. This proved to be mission impossible! I must have bought and returned about 15 ties trying to get one that looked ok! I eventually found them in M&S for £12 each - bargain! We bought them all new shirts from TM Lewin and they were all sorted! Soodles wore a white tie and I bought him a pocket watch as a gift on his wedding day.

    Soodles doesn't care much for ???????stuff??????? he bought himself a pair of shoes that were £10 in the sale in M&S and they wernt very nice at all....I decided that as a wedding gift - I would buy him a pair of nice shoes so that he could really look the part. I bought him some smart Paul Smith shoes and had them delivered to him the morning of the wedding with a little note that read.

    ???????to my Sole - mate,

    You didn't think I was going to marry you in those shoes did you???

    See you down the Aisle.???????

    This made him smile and he loved the shoes so all in all a brilliant choice of gift and something he will get some wear out of!

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    Great report!! How lucky are you having two dresses! Your husband looks very dapper in his suit too! More please...
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    Very romantic and what a stunning venue ...more !!
  • I love the dress saga story, it makes it so much more romantic, can' t wait to see more pics.
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    awwww brilliant report, your title instantly caught my eye as me and H2B met at a rave! and he proposed in Ibiza...a special place for us both! image x
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    I had in mind what I wanted for the invitations - I wanted to go for the ???????less is more approach......??????? Keeping in with the Gold and Pearl theme I found these stunning invitations. You cant really see from the scan but they were cream card with iridescent flowers printed down the side so it shone in the light. The writing was also thermo graphically printed onto the card in actual gold so it made them ever so shiny invites. The envelope were lined, and the STDs were also in keeping with the invites as were the RSVP's. I have to say - these were probably my blow the budget purchase but everybody said how nice they were and I still love looking at them now. We also had a friend draw a map - I had seen a few before on here and thought that they were so romantic and it looked absolutely perfect with the invitations. The person who drew it for us also blew it up to A3 and framed it for us as a wedding gift so we have something to remember it by - if anyone else is having one done then have it made into a print too! It's a great way to have a memory on the wall ??????

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    My Mini Brides

    With 4 flower girls I wanted to go for ultimate cute effect! 2 were 2yo and 2 were 4yo. The flower girl dresses were something I spent the most time looking for......I wanted BIG I wanted FLUFFY I wanted big fat gypsy wedding style cuteness! I scanned every shop and website but still couldn't find anything that was fluffy enough. I finally found a wedding report on RMW and saw a lady that had her daughters dress made uber fluffy - I contacted the lady that made the dress and was quoted around £250 per dress!!!! Ridiculous money for a childs dress they will wear once and you need four of them! I found another place in Newcastle - again was told ???????from £250??????? I just couldn't afford such stupid money so started to look for alternatives. I google images frilly / fluffy / princess flowergirl dresses and up came a picture that I knew would be ???????the one???????. Unfortunately it was from a chinese remake website and not the real supplier and I didn't want to risk getting it on. It took me 8 hours of searching and googling and detective work to FINALLY find out the designer of the dress.It then took me another 2 hours to find the ONLY stockist of this dress in the UK! They told me that if I wanted to order them in time for my wedding it had to be done that week. There was no way that I could get them down to the shop to try and have a look at it for myself and the pictures can sometimes be very deceiving. I took the dress name and code and started googling it again with the words ???????for sale??????? attached and FINALLY found some pictures of the actual dress but in a different colour, it still looked good. The shop wanted £130 per dress - this was still too much. They were American dresses so you pay for the import etc.... I found an American e-bridal shop that sold them online. I called them up to make sure I would get them delivered on time and they said I was cutting it fine but was possible.

    I slept on it and then bit the bullet and ordered them from America for only £70 each. The dresses matched mine and I had a good feeling that they would look super cute! They arrived 3 weeks before they told me they would and the service was great so I really recommend taking the risk if you're trying to save money! The dresses the girls wore were by Jordan - Sweet Beginnings L303 in pale Ivory with a Fuschia band.

    Here the picture I had to go by until they were delivered.

    This is how gorgeous the girls looked in their dresses

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    A topic very close to our hearts and something we wanted to get right. Again - we didn't have to look too hard before we found what we wanted. We wanted a band that played wedding music not a wedding band ( hope that makes sense) Wedding Bands just seemed a little too corny to us! We also wanted a full brass band and our venue would only allow a 5 piece but after much pleading they let us have it and Freddy and the Freeloaders were booked. We used an iPod mix that a freind made for us as our music in between their sets and the dancefloor staed full all night.

