The wedding that almost wasn't - video and pics



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    Hi ya, sorry I've not finished!! We got our thank you cards through and i've been distracted by that!!

    I'm at work now but will get some more done this evening, thank you for the prompt, good to know you're enjoying it!!

    N xx
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    Hey ladies, I'm back to finish this report!!

    Right, so just as things were back on tract,they all fell apart again!!

    Ok, so with the Friday due to happen that Friday, on Monday evening we heard that chapel we were due to get married in had been damaged in storms winds during a bad storm on Monday afternoon. AARRGGHHHHHHHHH! There is a free standing spire with a cross on top and the top third of it was blown off by the winds. It hadn't detached completed so was just blowing about dangerously and the winds showed no sign of easing. Because it was so dangerous, the grounds of the church were cordoned off and on Tuesday our priest advised that it may not be sorted in time for the wedding on Friday as the weather wasn't due to improve anytime soon in order that a crane could be used to remove the damaged part. Well, I'm sure you can imagine what we were going through, absolute nightmare. Again, we had to decide if the wedding could go ahead.

    I love that chapel, it's been my parish all my life, I had made my first communion and confirmation there and it was the one thing that had been non negotiable when we were planning our wedding. And now, 3 days to go and it was possibly unavailable. We were due to have our rehearsal that night then back to Big G's parents for a bit of a party but that all had to be cancelled. It was starting to look as if we were getting signs that this wedding couldn't go ahead and I was really down at this stage. But I couldn't let myself go and had to hold it together as there were still bits and pieces to do.

    We started ringing round other chapels in the area and spoke to the registrar because we had already collected our marriage schedule and it stated we were getting married in that chapel. We were struggling to find somewhere else and just really couldn't see how the wedding could proceed. So again, it was looking like it was all off.

    Throughout all this, there were lots of smaller things that went wrong that week too. One of our photographers (they provide 2 on the day) was in a car accident. My niece and flowergirl fell and we thought she had broken her ankle. Big G's baby niece and flowergirl had suspected chicken pox. Mum was having an extension built on her house and the work wasn't yet finished. The volcanic ash was looming and as we had guests flying over to Northern Ireland from England we didn't know if they'd make it, and the honeymoon was in jeopardy! My bridesmaid's mum was due to travel from Wales for the wedding but had to cancel as her other pregnant daughter was 10 days overdue and she couldn't leave her as the baby could have come at any time. The list seemed to go on and on, just one thing after another!

    We had arranged for the men's suits to be collected on the Tuesday and everyone called to our house to try them on. G could barely dress himself at this stage but when I saw him in his suit he looked great, even though he was very pale and gaunt from being ill. I tried not to get excited or depressed as I was just so distracted with worry and uncertainty about what was going to happen. When everyone left and we had time to reflect on the situation again, we got a phone call. It was the priest, letting us know that the winds had died down and they had been able to go up in the crane and remove the damaged part, so the chapel was now safe and available and ready for use! YAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! The relief was unbelievable, we were so glad things had been sorted. G was getting stronger and feeling better every day and we felt we could go ahead with our plans. We were still very nervous as we were expecting something else to go wrong but for now we had to be grateful that things had worked out and we were back on track!
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    So Wednesday morning, 2 days to go and still lots to do!! All the wee last minute jobs that I had planned for the previous weekend had gone out the window and I was looking after Big G.

    I had decided months earlier to call my tables after married couples, using us, our parents, the married members of our bridal party and a few famous couples too. I had starting writing poems for each one and had gathered up photographs of the couples on their wedding day. Now, these were supposed to be completed on the day of the Royal Wedding, but I literally couldn't take my eyes of the telly that day! I watched it from 8.15 in the morning until 10 that night, so the table names didn't get done! I was regretting that now and just thought I wouldn't bother with any of it. We would still be man and wife whether the tables had pretty names or boring numbers and I'm sure our guests would have understood!

    I also wanted to make a fancy display board for our table plan, and had got matching card to make it all fancy. Again, out the window. Until my wonderful husband (to-be at that stage) came to the rescue. As he was pretty much house bound and I had to do all the running around collecting and paying myself, so he offered to do whatever he could while he was at home. He did a great job! We had to alter the table names a little as I didn't have poems or photos for every one, but he did a fantastic job! I have weird fascination with Henry VIII and although he's not the best example of marriage, he certainly was a supporter of it lol! Here's my friend with the Henry VIII name.

