**Wanted** Benjamin Roberts 951 dress

If anyone has the above dress for sale in a size 16 or 14, pref. Ivory, can they please PM me - I won't need the dress until December so if you've got this as your wedding dress but haven't worn it yet, I'll be more than happy to buy it from you after you've worn it.

I know I'm being naughty by posting in the wrong place but I really would absolutely love this dress for my very own!

I'm being greedy, I've already been lucky enough to get one wedding dress second hand from a lovely YAYW-er on here, but I'd like to keep that one as a surprise for my OH when we have our at home reception, and have the BR as my main dress for when we marry in the Isle of Wight in March next year. I know, what a spoilt cow I am! But I have so much wedding dress love to spread around that I really can't restrict myself to just one! image


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