    As soon as we went to one of their sell out gigs in Southampton and danced so much I had to walk back to the hotel in bare foot - I knew they were for us!

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    The Ceremony

    We wanted something personal to us - we were having a Civil Ceremony on the Friday so wanted something that was going to symbolise us, and also Simon's religion. Jews are very proud - and even if they're not practicing they love to remember their heritage and out of respect of their elders, add some elements of this into the day. We spoke about conversion but Soodles was just not happy that if I were going to go through it - he had to start being a good joy boy too! No more bacon sarnies!! Well that was out the window as soon as I said that! So then we went to meet a Liberal Rabbi - Liberal Rabbis believe in interfaith marriage etc - we went through with him how we wanted to incorporate it but Simon was still not comfortable with just how ???????Jewish??????? the ceremony would have been. It still spoke about the things that he had chosen not to follow and it just didn't seem right. We soon realised the only way we could get what we wanted and to be able to include something about religion was to have a Humanist ceremony. We looked online and found a few that looked a little too freaky....a little too hippy for what we wanted but found a lovely Minister who we thought would fit the bill! We met with her and she asked us all about us. What we wanted from the ceremony, how we met, what we wanted from the future, how we would incorporate his religion into our future etc. We got the balance just right. She spoke about the parts of being Jewish I had grown to love and aspire towards and the parts that Simon was so grateful for his Mum to pass onto him so he then had the knowledge and knowhow to pass onto his children etc etc.

    I also knew that because we would already be married (which none of our guests really knew about!!) we could do whatever we wanted as it was practically a ???????fake wedding??????? or a wedding blessing if you prefer. I knew I wanted to have the wedding outside......under Mother Nature herself overlooking that beautiful conservatory.......But May was a rainy month! We took the risk and prayed that everything would be fine.

    It was not looking fine...... the rain was pouring the week of the wedding. I had a few angry works with mother nature in the middle of the street one day. Shouting and punching up into the sky. We were in big trouble.......We paid a weather reporter to give us daily updates and it was always still only 60% accurate - they knew as much as we were guessing and we had to bite the bullet and beg the people at Syon to let us have access to Syon House where the Ceremonies are normally held. This came at a hefty price to us and I had always wanted to get married outside. We booked the house and I was told that on the day I would have to make the decision of what I wanted to do........

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    Flowers and Venue Dressing

    I knew that I wanted to keep things simple. I really hated the idea of killing lots of flowers for one day - and flowers were expensive! The wedding reception was inside the conservatory so the grounds surrounding them were so lush and packed with colour that it meant that I really could keep things to a minimum. My favourite flowers are Hydrangeas and Peonies and these were to be the base for my bouquet, I wanted it bulbous but textured so we used duchess peonies which have a frilly edge which complimented the skirt of my dress.

    I wanted to keep the texture throughout so I asked for this for the BM flowers too - and the table centres were just bigger versions of the BM bouquets. My initial thought was to have only white flowers but I still kept feeling like I needed to incorporate the pink from the bridesmaid dresses.

    I had smaller pots placed on the top table and petals scattered on everyone's. I had two huge urns to be outside during the ceremony but it was too windy so they ended up inside behind the top table which made a good backdrop for the photos, I also had a smaller urn for the escort table but it leaked and couldn't be used! But the flowers were all stunning. My florist Zoe from The Flower Co. was amazing - she knew exactly what I wanted and worked with my budget and despite her not being local to London she came up for two meetings, sent lots of ideas over email and ran around on the day making sure everything was great. If you're looking for a great florist - I would definitely recommend her!

    My Bouquet

    Bridesmaids Bouquets

    Button Holes

    I chose Ivory table linens which match the colour of my invites and gold ribbon to go around each napkin to match the gold on the invite also. For light I bought some cute little mercury glass tea light holders from Dunelm and Crystal candle sticks in the sale in John Lewis for £4 each! Worked out cheaper than hiring them! We chose natural chairs to also match in with the relaxed feel that I wanted - also because we chose to have an outdoor ceremony I wanted to keep things looking as natural as possible. Heart shaped lanterns were also hung in all the walkways which were bought from Dunelm and Giant lanterns bought from Ikea were lining the exits for people leaving in the night. I chose to buy all these items myself to save money and I now also have them to keep / sell. Our caterers acted as our event Managers as well and I wrote them a detailed list of what to do with everything and they did so......It looked great. For the 4 flowergirls I bought and decorated some mini tables I bought in Ikea and it was lovely that they were all able to sit together I painted their names on the back of the chairs and stencilled butterflies and glue swarovkis onto them - they looked stunning im just sad that there wasn't a picture of them for me to show you! , I made them activity bags to keep them happy and quiet which really helped!

