13.08.2011 - Best Day of Our Lives

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I've had so much fun reading, and drawn so much inspiration and tips from the wedding reports posted on here that I only thought it was fair I share my story with all you b2bs!

It all started in April 2009 in a carpark! I pulled in the carpark of my gym and parked in a spot. As I was getting out, I whacked my door in to a rather handsome redhead who graciously accepted my apology and then engaged me in conversation for two hours. Neither of us thought to move from our standing positions, or to maybe go INSIDE the gym and grab a coffee and make our selves more comfortable. The two house felt like half an hour and James (handsome redhead) had mentally decided that if you could talk to a stranger in a car park for 2 hours non-stop then you were probably on to a good thing! He asked me out on a dat for the following evening and over the next two weeks we went on a flurry of dates until at the end of those two weeks we were offically and item! Hurrah - he was the hottest guy I'd ever laid eyes on and he was mine!

Skip forward 10 months to February and we were ready to move in! Sick of living out of bags because we were alternating nights at each others houses, we decided to roomey up! We rented a lovely little cottage in a quiant little village. It was amazing, I loved coming home to him and the ease it provided... no having to decide where to stay each night, or finding out I'd forgotten to pack enough spare pairs of knickers!! image

As far as I was aware we were bobbing along in a loving relationship, and we'd just moved in... I was in no rush to get married and we hadn't been together that long yet so I wasn't getting fidgety about the lack of a proposal... I knew he was the guy I wanted to marry but we were still young so I was happy for that time to come, in what I thought might be a year or two.... James, however, had different plans.

For the Christmas that had just gone, my present had been a holiday to The Maldives.... rather an extravegant present (I got him something cringingly small in comparison - Michael Buble tickets) but he'd had a Christmas bonus and explained that it was just as much a treat for him as it was for me!

So, a month after we'd moved in we were off to The Maldives!

(The view from our room!)

We went to Hudhuranfushi Island and it was amazing! On the second day we were there James dragged me in to the jewellers (the only part of the island with air conditioning) to cool down before going for dinner. We just browsed and James was asking me what I thought of certain necklaces, bracelets, costume rings etc. James got me to try on loads of stuff including a massive amber costume ring and then we left... at the time I thought nothing of it.... but looking back maybe it should have started alarm bells ringing? I don't know!

So, for the rest of the holiday, whenever we past the jewellers and I'd say I wanted to go in, James would drag me away and say that we couldn't go back in, it was really embarassing that we'd tried all that stuff on with no intention of buying anything! I suppose this line from him made any thoughts that he might have bought me anything disappear right out of my head!

On the last night, James had eaten barely anything at dinner, had been sweating. A LOT. And not really talking to me. He claimed he didn't feel too well. So when he asked if I couldn't to take a walk along the pier, I declined and said we should probably get a good nights sleep if he wasn't feeling well because we had a lpng flight early next morning. Whenever I recall James' face after me saying this I get the giggles... he looked so shocked and panicked and I couldn't understand why!

He eventually convinced my to go for a walk, and we went right out to the very end of the pier so no one was around us and we were stood on a little bit of concrete with the Indian Ocean all around us! We'd seen a shooting star the night before and he asked me what I'd wished for. I replied that I couldn't tell him otherwise it might not come true, so he asked me if I wanted to know what he'd wished for. He said he'd wished that not only would he get to spend every holiday with me, bu also the rest of his life. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Total Shock. I burst in to immediate tears and screamed yes! It was the most amazing feeling and I had absolutely no clue it was coming! He has used the costume ring to gage the size he'd need to buy of my engagement ring which is a pale sapphire with a diamond either side on a white gold band.

When we returned to our room we were greeted with this:

So it's a good job I said yes!

We just needed to fly home and tell everyone!!


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    Planning started right away!! We knew that we wanted a summer wedding, preferably August and that August 2010 would be too soon. We couldn't plan the wedding we wanted in 4 and a half months so August 2011 it was. It seemed so far away! But it didn't half come round fast!

    After telling parents, I immediately rang my best friend Lisbeth and ask her to be Maid of Honour. She was thrilled and screamed down the phone for a good 10 mins. I also asked my 14 yr old cousin and James 14 yr old sister to be bridesmaids.

    We got straight on to venue hunting and decided on Stubton Hall:

    We went to see 3 or 4 venues but as soon as we both saw Stubton we didn't want to get married anywhere else. It was local, and it was perfect!