    By Thursday afternoon, we had worked through our list of jobs nicely and we were in great form! G was feeling good, and ready for the next day and I was buzzing with excitement! My Bridesmaid and her husband and little boy had arrived over from Wales and things were all working out perfectly! After the stresses of the week, we were ready for a party! But as I've already said, the strength we got from the support of our friends and family was overwhelming and the good we got that week far outweighed the bad.
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    The Big Day is Finally here!

    6 years and 6 weeks after meeting him, and almost 1 and half years after he proposed, and after 10 days of hell, our wedding day was here! I didn't feel nervous at all, it just felt like it was the most natural thing to be doing - becoming Big G's wife!

    My Chief and got us gorgeous tops to wear, with Team Bride 2011 on the front,then Bride, Chief and Bridesmaid on the back!! We had great fun getting our hair and make up done!



    And I had asked my 2 friends (from kayaking and the Spainish trip) and G's sister, as well as my sisters and nieces, to come to mum's for a few minutes before I left for the chapel, which is just around the corner from mum's house. I had corsages made for them all as they were extra special guests and I got a little angel pin for them all too.

    Their reaction when they saw me!!

    I even meet the Postman!

    We had such a laugh and things were so relaxed that I forgot the time and realised it was 12.45! We had booked 1 Mercedes limo so we decided to all travel to the chapel together. When we pulled up, there were a number of guests still milling about outside the chapel doors, and Big G was there too! The windows in the limo were tinted and people didn't realise I was there. It was great to get a sneaky peak at my husband to be without him knowing, and I was so glad to see that he was well, he looked great hubba hubba!

    Our wedding mass was fantastic, and although this might seem strange, it was so much fun! Our priest is really great, he has a fantastic personality and he had the right balance of respect and fun. We had the church folk group singing which made it so special for us. Usually people can't wait for the boring church bit to be over, but the priest had us all laughing and the choir had us all singing along so everyone really enjoyed it!

    The moment of truth!! It was amazing!! I was buzzing!!

    Now, when the ceremony was over, and we were signing the register, one of our guests came running up saying the BBC were outside and G and I burst out laughing! The day after he had gone into hospital, I met our local BBC correspondent who I kind of know and he overheard me telling someone that G had to go for surgery and we were unsure if the wedding was still on. He said it would make a great story and asked for the time and locations details of the wedding and for my number, but as he didn't contact me I never thought he would actually turn up! Because he had subsequently covered the damage to the chapel, he knew we had faced a few other obstacles beside the appendicitis so came down to interview us! Shyness is not really a word you would use to describe me so I was made up at the thought that our wedding would be headline news!! And sure enough, we were on the 10 o clock Northern Ireland news that night!! Lol We, and all our friends and family missed it as we were all at the wedding obviously, but a few friends of friends Sky +ed it for us and its hilarious!! A little embarrassing but what the heck, not many can say their wedding made the news lol!! It funny because even now, 4 months later, we have people coming up to saying they saw our wedding on the news, a woman from Cork said it to Big G at the weekend!!!

  • I love your story and your hair looks AMAZING do you have a photo of the back so I can show my hairdresser it is exactly as I want mine
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    Ever see that Sex and the City episode, where Charlotte marrys Harry and every thing goes wrong for them....? Your report reminds me abit of it!

    Im sure starting off like you have means that it will be nothing but happiness for the rest of your lives together.

    Congratulations x
  • Aww love it!!My fianc????e proposed in exactly the same way, and my first thought was the same as yours - he's got the wrong card haha. Looks like you had a fab day!
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    Thanks Vicshorns, i do have a few pics of the back of my hair, will hunt them out and post.

    lol Hummo, it was a bit like Charlotte and Harry!! The priest said on the day that we've got all the difficulties out of the way early on so hopefully plain sailing for the rest of our marriage, fingers crossed anyway!!

    Thanks MrsPortmantobe, we have little faith in our men!!

    Some more to come this evening ladies, thanks for reading.

    N xx
  • aw loving your report, and especially your dress, please hurry back image
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    Hi engaged! Will get some more up soon. Got a new iPad so this will be the perfect excuse to hog it lol! Hands off Big G image
  • Fab report, you look stunning !! X
  • I so understand your worry and stress about the appendix!!

    Our first year together, h2B always used to moan about stomach pains etc, never did anything about it, then on our 1st anniversary he was in so much pain, a week later.. I got a phone call from his mum (who I had never met) saying he had been rushed to hospital.. via amber lance and had to have emergency operation to get his appendix our asap!!

    I was heart broken, did leave his side!!

    Your H2B is amazing, to do so well just a week after his op.

    Your photos are fab, some really lovely shots, and you both look happy, am so happy you got your perfect day after so much stress and worry, you deserve it!!
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