    We chose to have an escort table and used corks to hold up cards with people's names on and everybody loved this! We had to drink a LOT of champagne saving the corks but we weren't getting far quick enough so I managed to purchase the rest on eBay and everyone loved the little corks! They could then go to their tables and pick their own seats. Our tables were all named after places in Ibiza - the place where we met and go to every year and this was a great personal touch.

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    Food Glorious Food

    The food and drink were simple to choose, we only met with the one caterer and the food was scrummy! As we had a lot of Jewish people attending the wedding we couldn't have meat and dairy.....now Im a vegetarian and I love cheese and I had my heart set on a cheesecake wedding cake so I vetoed the meat instantly! So our choices were vegetarian and Fish. We were always goimg to have the teir cheesecake I saw at a wedding show as our pudding until we tried the cheesecake at the caterers! My outh stil salivates when I think about it and everyone thought it was amazing! We had sooo so many compliments on the food and nobody moaned that their was no meat so everyone was happy - including me who got my cheesecake!

    To drink we had prosecco and pimms on the lawn with Canapes and wine and prosecco with dinner. We supplied all the alcohol ourselves to try and save money too. We drank soooo much wine trying to pick a wine that we thought everyone would like but we eventually found one and it had a nice bottle too so that was sorted! We bought all the spirits over Christmas so we got them on offer and despite our friends all being heavy drinkers - we still have about 8 bottles of vodka at home!!!

    Here was our food menu....


    Ruby Beetroot Cured Scottish Salmon with Baby Leaf Salad, Edamame and Adzuki Bean Salsa, Miso


    Char-grilled Asparagus, Celeriac and Orchard Apple with a Cherry Tomato and Basil Relish (V)


    Pan Seared Fillets of Sea Bass, Warm Salad of Anya Potato, Wilted Watercress, Asparagus and Baby

    Carrots with a Creamed Saffron and Dill Nage

    Artichoke, Pea and Green Onion Risotto with Mascarpone and Truffle Oil (V)


    New York Cheesecake with Lavender Scented Strawberries

    Now we can start actually getting to the weddings!!!
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    Love it! more please, i love Ibiza its my fav party place
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    Big Fat Gypsy Wag do

    I was vey lucky in that I had 2 hen do's. I had always wanted to go to Marbella with my best friends and party for the weekend glamming it up but I also wanted a bit of tat so I chose a Big Fat Gypsy wedding Theme for my London based Hen. My London hen night was so much fun . We went to The Brick House and saw their burlesque show and it then turned into a club. We pre ordered food and cocktails to make sure everyone got a good deal and everyone made such an effort with their costumes! Everyone had such a good time and I loved my Big Fat Gypsy wedding cake!!

    My WAG Do was just brilliant!

    My MOH had velour tracksuits made for everyone with my nick name on the back and my nick name for everybody on the front - we all wore these on the plane and still wear it often now as they're so comfy! Me and my bridesmaids also wore them again to get ready in on my wedding day.

    Our Villa was a mansion! We had our own huge pool and everyone had their own bedrooms and bathrooms. One night we had a tacky night on the strip, one night we had a posh night out and went to Pangea and Tibu and one night was spent in the Villa just us girls where they had made so many treats for me it was unbelievable! It started by presenting me a book that they had made with pictures and messages printed from all of my girlfriends and I cried so much when they gave it to me. They had also made me a Marbella WAG Do Soundtrack which consisted of all of my favourite songs and we enjoyed bopping around to it. I then had a treasure hunt which was the BEST idea EVER! I was given a clue to wear something would be hidden in the villa, I then had a present wrapped up which was a pair of knickers and I had to guess which Hen had bought them for me.....If I got it wrong I had to do a shot! It was so much fun and I ended up with 8 gorgeous pairs of knickers at the end of it! All meaning something to me about that person. One of my friends nick name is queenie so she got me pants with crowns all over them, one was cubby so they had a paw print on them, one had cherries on them and I had met my MOH in Pacha.....it was a great great idea and I LOVE all my pants! We also had a day booked at Ocean Club where we glammed it up and sunbathed in heels and we spent one day at Buddah Beach Bar as well. It was the best send off ever!

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