    Next was the dress!! My SIL had got married the year before and had a Maggie Sottero dress and after spending some time on their website I knew I wanted my dress to be a Maggie. I didn't have one in mind but I booked myself for an appointment a Maria Modes Bridal Shop (who were fantastic btw!) because they stocked Maggie. Daphne, my dress (!) was the 3rd dress I tried on. I knew immediately it was the one I wanted and we bought it then and there! Only trouble was.... I still has 15 months before I could wear it! I will leave you in suspense a little... photos of the dress later!

    I am going to skip forward until the week before the wedding becuase I don't want to bore you all with every single little detail of the 15 months in betwee!
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    So, it was the week before the wedding and I couldn't believe it was actually getting so close! I had probably been one of the most chilled out brides ever, but as it got to the week leading up to the wedding I started to feel incredibly stressed! There was still so much to do! I had to make table names, stamp sweety bags with people names (for the candy bar!), make a post box, buy guest book and a million other things! I didn't really enjoy the week up to the wedding through sheer fear that I wasn't going to get everything done! My maid of honour was also in a lather! She makes cakes as a little earner on the side and had very kindly offered to do my cake - however, I think the realisation of making 120 cupcakes (5 ceoliac and 5 vegan in to the mix too) and a cutting cake, was getting the better of her too!!! It was a little fraught... but come the Friday evening, having said goodbye to James for the last time before we'd be husband and wife, Lisbeth and I settled down with my Mum, Dad and brother, and one of my best friends Pipps who had flown in from Geneva, for a meal of fish and chips and some wine!! All stress had gone and I was just really excited to be GETTING MARRIED IN THE MORNING!!!!
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    More more more!! What a fab proposal!! image
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    So, the BIG DAY had finally arrived!!

    I woke up at 6am and looked out of the window. HURRAH! It wasn't raining! It was cloudy, but that I could handle! I jumped in the shower ready for my hairdresser, who was arriving at 8am!

    Lisbeth got in the shower straight after I did, but Pippa took a little more cajoling - I think it was a little too early for her!

    After my hair was done, we all ate sausage sandwiches and prepared to leave for the venue which was just over an hour away from home. I was having my make-up done there as were the BMs and my Mum and wawe would all be getting dressed in the bridal suite. I wish I had be professional photos back so I could post some of the preparations, but I think I've still got a few weeks until they arrive so I'll bombared you with guests photos later on!

    Once I was in the room having my make-up done, and everyone was milling round, drinking champagne, doing their hair, putting on dresses... all I wanted to do was get down that aisle! I was so excited! My poor Dad couldn't stop crying, but I just couldn't stop smiling! James was finally going to be my husband! The last half an hour before the ceremony just seemed to draaaaaaaaaaaaaag!!

    Eventually I was called down to see the registrar, who had spoken to James and who said that he was very excited! YAY, that made two of us then!!! After the interview, I went back to Dad and the BMs to get ready for the string quartet to start up... all I could hear was Dad saying " Don't cry, don't cry" - more for his benefit than mine! We had Highly Strung play and they were incredible:

    Canon in D started up... it was finally happening! Jess (our wonderful wedding coordinator at Stubton) sent Lisbeth on her way

    and then Katie and Chloe followed

    and then finally!!! I was coming down the aisle... grinning like a goon... AND JAMES WAS CRYING!! YIPEE! He'd sworn that he wouldn't cry, but I was secretly please that he was!! HA

    Dad trying his hardest not to cry!!

    When I got to the alter James told me how lovely I looked and then pinched my bum.... which made everyone laugh!! hahaha....

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    The ceremony was lovely, James fluffed up which kept it nice and informal. Lots of people cried, which I'm taking as a compliment!! Signing the register just went by in a blur... it all seemed so bizaar that we were finally married!

    Coming back up the aisle was amazing, everyone looked so happy for us!! We snatched a few photos...

    .... before we made our entrance on to the terrace where everyone was waiting for us so we could start the drinks reception!

    I wanted some champagne!! The ceremony nerves/excitement had given me a mega dry mouth and I need liquid!! The canapes were incredible... but we were so busy doing photos we hardly got any! (Our photographer was Marcus Holdsworth and he was insanely good!)
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    We had about an hour and a half before the wedding breakfast and Marcus gave us 20 mins to scoot round people and chat before he was whisking us away for photos. I'm just going to introduce you to my lovely BMs:

    my fabulous inlaws

    and my amazing parents:

    Mum's hat was incredible!!

