3 weddings and a baby! Our wedding story!



  • Your baby is sooo cute!!
  • mojojobie: thankyou we think so too!
  • Once i had finished getting ready i had a few photo opertunities with my mum and dad and got into the car ready to go.

    I was surprisingly calm and very excited. The car rove quite slowly to the castle and i could feel the anticipation building.The walk to the castle was gorgeous. Tourists were clapping and wishing me good luck I was so happy and couldn't stop smiling! Then i had my one and only Bridezilla moment. My Mum and Dad similatniously maaged to step on my dress and vail, we heard a massive creak of the tearing of fabric and my head holted back. I couldnt hold back and said in the most ungraceful and sophisticated manner "Will you both please stop steping on my (insert swear word) vail and dress!! It was quite an ugly moment and i could see i had upset my Mum (not my proudest moment) So i looked at my dress (no viable tear) fidled with my hair and laughed it off! Mum was laughing with me in seconds and Bridezilla had left the building!

  • Outside of the castle i greated the rest of my beautiful bridal party including my georgeous son who was dressed in his cute suit and looked adorable!

    My flower girls were so excited and looked absolutely beautiful, all of a sudden it felt very real. I was ready to get married and felt like i wanted to run in to my georgeous fiancee and tie the knot straight away.

    the photographer of course wanted some pictures of us all which are lovely!

  • The cermony took place in the lemon groves which was a welcome relief form the Italian sun. It really gave a beautiful atmosphere and was a very intimate and beautiful place to get married

  • At the very last minute I decided to have both my mum and dad give me away, the wedding was not particularly traditional and I knew this would mean a lot to my mum. The aisle was not wide enough for all 3 of us to walk down but i was really pleased my mum walked me down too. It meant a lot to me and her.

  • I had asked my mum and niece to do a short reading at the wedding. They did an amazing job. I was especially proud of Brittany as she hadn't practiced much but read clearly and fluently. Mum got quite emotional during the reading, bless her.

    True Love (My Mums reading)

    True love is a sacred flame

    That burns eternally,

    And none can dim its special glow

    Or change its destiny.

    True love speaks in tender tones

    And hears with gentle ear,

    True love gives with open heart

    And true love conquers fear

    True love makes no harsh demands

    It neither rules nor binds

    And true love holds with gentle hands

    The hearts that it entwines

    Extract from a Native American wedding ceremony (Brittany's reading)

    May the sun bring you new happiness by day,

    May the moon softly restore you by night

    May the rain wash away your worries,

    And the breeze blow new strength into your being

    And all the days of your life,

    May you walk gently through the world

    And know its beauty.

  • Aww congratulations! You look beautiful! I love your pictures, I hope our Cyprus wedding looks as beautiful as yours xx
  • carry on we need more, just love this happy family xx imageimage
  • The ceremony was magical and very romantic. It was spoken in Italian and then translated to English by our wedding planner. The vows although formal and including a bit of legal jargon was also sweet and family focused The Italians especially focus on the importance of children in a marriage, which was especially poignant for us.

  • I now pronounce you husband and wife...

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    Oooo you've made me cry twice...how lovely to have your mom walk you down the isle too.

    Were getting married in Sorrento in 13th century gardens, very similar to your setting. Ooooo makes me excited, I hope it goes as well as yours. You look stunning! xx
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    You look amazing. image congratulations!
  • Congrats, every things looks really lovely
  • Congratulations, what a beautiful wedding, you make such a lovely family. Can't believe that vicar, how rude. Our daughter will be 4 when we marry and I would be so upset if someone said that to me, good on you for going elsewhere! And I have to say, doing it in style. Love your flowers, invites and your little boy is so cute x
  • Wow, our stories so similar. We were due to marry 20 Aug 2010, I then found I was pregnant and postponed the wedding exactly a year and gave birth to a daughter at 12.30 am 3rd October!!! X
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    Awww was in the middle of enjoying your report and pics, but can't see them from page 3 onwards image
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    Thanks for sharing how you put the flowers on the invites. I'll be looking into that. I think I'm having roses so going to look for a nice pic of that...

    Loving the report, but I can't see the pictures image

    Can't get over the vicar - that was awful...
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    Me too, all the pics from page 3 and 4 are not there, and some from page 2.

    Whats happened? Gutted, would really love to see them xx
  • I cant see the pictures either.. image lovely report though!
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    Lovely report but all the pictures of the wedding have disappeared image Did you use Photobox, hun? If so, that'll be why - they take them down after a couple of hours - I had the same problem. You need to copy them from Facebook or use Photobucket.
  • Argh do photobox not hold the pictures?... trying to fix it now!! xx
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    I have a little question for you. What were the vows like? Was it just I do? xx
  • image I cant see the pictures either! I think something is up with photobox coz loads of pictures on this site arent working

    Lovely report though
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