    And then, at 3.30pm it was off for food and speeches!!!
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    The food was incredible. We had chicken liver parfait with sundried tomatoe bread, followed by lamb and seasonal veg, with a triple chocolate torte with pouring cream for pud. YUM! Although, I couldn't eat much... too much adrenaline!!

    We had 120 guests to everything, we had no extra evening guests. So the guests we hadn't managed to talk to at the drinks reception, we took the opportunity to talk to them between courses! I am proud to say with both talked to each and every one of our guests! It was exhausting!

    The speeches were lovely, my Dad gave a perfe3ct speech... just the right about of mush but managed to take the piss out of me and embarrass James at the same time!

    James' was fab, but he cried again!!!!

    And Dan, James best man gave a hilarious speech!!

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    After dinner, we all went back out on to the terrace and Marcus took the time to get some more photos of us! Photo heavy part coming up.... guests photo and the more professional looking ones I've been posting have been by James' uncle.

    My shoes! gorgeous Louboutins!

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    At about 8pm we called everyone back in to The Orangery for the first dance and cake cutting!!

    Here is the magnificant cake that Lisbeth made:


    For our band we had Richie Muir... he was incredible!! Noone left that dance floor all night (except to queue for the sweety table!! ha!!) Our first dance was Jackie Wilson, Higher and Higher... and man did we dance! We didn't want to drill a hole of the floor so we freestyled much to our guests amusement! And after about a monute we encouraged everyone to join us.
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    And that's my story!! We went on honeymoon to Mexico, Riviera Maya, and it was amazing!!!

    And now it's project house decoration!! We have just bought a house which nicely coincides to take away any lack of planning blues that might have occured!

    I hope you have all enjoyed it, and good look to all of you beautiful brides still planning your wedding! It's going to be fab!

    When my professional photos come back I will pop back and update... I can't wait to see them!!

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    Congratulations!! Looks like such a fun day image

    Your dress is fab too!
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    Thank you Roofies!! It was amazing... just so much fun!

  • Aw I love it!

    I absolutely love how you met!!!!
  • Oh! we were in riviera maya from 2/8/11-9/8/11! It was brilliant - but HOT!!!!!!!! image
  • Mrs KC2B

    I want those shoes!!! Did they match your dress and was is diamond white??

    And did they hurt im not good with high shoes lol!

    Gorgeous wedding you looked stunning xx
  • MrsKC2bMrsKC2b Posts: 411
    They KILLED!! I had to swap after the meal.... I stayed in heels... leapord prints!! But Loubs are really narrow and I have really fat feet image wup the dress was diamond white image x
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    Love the way you say its formal and chilled out but still looks totally beautiful! Exactly the combo I want !!!

    Also love the how you met bit, soooo cute xxxx
  • Where did you stay in Riviera Maya, thats where we're honeymooning in December! Eek!

    And do you mind me asking how much your budget was, because everything looks beautiful.... yourself included! x
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    wow beautifull dress and an amazin wedding xx Congratulations xx
  • Love your story and u both look lovely and very happy, congratulations xxx
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    Mrsboreham2b, we stayed at The Sirenis. Have you been to Mexico before? We hadn't and we couldn't believe the size of the resorts!!!!! They are GIANT!

    We were lucky enough that we had a big budget. We splurged on certain things, like venue, honeymoon, food and drink, flowers and music. But we didn't spend unnecessarily. We saved on stationary by doing it all ourselves, my moh made the cake, kept jewellry to a min and i did my make-up myself image

    Thank you for all you lovely messages image x
  • Gorgeous Gorgeous wedding! We got married on the same day as you! x
  • Ahhh thanks for being honest, think ill start the shoe search again and go for something abit more practical as gorgeous as they are i dont want my feet to hurt xx
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    Beautiful wedding, you look stunning in your dres. Love everything image Love your shoes, good job i cant wear high heels,lol.. Congratulations to you both.x
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    Mrs Begley - have you done a report?! I'm going to search for it now image
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    Lovely pics! Congrats to you both!
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    Simply beautiful x
  • Gorgeous wedding! Love your photos and the whole look, looks amazing!

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